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    I got another tactic for the "to the ground!" Achievement.
    This needs a hunter.
    CC 1 of the adds by letting the hunter put a freezing trap in front of one of the doors just before the adds come, nuke the other down and then switch to the boss and nuke him.
    Just before the second adds come (Add 3 & 4 or 5 & 6 if you count the first 2 adds), Let the hunter put a trap at the other door, and again nuke the other one down and go back to the boss.
    By the time that the first one gets released from the trap the boss is down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exul View Post
    Strategy 2:

    Read Strategy 1 first as it is a better method and I will assume you know how things work when I briefly explain this strat.
    Ignore the Ranged Adds once again.
    DPS pull, taking boss down to <90% before shield. After shield, DPS stay on boss.
    Tank pick up melee adds, can either tank them or kite them – kiting would be nicer on the healer.
    After you have got Siamat down to a level of health you are comfortable with burning in 10-15 seconds, kill all three melee adds.
    This will break his shield and cause the wind knockback – you should recover with 10-15 seconds on the debuff left.
    Nuke the boss down before the debuff wears off.

    I know that was brief but I only included this method for those that were interested.
    kill the third spawning add first (skull), jump around, kill the other two adds after jumping, nuke the boss with full 30 seconds and profit. very easy with 2 dps 2 heal
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    Time waits for no one.
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    Arrested Development

    Achievement: Defeat all 3 evolved Twilight Zealots followed by the boss.
    Difficulty: 5
    extremely easy even undergeared. simply stack 2 healers.

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    i lold when reading all the bugs on vaness achiev. if my grp had known that when we did it the first week it whould have saved us alot of troubble our solution as 4dps 1tank. it gained us a fiew valuable seconds to make it

    the headed south achiev should point out that the easiest way to do it is to do it twiice and only let 3 ppl (2dps+tank/healer) get the buff. its close to impossible to keep 5ppl with that buff up. also interupt ont eh range adds in p3 prevents alot of dmg since with 3debuff that chainlightning hurts alot!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dumbnut View Post
    Not quite true however. Sure this is one way, but the easier way (for the whole group, to avoid avoidable damage) is to eat one bad food, then eat a good food. This will remove the debuff and you can eat another, thus removing bad food, lowering damage income and still get the achievement.

    Enjoyed this guide however, was great overall
    As long as your dps is good enough, you dont have to do this... Just eat good food avoid bad food and it is one of the heasiest heroic bosses ever. As long as all of your dps is good, the boss will be dead by the time u run out of room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cubebrothers View Post
    Finally a question: On Rahj; why shouldn't the first cast be interrupted if its a fire orb? Please elaborate
    This isn't definitive however in our attempts we found that if he cast Summon Fire Orb first, and we interrupted it - there would be no second cast.
    However if we let it cast, he would follow up with two further casts - giving us two interrupts.
    Alternatively if his first cast was an Inferno Leap and we interrupted it, he would do another cast, giving us two interrupts.
    Hope that helps.

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    Thank you for this. I will be posting a link to this in guild info for my guild and we will be following this to get our Volcanic Storm Drake.

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    many thanx

    I directed my Guildees to this Guide, as we are all a bunch of completist nerds, and sort of skipped thru the heroics on our way to BWD.

    Concise, clear, and handy.

    ./cast [kudos]

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    Another quick way for Bullet Time (regardless of DPS composition) is for the healer to stand at the top of the staircase at the entrance to the room. Tank the boss where he is, and point him towards the staircase going down. Stick to single-target spells only for that fight, so when he summons the ghouls, heals will get aggro and they will try to run downstairs towards the other side of the room. Pistol barrage should then finish them all off with no problems at all. If a few manage to pick a different path along the broken floor along the top of the room just have a DPS or two finish them all real quick. Trivial achievement, have managed to get it every time for the pugs I've been in.

    That said, this is an amazing guide and the input from others have been awesome too, I know which thread I'll be constantly referring to in the weeks to come. Thank you for putting the time into writing all this down. ;D

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    I already have my Drake, so I didn't read through all of this. I did however read the first few, and have a couple tips for Arrested Development.

    1) The Evolved Zealots "Gravity Strike" damages the tank for 60% of his CURRENT health. The harder you try to top off the tank, the more damage he will take, and the more mana you are wasting. Keep your tank floating around 40-50%. Gravity Strike will knock him down to 15-25%, then calmly heal him back up to 40-50%. You do not need to use your expensive heals, just a steady stream of your efficient heals.
    2) The Evolved Zealots "Shadow Strike" can and should be interrupted. If you are using the above tip, this is a necessity.
    3) You should also have someone (I suppose the off-tank if you are using one) focused on Corla to interrupt Dark Command. Feared healer is bad.
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    This is a great guide and I can appreciate the fact that you put the time into this but...arrested development is an extremeeeeeely easy achievement.

    My guild attempted this day 1 of cata, when we were barely geared enough to do heroics. We managed kill all three drakonids, but wiped afterward sadly.

    Our group was a hunter, shaman, mage, resto druid and a death knight tank. While we were not able to down it it was a testament to the ease of the encounter.

    Not long after we did the achieve and two of us turned into drakonids for shits and giggles just to make things more exciting.
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    For the Prototype Prodigy achievement, you actually CAN wipe, as long as the group is far enough away from you so the Reaper doesnt aggro you. :P How I got it.
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    other shaman are in a sort of relationship with the elements.
    Goblins are more like rapists...

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    This guide should have gotten #1, much more useful then Peaceblooms VS. Ghouls. People are only going to refer to Peaceblooms VS. Ghouls maybe once, most people probably won't read it or skim through it at all. This guide however will be referred to a many times.

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    For Old Faithful, our group (prot warrior, ele shammy, mage, hunter, rdruid) just killed the melee add and one of the ranged and DPSed halfway the other caster and then hexed the caster and we had all of the ranged and the healer stack on it. By stacking, you can guarantee the geyser will spawn exactly where the add is. However, the poison she shoots at ppl will land on more than one person if they're stacked, but this very easily healed through.

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    Pretty good guide, but I'd make a few adjustments
    Acrocalypse Now - We did this with a warrior with piercing howl. Just stick together as a group, and kite everything - Went extremely well
    I'm on a Diet - Not sure if it is fixed yet, but we had our tank just mount up and eat all the bad food - It didn't debuff him while he was mounted, so great success; he got the achievement too :>
    To the Ground! - Should be noted perhaps that Unholy Empowerment also heals the boss - Though that doesn't really change the achiev mechanics

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    Repply to the "I Hate That Song" part:
    Difficulty: 1
    Tactic: Make the tank gather the snakes up before the fight, and dont kill any of them during the fight, because they only respawn if you kill them. You don't kill them, therefore none of them respawns downstairs.
    Keep 2 player at each side of the area, and when the boss goes middle to cast it, jump down, and be ready to use the levers.

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    I found a glitch for Vigorous VanCleef Vindicator. Once Foe Reaper dies during the laser beam phase, allow the NPC being attacked to die. This will cause everyone in your party to wipe. Everyone should run back in and portal to the ship. It is there where one must mount up and charge Vanessa.

    This tactic bypasses the entire boat phase.

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    For It’s Frost Damage
    You don't need to kill the boss, i got the achy while trying to reset it, and running away from the boss.
    I was in the watter and all of a sudden i had the achievement, the rest of the party was dead and didn't get it.

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    Great post, its helped my team get a few new achievements ^_^ We did do a few of them differently.

    On the Vigorus VanCleef Vindicator achievement, if you have a shaman, get to the boat asap, and just have the shaman book it to the boss, the party will wipe, and the shaman reincarnates and continues to the boss to hit it. Thats how I got my group the achievement.

    For Comander springvale, we just CCed the 2 adds and burned the boss in 46 seconds.

    Edit: For I Hate that Song, we had 2 tanks for that fight, at 75% the first tank jumed down and gathered every snake, and then the dps dotted the boss and jjumped down at 69% to be ready on the levers. healer and 2 tanks were now back at top of te platform. Killed snakes and rinsed and repeated at 40%.
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    To the ground is extremely easy with a paladin tank who knows his stuff.

    If you time your use of Avenger's Shield properly, and then time the use of Holy Wrath properly, there's no special strategy to it. Just use those two to keep the adds from casting, and make sure the dps switches to the adds asap, and it's easy. I've helped many a PUG get this without saying a word on it beforehand.

    Pardon Denied is also quite easy with a paladin tank. Just stack 3 holy power before Asphyxiate, pop word of glory as soon as your lose, and you're golden. Ashbury can be interrupted without fear of him one shotting the tank

    For the Corla achievement, I wish I'd realized the Gravity Strike mechanics beforehand. We did it the hard way (1 tank, 1 healer). It took us about 3 tries, but it was painful. Knowing the tank didn't need to be kept topped up would have helped a bunch, since the biggest problem was healer running dry before the end.

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