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    Quote Originally Posted by Alayea View Post
    As a healer, I can tell you why: AoE damage.
    As another healer, i can tell you this: Aoe healing

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    I Hate That Song

    Our strat was tanking the boss near 1 handle.
    When shield was about to come up, have those 2 run to the other handle.
    When shield is up, immediate start working on handles while tank (interrupter) runs up to interrupt.
    When shield is gone, interrupt.
    Tank jumps off again.
    All go back to the first handle and repeat for the 2nd try.

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    Redo your Arrested Development guide because you are making it out to be hard on the healers when it's not if they do it right. When I first tried this a couple weeks ago, yes, I was going oom. After studying the abilities, I realized that I was actually overhealing.

    I healed this successfully today, and it was one of the EASIEST achievements to heal. I was at 70k mana at the end, and I did not use Innervate or use a mana potion.

    I kept my tank at around 30% health. His name is "Flux" but his health was seriously shorter than his name for the whole fight. I did not even heal him until the first add came up. What's the point? His health is about to get nuked down anyway. After an add came up, I kept LB on him and spammed Nourish which as you fellow resto druids out there know.. that doesn't touch our mana much if at all. The only time I did anything else was right after they did the attack that's based on percentage. I'd toss a Rejuv+SM to push him back up a little.

    I did not use Healing Touch at all in this entire fight. People would randomly get hit sometimes, but a Rejuv tossed to them was all that was needed.

    So.. in conclusion.. if you have people interrupting like they are supposed to.. and not letting the dudes evolve all at once.. then healing this is honestly the easiest role in the encounter. Our poor tank was like "Yea.. I was scared that entire time" since I kept his health so low LOL but it was a very smooth achievement. GL guys.
    I am a filthy casual!

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    an addition to the "... headed south" achievement:

    as we experienced some trouble with the "nuke boss to 40% and the kill the last add first" and so on tactics we did it a much easier way but this way will take you a lot of time:

    pic 1 tank, 1 healer or better 2 healers for absolute safemode (you can try with some1 with dualspecc dd/heal first) and 2 top DDs (works with crappy DDs as well but takes a lot more time). then you go pull the boss, mark the spawning adds and the tank runs around tanking the big adds. small adds can be ignored.

    important: the tank should get a good amount of agro first but then he MUST stop damaging the big ones

    then comes the boring part: the 2 or 3 DDs nuke the boss down right to 1-2% this will take about 10-20 minutes depending on the DD dps and how much DDs you use (it took us roughly 16 minutes with two 16k hunters only). when the boss has reached the desired percentage you kill THE FIRST ADD first, then the second and the last one should be the add that spawned last and releases the boss. once the boss shoots you in the air the DDs just fire some instants and BAM, boss down while in the air and achievement granted. this is way easier than trying to keep the group up after reaching 3 stacks of the buff/debuff with the boss firing around, as you just have to nuke the boss with 1-2 instants after release. takes more time tho but this is the gimpiest way to reach the achievement and can be done by every noob on earth that experiences problems with the other methods. period...

    have fun
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    I just thought I would explain the strategy used by my group to get To the Ground! because I still see some pugs confused about why the courtyard strategy isn't working for them.

    The make up was: DK tank, Shaman heals, Lock, Boomkin and DK dps.

    It's true you can pull the boss to the courtyard, but occasionally we found the adds would still show up, or still get a buff off. To pull off this method without anything going wrong, have one dps and the healer wait in the courtyard. The other two dps and the tank wait in Springvale's room. For our group the boomkin and the lock were with the tank.

    The two dps CC or simply pull agro on an add each, and run out the right exit (facing Springvale), out onto the ramparts and jump down from the wall to the courtyard. By doing this, the adds appear to bug, either remaining in the room or chasing out to the wall and then simply standing there watching from above.

    At the same time the dps are pulling, the tank pulls the boss and runs out the left exit, and brings him back the regular way to the courtyard. Some way of staying ahead of Springvale is vital, as well as making sure no trash packs are left up along the way. Rocket boots work, but pulling the boss with a ranged attack and simply running should be safe enough. Note that the tank cannot run out with the dps and jump over the wall as well; Springvale will bug and remain on top of the wall, and you will eventually die to his dot.

    After wiping a few times trying to simply pull them all to the courtyard, pulling them all over the wall or try to do the fight as intended, we swapped to this method and facerolled it. Good luck! Hopefully you get in before this is patched xD

    Also: a trick for getting Pardon Denied is to stack DKs; our Anti-Magic Shell makes us immune to Asphyxiate, and it is very easy to do so and avoid being Asphyxiated at any point in the fight. This not only makes the healer's job easier, but also results in as many as 4 possible Mind Freezes, essentially nullifying every skill he has. Imagine if the only person Asphyxiated was the healer =O
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    Here is how I got the "I hate that song" achievement. This method will work well in any group with a hunter/rogue or both.

    Basically we did the fight normally, having the tank jump down on one side, picking up the adds. The rogue/hunter DOES NOT misdirect on the pull (if dps is high, this will screw up the achievement by having tricks/MD on cooldown when the boss bubbles).

    Before the tank jumps down, have the rogue/hunter cast tricks/md on the tank, and jump down on the OPPOSITE side of the tank. The tank's side flips the switch normally, and the rogue/hunter gets the other switch by FoK/tricks or multi-shot/MD the adds to the tank immediately before hitting the switch.

    The rest of the approach happens as normal.

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    nice guide, we used some of these the other day

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    You can no longer train Springvale into the Courtyard. he gets a 200% damage buff as soon as he leaves his room

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    It is no longer possible to stand on the crocolisk statue in Lost City of the Tol'vir for the Lockmaw fight. (A few days late, I know.)
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    For Pardon Denied, I find that as a Paladin Tank it was easy to get this achievement by making sure I had 3 stacks of Holy Power at the suffocation cast time, the popped Word of Glory and rebuke as soon as I hit the ground I had enough health to help out the healer and stopped the pardon cast.

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    Nice guide, Thank you

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    Some of these need to be updated, one of the strats for the lockmaw achievement for example, but otherwise good guide.

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    Vigorous VanCleft Vindicator is the HARDEST Achievement.........5/ get 1 shot at it per day....and even with shaman anhk trick, if your dps are fail, u won't make timer.

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    Alright, I wiped a little more than I think I should have on the Lockmaw Achieve. Here's what happened, hoping someone can help me out with this.

    I'm a Prot Pally. I was there with a Mage, Resto Druid, Rogue and a warrior. We attempted Strategy 1, which was to have your group remain in the water, pull the boss into the water, and the adds would just stay on land because they "can't swim". I sent my group into the right-side-ish pond while I pulled the boss into the water so we were all swimming. The crocs came barelling in after us, they didn't stay on land. So we scratched that idea.

    We tried the second strategy, which was having the DPS mount up and kite the adds that spawn and go after them when they get the debuff, and if I or the healer get the debuff, I kill the crocs that come after us. Crocs came after us, I killed those ones, and kept repeating until there were 20 crocs total going after the DPS. I called them in to come to the middle, waited for all the crocs to get there, then started AOEing them down and popping cooldowns. Didn't get the achieve, even though I myself put a timer up and we were under 10 seconds.

    I'm not sure if I'm forgetting to do something with either of these strategies, or maybe I got bugged? Help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Just do it normally and don't kill the crocs until you have a bunch. Those strategies are unnecessary now due to gear.

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    great guide, i know its 2012.. but better late than never doing this!

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    Great work m8

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    Great guide. Thanks!
    Is there anyone that can confirm that the method below still works? Or is it hotfixed?

    Ripsnarl 1: Once the door opens, DO NOT engage the worgen. Let them kill the NPC and you will wipe. Run back into the instance and take the teleporter to the ship. You will see that Ripsnarls event has despawned and you can go straight to Vanessa. Hit her once and everyone will be granted the achievement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alyngwen View Post
    Great guide. Thanks!
    Is there anyone that can confirm that the method below still works? Or is it hotfixed?
    From the searching around I've done, it seems that it still has not been hotfixed.
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