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    I had the kinect for about a week and then I sold it back. The damn thing was awful, it lags like hell and isnt "precise" at all. It's a huge ripoff and im glad I sold it back. I'll just play with my ps3 and WoW until killzone 3 comes out.

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    I'm finding all these people saying that selling a gift is rude or something a little ridiculous. I can understand how it would upset someone to have their gift traded in right after giving it, but any half decent set of parents could listen to their kid for 5 minutes and understand why he doesn't want the kinect, it's gimmicky.
    Instead, the excuse was made that "other people will want to use it." I mean, it's great to get lots of use out of your money, but shouldn't you be getting your kids a christmas present that THEY'LL use, not you? What kind of 8 year old wants a table saw or a set of easy-clean cookware?

    As for the Kinect, I think its future is as an interface device OUTSIDE of gaming. The ease and convenience of it as a controller technology is too great. Likewise, it's inaccuracy as a control device is too significant for the technology to be used as a controller by hardcore players in competitive or challenging games for a long time to come.
    On top of this, without a treadmill to move on, the on-screen and real life movements still wont' sync up believably, as there's no way to control movement easily while still keeping your hands free to attack or whatever else the game requires.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thebigblue View Post
    Soo basically, i was wondering what everyones opinion was a on the Xbox Kinect, what do you think of it?

    Main reason for me asking was because yesterday I received a 360 with the kinect as a present from my parents. So the 360 only has the internal 4GB memory which is basically peanuts and won't last very long before i need to get an actual hard drive, and so i was just going to go over to gamestop to see if i could sell the kinect and the game it came with there. So as i was going to my car to leave my dad asked me where i was going with it so i told him, and he got angry saying that he didn't want me to go and sell it. I told him that I didn't really want to use at all, because i thought that its kind of gimmicky and that its basically a Wii without the controller, and that i needed to buy hard drive anyways so that id basically trade it for that. He told me that he wanted to try it too, and probably other people and that i shouldn't sell it. I told him that I like the 360, but that the kinect part isn't something i really want.

    I personally don't think its THAT spectacular, and as i said, kind of gimmicky. It would be cool to try it, but I can honestly see it basically never being used regular... even like once a month

    TL;DR Whats your opinion on it? Think its a good idea to sell? Or that I'm being too quick on the gun on not giving it a try?

    EDIT: Apparently people don't 'understand'. The xbox came with the kinect IN THE SAME BOX. It was a combo pack. Not only that, but it was the only xbox model the store was selling. No one in my family would use it, maybe a few times the first time they tried, even if they DO like it. Finally that isn't even the freaking point of this thread, and im an idiot for thinking people would understand why I would sell it. Is the kinect fun, or not.
    Wow how gratefull are you? they buy you a pretty awesome gift and you try and sell it on....

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    Kinect is fun. If you don't like it then you've probably never tried it.

    Keep it, be greatful they bought it for you, and have a good time. You don't need a big hard drive to make the xbox worthwhile.
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    I just bought a Kinect for my Fiance and we love it. Dance central is great fun, and i cannot wait for a tekken game or something of that nature to come along for it.
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    Probably the best deal last holiday was the Walmart $75 GC with 250GB Xbox. This deal smashes it.

    250GB Xbox: 299 + tax = 328.15
    Kinect = 150+tax = 164.63
    $75 GC = -$75
    TOTAL = 417.78

    Now check this: $349 after $50 gift card: http:/

    Sick deal if you want a Kinect.

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    lol ppl i dont understand why your hating on this kid... He never once said he was not happy with the gift. Personally if i bought a gift for someone else but they weren't crazy about it I'd want them to be honest with me. It's not that unreasonable of a response and it definitely doesnt make him a selfish brat. If i had got a kinnect i would wanna take it back too. Personally i think the whole motion gaming thing is retarded and will never be applicable in the games i enjoy. When they finally put out an amazing virtual reality system then i'll be interested but until then I'll leave the kinnect for the parties and the kids.

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