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    [Guide] Glory of the Cataclysm Hero - Achievement

    As you know there is an achievement called "Glory of the Cataclysm Hero", which rewards you with the awesome "Reins of the Volcanic Stone Drake"!
    And I'm going to explain you how to get it ;D


    1. Rotten to the Core (High Priestress Azil)
    This achievement only requires a good tank and some AoE...
    You have to kill 60 adds in 10 seconds... but during the fight it's difficult to let them stack up to 60...
    So just take the 60 adds (3x 20) that are standing in front of the Boss. A range attacks the boss and starts the fight.
    Than the boss talks a while and during this time you can easily kill the adds.

    Blackrock Caverns:

    1. Crushing Bones and Cracking Skulls (Rom'ogg Bonecrusher)
    This achievement wants you to kill 10 Angered Earth Elementals with the ability Skullcracker from Rom'ogg.
    Easy to do with a paladin as tank. The paladin will have to glyph "Holy Wrath", because the Angered Earth Elementals are elementals (what a surprise) and will get stunned by using Holy Wrath.
    After destroying the Chains of Woe, the paladin should use Holy Wrath while the adds are near the boss. The adds get stunned, everyone runs away, the Boss kills the adds and everyone is happy

    2. Arrested Development (Corla, Herald of Twilight)
    This is a simple achievement. You just have to let all three adds to evolve, kill the evolved adds and than kill Corla. Sounds difficult, but it isn't.
    You just let evolve one add after another, not all at the same time. If the first one is evolved kick every cast it does and the tank should use his Cooldowns if necessary. After the add is dead heal the group and wait for some Cooldowns if you want. Than evolve one other add. Simply kill this add too and don't forget to interrupt its casts. Than do the same thing for the last add and than kill Corla. Your Healer should have some Mana Pots and a Priest for Hymn of Hope would be great.
    You'll maybe need some trys for this achievement.

    3. Too Hot to Handle(Karsh Steelbender)
    For this achievement you have to stack up the buff Superheated Quicksilver Armor up to 15 times. You get stacks on the boss by pulling him into the fire pillar in the middle of the room.
    Easiest tactic is in my opinion to don't let the buff run out and only stack it up shortly before it runs out. Stack it up in 2-3 Stacks per pull and cast Bloodlust when you reach the 5th stack if possible. If the boss is still alive when he gets the 15th stack let the buff run out, nuke the adds and than kill the boss like normal.

    4. Ascendant Descending (Ascendant Lord Obsidius)
    One of the easiest achievements for the meta-achievement. The boss has 3 adds around him. But these adds are a littlebit tricky. They attack the LAST one who damaged them. And if they reach a player they will cast a debuff called Crepuscular Veil. So your aim is to don't get near the adds.
    And that yell for someone to kite them the whole fight. Easiest and best way is a frost mage. Frost Nova + Pet Freeze + Cone of Cold + Blink = Best slow you can get.
    The rest of the group don't damage any add, their only target is the boss.

    Lost City of Tol'vir:

    1. Acrocalypse Now (Lockmaw)
    During the fight against Lockmaw there are spawning some groups of crocodiles. Your aim is to kill 20 of them within 10 seconds.
    Some information first:
    - There are always 4 crocodiles per spawn
    - They can be taunted by a tank
    - They left a bleeding debuff when they hit
    - You will have to wait for 5 spawns and than bomb them down.
    You need someone with taunt abilitys, kite abilitys or both of them. Best choice would be a blood DK.
    Plate armor, selfheal and kite abilitys are perfect for this encounter.
    You also need a very good healer and a group that know how to get less damage from the boss.
    So everytime a group of crocodile spawns the DK taunt the crocodiles with Dark Command, Death Grip or some AoE Damage and kite them around. Death and Decay is the best one for this cause it is ranged and don't do too much damage.

    2. Kill It With Fire! (High Prophet Barim)
    Here we got another simple achievement if you know how to do it ;D
    First off all, you need the boss in phase 2. Just burn him on 50% hp and the "Soul phase" will start.
    In this phase a "Dark Hatchling" spawns. In addition there are spawning "Soul Fragment" adds out of a random player.
    These are the mobs you have to kill for the achievement. But the achievement says "Kill it with Fire!".
    That means, you need to pull the soul fragments through the fire on the ground so that they get the debuff "Burning Soul".
    When they have the debuff, kill them. Do this for three adds and the achievement will pop up

    3. Headed South (Siamat <Lord of the South Wind>)
    This is a very difficult achievement. In my opinion it is even more difficult than "Vigorous VanCleef Vindicator".
    You have to kill the boss while having 3 stacks of Lighting Charge on you. Sounds easy but it isn't.
    During the fight there are spawning some adds. Servants of Siamat and Minions of Siamat. The Servants are melee adds, the minions caster adds.
    Everytime a servant dies, he casts Lightning Nova and leaves a debuff on every player that stands in melee range. You can stack the debuff up to 3 stacks and you have to get every debuff stack, because there are only 3 servants spawning during the fight.

    Since the boss have got fixed, the achievement is a lot harder to get. That's because the boss casts his Deflecting Shield(-90% damage taken) now when you engage him. So your aim is to burn the boss down on about 400k healthpoints while he has the shield up. And in addition you mustn't kill any servant.
    My idea is to take 2 healer 2 DPS and 1 tank for this. The tank offtanks the servants, the DPS (best would be a fire mage, because he can cast Scorch although he is oom and a destro warlock for single target + DoT damage) burn down the boss on 400k hp and the 2 healer are healing all the time. Everytime a Minion spawns just kill it.
    The fight will last over 10 minutes i guess and there will be a lot of hurricanes around, so be patient and attentive.
    When the boss reaches 400k hp, kill the 3 Servants of Siamat and don't forget to stand near them when they die. After the third add is dead, phase 3 will begin. Now pop up Bloodlust/Heroism and all your CDs and kill the boss within the 30 seconds of the debuff. And yes, even one of the healer may do damage.

    Shadowfang Keep:

    1. Pardon Denied (Baron Ashbury)
    This is one of the achievement you can do by yourself and in addtion for your group. The only thing you need is a spell that interrupts casting.
    Everytime the boss casts Asphyxiate he casts Stay of execution.
    Thats the spell that has to be interrupted by anyone of the group. You have to react very fast, because after 1 second the first heal is casted.
    Just repeat this a couple of times and the achievement is yours.

    2. To the Ground (Commander Springvale)
    There are many ways to get this achievement.
    - Way 1:
    The best way would be to have two tanks, two DPS and 1 Healer.
    Tank 1 Pulls the boss outside his room around the corner.
    Tank 2 tanks the spawning adds at the other side of the corner.
    The Healer stands in the corner and is able to heal both tanks.
    The DPS focus on the boss.
    The adds can't buff/heal the boss through the wall and you gain the achievement very easy. But i think this will be fixed soon ;D

    - Way 2:
    Another way is to have some CC like shackle and alot of interrupting.
    Just CC the first add that spawns and kill the other... but don't forget interrupting ;D
    After the first add is dead, go on and kill the second add.
    Repeat this until the boss is dead.
    This tactic sounds simple, but it is very difficult to manage. You have to kill the adds, CC, interrupt and kill the boss.

    3. Bullet Time (Lord Godfrey)
    - Everytime the boss summons his adds, he will cast his pistol barrage right after
    - The pistol barrage will kill all the Bloodthirsty Ghouls instantly
    - The adds have to stay in front of him to get killed
    First the positioning: Ranges and Healers stay in a camp behind the boss. Melees have to run to that camp when the boss summons the ghouls. That will cause the boss to cast his pistol barrage towards a fixed direction
    The easiest way to do this is with a Prot-Warrior. The Prot taunts all the ghouls, pull them as fast as he can in front of the boss and shockwave them while the boss is channeling the cast. Than the tank only has to run behind the boss and the ghouls get killed by the pistol barrage. Repeat this a couple of times and you will get the achievement after some ghoul spawns.
    But don't forget: You have to KILL the boss to get the achievement ;D

    Grim Batol:

    1. Umbrage for Umbriss (General Umbriss)
    This achievement sounds hard, but it isn't as hard as you may think ;D
    During the fight against General Umbriss four trogg adds will spawn. One of these mobs is a Malignant Trogg.
    That's the one who "casts" Modgud's Malice when he dies near the boss.
    To get this achievement the only thing you have to do is to CC the Malignant Trogg with Hex or Polymorph. There won't spawn any new Malignant Troggs while another is alive.
    So just burn the boss down on ~5% and then kill the add near him. Then your tank activates some of his cooldowns and you have 20 seconds to kill the boss.

    2. Don't Need to Break Eggs to Make an Omelet (Erudax <The Duke of Below>)
    For this achievement you better take good DPS with you. And anyone who can slow. Cause the achievement says that the Faceless Corruptors have to be killed before they are able to cast Twilight Corruption.
    You can't stun the Corruptors, but you can slow them. Devide your group into 2 other "groups". Your best DPS with the tank and the other two DPS on the other side. If you are fast enough in killing the adds, the achievement will be yours.

    Throne of the Tides:

    1. Old Faithful (Lady Naz'jar)
    For this achievement, you have to force Lady Naz'jar to kill one of her minions with her ability Geyser.
    The best choice of the adds would be the melee add. Just take down the two caster adds, damage the melee add to around 10% and than just offtank it.
    After she finished channeling her shield, your group has to stick together and wait until the geyser zone is marked.
    Than pull the mob inside the zone and root/freeze/stun it in the zone and everyone should run out of the geyser zone ;D

    2. Prince of Tides (Ozumat)
    The achievement says that you have to kill an Unyielding Behemoth while having the buff "Tidal Surge" on you.
    The only challange is to offtank the Unyielding Behemoth while taking down the other adds... without killing the Behemoth.
    When the mob starts zu spawn his adds with his dark clouds, the tank just needs to kite the adds around untill they are killed. You can cast Bloodlust/Heroism to kill the adds faster if you want. Then, after you get the buff, you just have to kill the behemoth. This won't take long, cause the Tidal Surge is just... godlike

    Vortex Pinnacle:

    1. Extra Credit Bonus Stage (Vortex Pinnacle)
    A very amusing and also annoying achievement since you get ported back to instance entrance when you fall down.
    When you fight your way through Vortex Pinnacle, you will recognize some golden orbs flying next to ramps and bridges.
    To get these you have to jump towards the golden orbs, click them while you are passing them and then you get ported back to instance entrance.
    There are about 8-9 orbs in the instance, but you only need 5 of them. You are able to collect them after you killed the last boss or while running through the instance.

    2. No Static at All (Asaad <Caliph of Zephyrs>)
    And here we got another achievement you can do by yourself again
    There are two ways of doing the achievement.
    - Way 1: Have a priest with you who buffs everyone/you levitate
    - Way 2: The boss casts "Static Cling" after every Chain Lighting. It's a 1 second cast so you should begin to jump all the time from the beginning of Chain Lightning until someone you see he finished casting Static Cling.


    1. Ready for Raiding (Glubtok)
    This is one of the achievements you can do by yourself. The onlything that is to do is to don't get damage from his Fire Wall...
    The wall doesn't move really fast so this should be no problem.

    2. Rat Pack (Helix)
    Very very very easy achievement... You need anyone with AoE abilities, a mage for example.
    Now, everytime the boss takes a player and charge him against the lumber piles a random number of rats will fall down and you only have to AoE them down.
    After 3 charges everyone should have this achievement.

    3. Prototype Prodigy (Foe Reaper 5000)
    You need someone with experience with the Prototype Reaper to do this.
    During the fight there are spawning some fire elemental adds. They can't do any damage to the Prototype Reaper... but the Foe Reaper can.
    That means: Get the Foe Reaper 5000 as far away as you can. Best location is the ramp/entrance of the room.
    Just pull the boss up there and kill him. Meanwhile the Prototype Reaper kills all the fire elementals that wants to go up the ramp to attack a fixed player.

    4. It's Frost Damage (Admiral Ripsnarl)
    This achievement isn't possible without dying.
    You have to damage the boss into phase 2.
    Now just let 3 Vapor adds transform and let them cast "Coalesce".
    A paladin or a mage would be great, they can cast iceblock and bubble so they don't get kicked away until the third Vapor explodes.
    You don't have to kill the boss ;D

    5. I'm on a Diet ("Captain" Cookie)
    Another achievement that doesn't require a group.
    For this achievement you are not allowed to get more than 1 stack of "Nauseated", which comes up if you eat bad food.
    So you only need to eat the good food and nothing else. The damage should be enough to kill him even without anyone eating bad food.

    6. Vigorous VanCleef Vindicator (Vanessa van Cleef)
    This is a very tricky and hard encounter. You have to solve the bosses nightmares in 5 minutes.

    - Nightmare 1: Klick the valves as fast as you can. Avoid the fire on the ground, it will kill you almost instant. If you reach the end of the ramp, fire blocks your way. You have to jump down to the right and move on to the boss. Kill him with simple "Tank'n'Spank".

    - Nightmare 2: When the event begins, your surrounding becomes dark and everywhere are spiders. Here you have to stay near the boss and nuke him as fast as you can. Ignore the spiders. Freeze them with ring of frost or offtank them.

    - Nightmare 3: The door opens and you will see some "spark walls" moving clockwise and counter-clockwise. Don't touch them! The spark walls will kill you in 1-2 seconds.
    Make your way through the sparks to a save point next to the wooden thing near the middle at the right wall... Now pull the boss to this point and kill him. After he is dead the spark walls will disappear and you can walk on.

    - Nightmare 4: The hardest part of the achievement. You have to save the three members of Ripsnarls family. They get attackt by packs of three worgen. When the door opens, immediately run to the first 3 worgen and kill them as fast as possible. Free the other two NPCs and sprint to Vanessa. Attack her and hope you only needed 5 minutes ;D

    After that the normal bossfight begins.

    Halls of Origination:

    1. I Hate That Song (Temple Guardian Anhuur)
    That's a very simple achievement, the only thing you need is someone who can interrupt the boss' cast and has very good reactions ;D
    When the boss begins to cast his spell your group has to split in two "groups" of 2 people each.
    One person of the "group" agrroed the snakes with AoE, the other one was klicking the lewer.
    The 5th person has to interrupt the boss.
    We did this with a mage as interruptor. Tank+Dps went to the left lewer, Heal+Dps to the right lewer.
    Our tank mass taunted the snakes and the Heal pulled them with heal aggro. The 2 Dps klicked the lewer. The interruptor only has around 1 second to interrupt the boss, so choose someone with very good reactions.

    2. Faster Than the Speed of Light (Vault of Lights - 4 elementals)
    So this achievement wants you to solve the event of "Vault of Lights" in 5 minutes. But you only have around 4:15 minutes, cause the time starts after talking to Brann.
    After you have started the event press autorun and keep running against the door. You can go through it before it really "opens". That saves you some seconds. After that go to the left elemental first and try to don't aggro the troggs in the middle. If you pull them, take them to the boss and AoE them down while damaging the boss.
    If the boss has around 15% health left, you can start running to the next one. The DoT's should kill the boss meanwhile.
    Do that for all 4 bosses and you won't have any problems. For the fire elemental i can advise to cast Bloodlust/Heroism, cause he is the most annoying boss.

    3. Straw That Broke the Camel's Back (Earthrager Ptah)
    The easiest achievement in this dungeon. Before you went into the room where the boss waits, there are standing 5 camels. Everyone should take one, cause you are able to cast while running with these nice "vehicles".
    But you can get dismounted, if the boss hits you with his ground spike or in phase 2 with his tornados and the swirls on the ground.
    Avoid them the whole fight and the achievement is yours ;D

    4. Sun of a.... (Rajh <Construct of the Sun>)
    This is one of the hardest achievements of "Glory of the Cataclysm Hero"...
    You need to kill the boss before he gets all his "energy" back to 100/100...
    That sounds simple, but is very hard. You will need a littlebit of luck and a lot of DPS...
    We did it with 4 DPS and 1 Healer... all 4 DPS did around 16k Dps and the healer had done 2k ^^
    We tanked the boss where he stayed at the beginning and hoped for that he uses the right abilities.
    You have to be lucky with his casts, because he can cast 5 times a 20 Energy ability that is instant, so you can't interrupt anything. But he can also cast 2-3 interruptable spells. We got 2 casts to interrupt as we killed him. But we needed about 15 trys. We figured out that if we cast Bloodlust/Heroism at around 40 Energy Bloodlust will hold until the "Energy restore phase" ends.

    Good Luck and Happy Farming!

    I hope i could help you with this guide.
    And please excuse my bad English if there is bad Englisch.. And I'm pretty sure there is :P
    I'm from germany and I'm still learning Englisch ;D

    Written by Skippy
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