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    Problem with wow movies and youtube.

    In the past I made a couple of wow movies (boss fights) and used the x264vfw codec back then in combination with sony vegas (I believe 9..?) and it worked out perfectly, quality was at it's best and it's basicly the best codec out there to render with.
    Now, I'm back to make some of those movies as I enjoyed doing so in my free time. I upgraded myself with sony vegas platinum 10 a while ago and tried out some of the new features. I was happy with the results, though there's a pretty big loss of quality while picking any combination of codecs/settings given by sony vegas itself.
    I decided to go back to the x264vfw codec wondering if it was still the best. To my great satisfaction it was (looking at the outcoming videos and differences between them over VLC player) looking absolutely flawless while have about 1,5mb/s for the vid and no quality loss whatsover.
    Now my problem is (and I never ran into it before) when trying to upload to youtube it says it failed converting the file (after it got uploaded and had about a minute to progress).
    To give you some extra details for those of you who have knowledge about this. I'm using the typical "first pass" + "Nth pass" system.
    I tried several configurations in the x264vfw codec itself but I always get the same outcome, youtube never seems to accept the file. Anyone with a solution since I'm trying to figure this out for about 4 hours now and I'm getting pretty desperate.

    To make 1 thing clear. The outcoming vid. is an .avi file and I can play it with ANY video player I have on my computer.

    EDIT: Apparently I'm only haveing the issue when using 1st pass and nth pass. When using any other setting under x264vfw I'm fine. But I still loose to much quality with a single pass to my great disfaction. Even under this codec.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Are you using some strange resolution (odd numbers) or uncompressed audio perhaps since you don't mention any audio codec? Interlaced video? (should never do that with game captures.)

    Also 1.5mbps is really low bitrate for any kind of HD for which x264 is meant for. If you do SD capture, plain old xvid would be lot faster to compress.
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    I'm using the same resolution I use in-game 1920x1080 audio isn't added into the file yet as I'm just trying to figure out optimal video quality first. The interlaced is set to none. I'm talking about the outcoming video being about 48MB for 30sec. footage after the rendering is done.
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