Glory of the Cataclysm Hero
Asuming that all who read this guide already know that all achievements need to be done in heroic difficulty. Most of the tactics are already avaleble on the internet but I have yet to find a guide combining them all without having to page through endless of useless information.

So here it is, sorted in instances and in what order you will meet the encounters.

Blackrock Caverns:

Crushing Bones and Cracking Skulls
Defeat Rom'ogg Bonecrusher after using his Skullcracker ability to kill 10 Angered Earth elementals.

What will happen is during the fight Rom'ogg will cast an earthquake ability that summons Angered Earth elementals, one for each partymember. He will do that on a regulary timer. 2 times during the fight he will cast "Chains of Woe", on 66% and 2.nd on 33%, and imidiatly after he will start casting hes "Skullcracker" ability (8 sec cast).
The idea is the Tank gain agro on all adds and after the groupe has "killed" the chains everyone runs out but the tank who stay in meleerange of the boss and pop a defencive CD, take the hit from the Skullcracker ability, that will in return kill the adds. Healer be ready for some serious heals on the tank. When you have killed 10 adds like that, you finish off the boss. Gratz on achievement.
Note: You do not need to kill all 10 elementals in one go, you can split em 5 at 66% and 5 at 33%.

Arrested Development
Allow all three of Corla's zealots to evolve, then defeat Corla after slaying the evolved zealots.

For this you'd really like to have a dps in the party who is able to interrupt with a short CD besides the tank.
Uppon engaging Corla 3 beams will start channeling to the 3 Zealots standing in front of her, starting a debuff that will stack to 100, if it reach 100 the one it is channeling will become a Twilight Draconid.
What you wanna do is at the start of the fight 2 partymembers will block the beam on 2 adds. The 3.rd is just to become transformed. when that happen the tank will pick it up and the dps will kill it, except for the one dps who can interrupt, who will stay on Corla and interrupt "Dark Command" (2 sec cast time). The reason for this is you do not want a partymember who is blocking a beam to get feared or you will be in truble. When the add is down you will just let the next one get transformed, kill it and then the last one. Note that the transformed add will cast "Shadow Strike" (2 sec cast) that is for the tank to interrupt.
For the 2 partymembers that are assigned to block the beams, stack your debuff till 80. That will leave enough time for the debuff to expire on the Zealot. When all 3 adds are dead finish off Corla. Gratz on achievement.
Note: Remember to step into the beam again when your debuff weares off. Do not wait till it hit 90, because it stacks rather fast any you will easy get the remaining stacks to 100 giving movement time and lag so you yourself will get mind controlled and most likely cost a wipe

Too Hot to Handle
Defeat Karsh Steelbender after he has reached 15 stacks of Superheated Quicksilver Armor.

This is a fairly "easy" achievement as you will do nothing out of the ordinary from a normal kill. Though i'll have to mention that the AoE damage when he reach more than 10 stacks is emence. This is really a healer achievement but everyone in the party can do something to contribute to a succesfull kill.
Start with building hes stacks to 5-6 and heal up the party, dps for a while, then build hes stacks to 10-12, if healer is in truble take this part over 2 times giving healer time to heal the party, the last 3-5 stacks are insane so every partymember needs to help the healer out. Pop every defencive CD you have, Rogue Cloak of Shadow, Mage Iceblock, Druid Barkskin ect. Finish off the boss. Gratz on achievement.
Note: After he has reached 15 stacks you can let him cool off and start building stacks from the beginning, remember that adds will spawn every time he cools off.

Ascendant Descending
Defeat Ascendant Lord Obsidius without any party member reaching 4 stacks of Crepuscular Veil.

An other fairly "easy" achievement if done correctly, done this 3 times now with 3 different kiters: Death Knight, Shaman and Mage. Anyone with an AoE slow ability should be able to kite the mobs.
What you wanna do is, let the kiter start the fight and then the tank taunt off the boss, idealy tank the boss in the middle of the paninsual like platform were they all start out. That leaves enough space for the kiter to run in a big circle arround the rest of the party. Important that the kiter do not get in melee range of the adds or they will start applying the debuff the you so desperate are trying to avoid, do not drag the adds through the party or they will start applying the debuff on random party members. At 66% and 33% the boss will switch place with one of the adds, when that happens the tank must be fast to pick him up again and the kiter must be fast to pick up the add. At that point the party in the middle might wanna spred out a little untill the boss again is in the center. The adds will agro who ever did damage to them last.
The boss do not hit very hard so healing should not be an issue. Gratz on achievement.
Note: A good idea is to track the achievement, in that case it will turn red if you failed.

Throne of the Tides:

Old Faithful
Get Lady Naz'jar to kill one of her minions with her Geyser ability.

The description say it all, nothing much to this achievement at all.
Dps the boss, interrupt "Shock Blast" (2 sec cast), move out of white circle on the ground (indicating that a geyser will pop). 2 times during the fight, at 66% and at 33%, she will shield herself (Waterspout) and be immune to all damage for one minute, or till all adds are dead. During that time 3 adds will spawn, 2 ranged and 1 melee, kill the ranged and bring the melee add to like 50%, tank it and wait for Naz'jar to become active again. Now the tank will keep agro on add + boss and when she cast Geyser (white circle on the ground), move the add on top of it while tank remain outside of it. Gratz on Achievement.
Note: For the party to keep control over the fight it might be a good idea to group up after she comes out of Waterspout, thereby forcing her to cast geyser on your given location, makes it easy for the tank to place the add.

Prince of Tides
Defeat an Unyielding Behemoth while you have the Tidal Surge effect during the Ozumat encounter.

Keep an Unyielding Behemoth alive until the last phase of the encounter, where Neptulon buffs the group with Tidal Surge. The only thing the tank should focuse on is kiting. The rest of the group will kill remaning adds. At some point other adds will spawn, they look like oversiced shadow fiends, the tank should pick up those and kite em aswell. When all adds are dead, except those being kited, Neptulon will say something like "My waters has been clensed bla bla" this is when he will cast Tidal Surge and you will kill the Unyielding Behemoth. Gratz on achievement.
Note: You will not get the achievement if you are dead when the Behemoth die.

The Stonecore:

Rotten to the Core
Defeat 60 Disciples within 10 seconds during the High Priestess Azil encounter.

When you reach High Priestess Azil, 3 groups of disciples will stand infront of her, there is exactly 60. What you wanna do is let the tank pop defencive cooldowns, run in and agro all 3 groups and the boss, wait till the boss becomes active and AoE the hell out of the adds. Healer be ready for some serious healing. Gratz on achievement.
Note: It is important that the boss is active, her flying down from the platform is NOT active, she needs to have landed and the shield gone off before you kill the adds. You do not need to kill her to get the achievement, only that she is active and there has not gone more than 10 sec from the first add die till the last add is down.

Halls of Origination:

I Hate That Song
Defeat Temple Guardian Anhuur without allowing him to sing Reverberating Hymn for more than 15 seconds.

Ideal party setup 1 ranged interrupt, 2 clases who is able to put down ground AoE or otherwise provide substansual AoE.
You wanna devide the group in 3, 2 on each side above the lever (one with AoE and one to pull the lever) and the one who can interrupt on the bridge were you engage the boss.
What will happen is at 66% and at 33% the boss will teleport to the middle of the platform, shield itself and start singing. Only way to make him stop is to interrupt him but that is not possible as long as he has the shield up. To break the shield you need to pull 2 levers, one on each side. They have a 10 sec cast time and to make matters worse there are snakes down there who will interrupt the one pulling the lever. The second the boss starts to hymn there should be AoE at the lever to pull snakes so the one who is doing the pulling can do it unharmed. If you have ranged AoE you can stand on the platform doing it, if you are a paladin you need to jump down and pop your concecration. Done correctly it should leave a 2 sec window to interrupt the boss. Then finish off the snakes comming at you get to your possisions and do the same thing again at 33%. There are no time for mistakes. Good luck and gratz on achievement.
Note: Might be possible to track if you failed through the track achievement system but I can not say that for sure as I did not try that myself.

Straw That Broke the Camel's Back
Defeat Earthrager Ptah while mounted on a camel.

Individual achievement. Just defeat Ptah while riding a camel.
Gratz on achievement
Note: You can cast spells while moving if you are on a camel.

Faster Than the Speed of Light
Complete the Vault of Lights within 5 minutes of entering.

There are no room for mistakes on this achievement, the timer is tight. The timer starts the second you talk to Brann, there is like 10 sec of RP before he opens the door and about 30 sec of RP after you killed the last miniboss, both RP's are included in the timer. What you wanna do is to get to the minibosses as fast as possible without pulling to many troggs, stay to the edges and AoE the troggs you can't avoid while running to the bosses. As soon as a boss is at like 10-15% start moving to the next boss while killing it. Only the Fire boss should be causing trubles if you are not awake. This is a one chance only achievement, so if a partymember die it is 99/100 a fail. Should you by chance make it in time for the last RP and you have a dead member, use the RP to ress as you will not get the achievement if you are dead when the RP end.
Happy hunting and gratz on achievement.
Note: You do not need to kill the boss that emerge from the chamber, just have enough time to finish the RP.

Sun of a....
Defeat Rajh before he completes an entire recharging phase.

This achievement is 60% dps and 40% luck. You wanna get him as far down as possible before he starts to regain energy. Basicly he starts with 100 energy and every ability he use cost energy except melee attacks and when he reach 0 energy he will move to the middle and start charging to 100 again, about 5 pr second giving you ~20 sec to finish him off. There are some wayes to prevent him from using energy by interrupt hes casts, but some of hes abilitys are instant and those you can do nothing about. Idealy you would like to have 3 interruptable casts before he reach 0 energy. If you have hero/lust abilitys in the group use it at about 30 energy. Tank him as far away from the center as possible giving you valuble time to dps him while he moves there to recharge. Posission you acordinly to maximise dps uptime. Try to find some balance in the group, 4 dps 1 tank / 4 dps 1 healer, find out what works for your group, you can reset him by running back to the lift. Good luck and have fun. Gratz on Achievement.

The Lost City of the Tol'vir:

Acrocalypse Now
Defeat 20 Frenzied Crocolisks within 10 seconds during the Lockmaw encounter

There is a way to bug this achievement but I am not a big follower of easy outs on things that can otherwise be killed tactical ingenuaty. If you have a mage in the group it is kinda easy but anything with AoE slow will do. If you at the same time is so lucky to have an assassin Rogue with Deadly Brew in the group it is a walk in the park.
What you wanna do is have Lockmaw tanked somewhat in the middle and the kiter running in a circle just inside of healing range in case he/she should get caught up by the crocks. A random partymember will be marked and the newspawned crocks will go for that person. The marked one will then run to the kiter and follow him/her untill the mark weares off and the kiter has agro on all crocks, they will spawn 4 at the time so you need 5 spawns to have 20 adds. should the tank get marked it is not the end of the world, he should be able to tank some adds though he will need extra healing due to a stacking bleed debuff. Kiter can try to pull some adds off the tank if it should happen. If you have a Rogue in the group he can Trix the kiter and FoK the adds on the tank after the mark weares off. If you have a Rogue with Deadly Brew have him/her trix the kiter and FoK the kited adds one or two times to apply crippling poison. When 20 adds are gathered the kiter runs to the group and you AoE the adds down, remember the last add need to die within 10 sec of the first one. Good luck and gratz on achievement.
Note: You will get the achievement when you killed 20 crocks within 10 sec, you do not need to kill Lockmaw to earn it.

Kill It With Fire!
Defeat 3 Burning Souls during the High Prophet Barim encounter.

This is a fairly simple achievement if you know what to look for. When Barim reach 50% he will put every partymember in the shadow phase, in there a Dark Phoenix will spawn and will be picked up by the tank. Once and awhile it will start channeling at a random party member and a Soul Fragment will spawn. That soul fragment needs to be kited through one of the firetrails left from the Phoenix in phase 1, when in that fire the soul fragment will get a debuff called something like "Burning Soul", it will NOT change aperience, that debuff will be refreshed for as long as the soul fragment is in the fire and last for 5 sec when not in the fire anymore. A good idea is to stunn the fragment while in the fire and then kill it while having the debuff. Do that 3 times and Gratz on achievement.
Note: You do not need to kill Barim to get the achievement.

Headed South
Defeat Siamat, Lord of the South Wind, with 3 stacks of Lightning Charge.

This is said to be the hardest of the new heroic achievements, but when you get a hang of it it is "fairly simple", even though it is a healer intence fight. There is the boss, untankeble in phase 1, and some adds (Minion of Siamat (caster) and Servant of Siamat (melee)). Ideal party setup is Tank, Healer, 2 caster and one melee, some has with succes gone with 2 healers.
At the start of the fight coordinate your most powerfull abilitys and nuke Siamat with all you got untill he cast hes shield, with some luck you might be able to get him to about 90% HP. Melee goes on the boss regardless that he only takes 10% dmg, chances are that he/her can bring Siamat to 75-80% before phase 2. Tank will pick up Servant of Siamat and tank em, 3 will spawn in total, mark the 3.rd that spawns I will get to that later. Range will focus on killing Minion of Siamat, they will cast chain lightning so spred a little to avoid unnessesary damage, when they die they will leave a Storm Cloud that moves arround on the platform, do not stand in those. If no Minions are up ranged should bring Servants to like 30%. When the 3.rd Servant spawns everyone group up on it and nuke it, try not to stand to close of the edge or there is a high chance you will be knocked off the platform when phase 2 starts. You group up on the Servant because when he die he will cast a spell the gives everyone in melee range the debuff we need for this achievement, it will last for 30 sec. When the 3.rd add die phase 2 will begin reguardless that the 2 other servants are still up. Siamat will throw you all arround for like 10 sec and he will loose hes shield. The tank needs to be quick to taunt him and tank him along with the remaining 2 Servants. He will consume Storm Clouds and start to do massive AoE. When he is done throwing you arround you will group up and kill the 2.nd Servant, giving you roughly 20 sec to nuke Siamat and 10 sec to group up and kill the last Servant. After that you got 30 sec to finish off Siamat. Good luck and have fun, and Gratz on Achievement.
Note: If you die you will not get the achievement.

The Vortex Pinnacle:

Extra Credit Bonus Stage
Collect 5 Golden Orbs in a single visit to the Vortex Pinnacle.

Big yellowish orb hangind to the sides of the instance path way, right click em and do it 5 times. Gratz on achievement.
Note: Make a target macro /target Golden Orb and keybind a mark if you have truble locating them.

No Static at All
Completely avoid the Static Cling effect during the Asaad encounter in the Vortex Pinnacle.

Individual achievement done by jumping when Asaad is halfway through hes "Static Cling" cast (1 sec cast) the first one is tricky, you need to keep an eye open to catch that one, after that he will cast it imidiatly after casting "Chain Lightning" (2.5 sec cast). Jump around and gratz on achievement.
Note: There is no note

Grim Batol:

Umbrage for Umbriss
Defeat General Umbriss while he is affected with Modgud's Malice in Grim Batol.

A mage is sure nice to have on this fight but any class with good CC cabebility will do. When the boss is pulled, the tank wanna drag him as far away from the rocky background he is standing up next to. Troggs will spawn and come down that rock formation. One of the troggs will be called Malignant Trogg, it will have a purple glow around it so you can't miss it. It can be CCed and should be, keep it that way during the fight and kill off any remaining troggs. More troggs will spawn but as long as you got one Malignant Trogg no more of those will spawn. When General Umbriss is at about 25-30% you break the CCed trogg and kill it while being close to the General. That way he will be infected with the debuff and you have 20 sec to finish him off. Gratz on achievement.
Note: While under the debuff effect Umbriss will hit significent harder, so healer might be aware of extra healing on tank.

Don't Need to Break Eggs to Make an Omelet
Defeat Erudax without letting a Faceless Corruptor begin to cast Twilight Corruption on any of Alexstraza's Eggs in Grim Batol.

The idea is to kill the Faceless Corruptors before ther can start channeling there corruption on the eggs. When they spawn they can not be tanked, taunted or otherwise be diverted from there path to the eggs, they can not be stunned however any kind of slowing effect do apply to them. They will spawn at the entrance were you came from while entering the room. A hunters frost trap there is absolute ace but it can be done without one. The adds will spawn imidiatly after end "Shadow Gale". Devide the party in 2 groups, one for each add. If you have to go 2 dps one one add and one on the other, then let the one with the strongest slow effect go solo untill the first add is dead and then help out on the other add.

The Deadmines:

Ready for Raiding
Do not get hit by Fire Wall in the Glubtok encounter in Deadmines.

Individual achievement. When Glubtok gets down to 50% he will port himself to the center of the room and stay there untankeble, he will devide the room in half with a fire wall spinning arround slowly clockwise. Do not get hit and gratz on achievement.

Rat Pack
Kill 20 Mine Rats during the Helix Gearbreaker encounter in Deadmines.

When a random party member get grabed and smashed into the treelogs at the end of the wooden platou, rat critters will spawn at the logs. It is those critters you wanna kill 20.
Note: Although it can easy be done in one visit to The Deadmines, it is not restricted to do so. You can complete this achievement over different visits to The Deadmines

Prototype Prodigy
Keep the Prototype Reaper from falling below 90% health during the Foe Reaper 5000 encounter in Deadmines.

A nice way to do this is to clear all trash without the use of the prototype. After all trash is dead, all party members runs to the top of the stairway and one will grab the Prototype Reaper, prefeareble a melee because they are not much use in this fight anyway, and go to the bottom, follow the wall a bit so you are not in line of the Foe Reaper 5000 and the bottom of the stairway. Tank will then rangepull from the top and the fight is on. Tank, healer and the remaining dps will stay on top and deal with the Foe Reaper 5000, while the one controling the Prototype Reaper will stay at the bottom and deal with the adds. The Prototype Reaper is immune to firedamage and should thereby loose 0 HP. Gratz on achievement.
Note: If you fail once and the Prototype Reaper gets below 90% HP the achievement will be failed for the rest of the instance lockout period.

It's Frost Damage
Allow three Freezing Vapors to cast Coalesce during the Admiral Ripsnarl encounter in Deadmines.

The achievement itself is simple but yet i have not experienced it without a wipe. Get Admiral Ripsnarl to fog phase, ignore the vapors, let em explode and get knocked to the 4 corners of the world, get the achievement. Corpserun and do a proper kill.
Note: If anyone manage to get the achievement and a kill in one go please inform me how you did it.

I'm on a Diet
Do not gain more than one stack of Nauseated during the Cookie encounter in Deadmines.

First time I did The Deadmines heroic I got this achievement and I was like WTF was that. There is 2 ways of doing it:
1. Don't eat any of the food and just nuke Cookie, get the kill and the achievement.
2. The "intendent" way to do it. Eat one bad food get one stack. Eat a good food, neutrolicing the bad food debuff. Thereby keeping the deck "clean" of bad AoE.
Wether you do it one way or the other good luck and gratz on achievement.

Vigorous VanCleef Vindicator
Engage Vanessa VanCleef within 5 minutes of being inflicted with the Nightmare Elixir.

Even though I earlyer said I do not apply using bugs or "smart" ideas I will anyway apply one at this achievement because it will most likely be the last one you need. If you have a Warlock or a Shaman in your group you do the first part uptill and including the boss in the lightning gauntlet. After he is dead you get through the door, mount up and ride all the way to the ship deck, if Warlock you the Soul Stone someone in the party and wait for the worgens to kill one of those you need to save. You will all die, but then when Vanessa spawns you will use the Soul Stone or Shaman will ankh, engage her and achievement done, ofcurse you will still need to be able to do it all within the 5 min timeframe.
If however you are hardcore and decide to do it the proper way, here are some tips that might help you out, at the very start when you get out of the forge start moving and jump over the ledge, you will move slowly but you should still have plenty of time to get to the boss before any fire spawns. When there, kill the boss and avoid falling ice blocks. Next dream same place nuke boss and let tank taunt any agroed spiders. Next dream lightning gauntlet, the place were most fail. If you get to the end of the gauntlet and you have some kind of lockpick ability, open the door and let people who died in, to help killing the boss, same if you die release imidiatly and run back in, (this goes for everyone who die in lightning gauntlet) use teleport for ships and parts, run back the pier and wait for your group to get through or help killing the boss if doors have been opened. Last dream, kill the worgens as fast as possible and run to the ship deck and engage Vanessa. Gratz on achievement and RESPECT.

Shadowfang Keep:

Pardon Denied
Defeat Baron Ashbury without letting him heal with Stay of Execution in Shadowfang Keep.

Baron Ashbury will use 3 different abilities (well 4 actually but 2 of them are linked so i will refere to them at one spell) 1. Asphyxiate, directly followed by Stay of Execution, 2. Mend Rotten Flesh and 3. Pain and Suffering.
Party setup 2 with interrupt ability and one with dispell magic ability or 3 with interrupt ability.
The fight is fairly simple, deside who will interrupt what and stick to it. At any given time he will cast hes abilities, Pain and Suffering (magic) dispell or interrupt. Mend Rotten Flesh is a major heal, you wanna interrupt that one, and Asphyxiate reduce all partymembers HP to 1% followed by Stay of Execution which is the ability you wanna interrupt for the achievement. The trick for the healer in this fight is to keep every party member at about 20% hp at all times, except at when the boss hits 20% where the fight changes dramaticly. At 20% he will transform to a shadow demon starting dealing AoE and applying a stacking debuff that increse shadow damage taken. The healer will at that point try to keep everyone toped on HP for as long as possible, from there on it is a dps race to get him down before the party dies.
Gratz on achievement.

To the Ground!
Defeat Commander Springvale without allowing him to receive Unholy Empowerment in Shadowfang Keep.

The Key to this fight is control. Control the adds and this achievement is a slam dunk. The fight start with the boss and 2 adds, every add in this fight is able to cast Unholy Empowerment it is a 40 yard range 2 sec cast spell. CC one add and kill the other, there after kill the other add. Use hunter trap, shackle, Pala fear and INTERRUPT INTERRUPT INTERRUPT. Get this aced and gratz on achievement.
Note: Do I need to say don't stand in flamebreath?

Bullet Time
Defeat 12 Bloodthirsty Ghouls with Pistol Barrage and then defeat Lord Godfrey in Shadowfang Keep.

The key to this fight is position. Range and healers will stand on top of the the stairs were you enter the room. Tank will tank the boss at the bottom of the stairs of the platform were the boss initiually stand. It is important to face him at the bottom of the staircase that leads to your range and healer.
Whenever the boss spawn the adds, he will start casting pistol barrage. The tank steps out of the way or just stand were he is poping a CD if he can and if healer can coop. The dps remains on the boss. The adds will aggro the healer forcing them to run up the stairs. The bosses barrage should then take them out as they go for the healer. Continue till you killed 12 ghouls, kill the boss and gratz on achievement.

Hope you like my guide and may it be as helpfull to you as it has been for me.

Love Leandriel