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    Miss Pan's Handbook (A Beginner's Guide)

    This is my very own 30 page guide to (almost) everything a newer player would need to know about the game. It is designed to be read as they level, meaning that they only really learn about things that are relevant to what they need... so I won't be telling level 17 people about dual spec ^^
    This has been my project over the past week since it's been my Christmas break (and it's been a lot more interesting than revising for mock examinations!)

    Short link:
    Long link:

    Download link and if I break google documents:

    (The long link is for people who don't trust link shortening websites and believe that I'd be (for some reason?) posting a malicious site or whatever? I don't know)

    Also, can't post links (yet), so my apologies!
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    Interesting format, but on the first view an awesome guide!
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    Great guide!

    Just one little thing - you can buy flight master's license at level 60, not 80

    I think I saw a few more little things but I forgot about them already :$ Will update this post if I find more. Very nice work!

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    A great guide for beginning players.
    Good job.

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    It may be very helpfull for new players 10/10

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    Good job! I had started working on something similar but yours is just so much better with the fancy layout, the screenshots and all.

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    Looks great! Isn't it spelled "leveling"?

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    10/10 Tho there is one thing bugging me, you no longer need a 55+ on your account, i got all below 40 beside my DK who's 85 :s

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    You destroyed google docs, great.

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    Meh not really a lvling guide more of what you get at each level not overly impressed by it but its not bad to explain the fetaures of the game and what levels you get them at

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    rofl Gilneas is not horde and does not give trikes

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    This print-made guide probably has a massive advantage for the most casual of the players. In other words, the ones that actually need and probably would like a guide like this.

    It's very well written, apart from some minor typos, and has great consistency and structure. But occasionally the layout interferes with the clarity of things. Excellent use of pictures!

    Hints for improvement:
    - The Intro chapter never really defines "grinding", which probably used in a non-conventional way for a newbie
    - Try not to use "..." at all. Sure, there are times when it fits, but the text seems more complete and is more enjoyable to read with less open ending.

    All in all it's a really good guide and with some iteration and corrections it will be a spectacular one. =)
    Now if only we could have a non-print version of it for the forums. ;P
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    Only thing I should edit is the use of as a kind of Wikipedia for WoW, not It's more up to date than WoWwiki and basically otherwise has the same content.

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    Just posting to say that even having played the game for 6 years myself... I really enjoyed your guide. Well done.
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    Should be a must-read for all new players!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dunzie View Post
    Looks great! Isn't it spelled "leveling"?
    I believe "leveling" is the American way to spell it, and "levelling" is the UK (or rather, non-US) way to spell it.

    You only have to be 60 to purchase a Flight Master's License.

    Bilgewater Cartel is the rep that gives Goblin Trikes, not Gilneas.

    Could use a glossary to explain terms like "grinding", "mob" and what "instance" actually means. To a new player who doesn't understand the concept of instanced content, those would be "dungeons" to them.

    Decent guide ... you mention downloading it but never provide a link?

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    Amazing guide, should've been winner! Going to link on EU forums if it isnt there already for a sticky!

    EDIT: here it is:

    A couple mistakes i saw reguarding flying mounts: you can buy ANY riding skill at the capital city flight master (orgr/sw) or at the old stables inside the city. Also flight master's license is purchasable at lvl 60 at any riding trainer, NOT at 80.
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    Nice job, looks like that took a lot of effort.

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    Lots of spelling mistakes in it. And it just looks like a bunch of textboxes thrown about. The information is nice, the presentation of it just needs improvement.

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