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    Mal Marauders Whale Shark Kill Video :)

    Here is a short video of my guild taking down a Whale Shark in Vashj'ir!

    We knew pre-Cata that this achievement was first on our to-do list. Was a lot of fun! We gathered on The Intrepid, then flew out to sea. A hunter engaged and kited the shark the entire time while the raid burned it down as fast as they could.

    Be sure to watch this video at highest quality.

    Just for fun. Cheers!

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    Achievement Videos

    Instead of having 1000 threads with movies in it, it's easier to put them all in here. Hopefully this may have people wanting to make and add more. This isn't for boss kills unless you are doing the achievement. And no, the basic 'You cleared the instance' achievement doesn't count. Pretty much everything else achievement wise can go on here. Fun movies? Stick them on the off topic forums.

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    Why did you need all the people?? Should have broken up in to like 2 or 3 groups. When we did it we had less than 15 players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rosefirelite View Post
    Why did you need all the people?? Should have broken up in to like 2 or 3 groups. When we did it we had less than 15 players.
    Why would they break up the group? They were going out to do it as a guild. I think it's cool you had that many guildies interested in going out and doing it. I like my nerd points, it's just like pulling teeth to get more than a couple others to work on some of the more random ones.

    I ended up just soloing the whale shark as a shadow priest. Kited him very slowly, took like 25 minutes to kill. Was pretty intense, and a lot of fun.

    Cool video too
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    Leeroy Jenkins Title

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    Keeping it in the Family

    Note: If you want to watch the video fullscreen, just click on it to watch it on youtube; the embedded version lacks this option on these forums.

    Keeping it in the Family:

    Keeping it in the Family (Damage Nefarian below 50% health before he lands for the final confrontation and then defeat Nefarian in Blackwing Descent) is part of the Glory of the Cataclysm Raider meta achievement, and one of the harder ones at that (with our current gear, at least).

    Our tactics mainly consisted of the following:
    • Bring Onyxia as low as possible without killing her, so the tank can finish her off by himself when the time is right. You will need all the DPS you can get on Nefarian, so saving some here will help immensely.
    • Kill Onyxia as late as possible, below 70% of Nefarian's health, but just before the third electrocute hits (if the third electrocute hits her, it will max out her lightning charge and she will detonate, wiping the raid), to get the maximum amount of DPS time on Nefarian before he moves to the middle for phase 2.
    • DPS Nefarian to below 65% health before he takes off for phase 2. This part is crucial, since phase 3 will be triggered when Nefarian loses 15% health in phase 2, so anything above 65% at the start of phase 2 will mean you cannot make the "less than 50%" part anymore. Save bloodlust and every other DPS cooldown you have for this part.
    • The whole raid uses Mirror of Broken Images as much as possible to reduce electrocute damage.

    This achievement mainly requires very high DPS during the 70% to <65% part, and a healer team that can keep you alive right after the third electrocute and during the following two in phase 2.

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    Below are the Underachiever Archives, keeping it to one post so I don't spam up the thread.

    25 Mar 2011 "Critter Kill Squad" and "Crittergeddon" farming tips and tricks.

    17 Mar 2011 "Bounce!", "Help the Bombardier, I'm the Bombardier!" and "Friend or Fowl?""

    14 Mar 2011 Glutton for Punishment.

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    Today on The Underachiever we take a look at how you can gain legitimate access to the Karazhan Crypts and the epic loot within. This secret has gone un-found since the Crypt's introduction to the game, but after years of painstaking searching I have finally uncovered the legitimate access method, and let me tell you.. It was not easy.

    Happy April Fools day.
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    This was basically my personal goal in whole WoW

    And since I can't post links yet I'll just write this down.. /watch?v=SGX2SQXQ9hA
    Add youtube in front

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    Here's me getting Aeonaxx after 74 days camping!!

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    Video of me getting the final binding, as well as killing The Windseeker. (And of course, equipping TF)

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    Girl on my server gets Invinsable's Reins after many long runs. I was randomly recording at the time "Just in case" sure enough

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    14 runs = what, 3 months?
    my gf is running this for more than 1 year(around 48 heroic LK kills) and still no invincible :/
    rng is rng

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sethorian View Post
    14 runs = what, 3 months?
    my gf is running this for more than 1 year(around 48 heroic LK kills) and still no invincible :/
    rng is rng
    Yeah, it took me about three months. I was honestly really surprised too, right before he started Fraps I was thanking the guys for coming so many times thus far, and that I hope for their sake it won't be many more. Kind of insane for it to happen than quickly.

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