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    I detect a flaw in your scheme

    R.I.P. YARG

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    I have (as feral DPS) stances bound 1-5 (which is probably wasteful but I'm used to it) then every ability I use is mapped to qwerty and asdfgh. Still have Tab for targeting because it's great. I move completely with the mouse, and have 'move backward' bound to the middle button on the mouse. FRAPS capture is on shift+home, and vent is on home. If I macroed stances to shift+middle click, i could put berserk, dash, and stampeding roar on 1-3. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow. But moving with the mouse seems like the most precise way to do things, to me.
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    dear blizz,
    please fix paper, paper is wayyy too op, scissors are ok

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    keybinds are for pussies go write some macro codes.

    via la WASD!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gherkin View Post

    I detect a flaw in your scheme
    I can not stop laughing. This is awesome.

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    thanks for the tip, but this is not "more" effective than what others use.

    ESDF + modifiers + Mouse turn = just as good, if not better. oh and comfortable. =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bllackhawk0044 View Post
    It's definately "Strafe" not "Strife"
    It's definitely "definitely", not "definately".

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    I only use ESF for movement. Having been a Hunter since day 1 I removed back-pedaling from my arsenal pretty early on.

    And having played most all of the classes now I'll maintain that there is never a reason to back-pedal, and anyone using 4 buttons for movement can easily convert one of those buttons to a more useful keybinding.

    Now, having read this I can see the benefit of maybe moving over one more to RDG - but the reason I like F so much is that the key is notched and so it's always easy for me to reset my hand to the natural place on the keyboard. (Also, 90% of the stuff I do on a computer is not gaming, and so this puts my hands on the keys that I'm already most familiar using.)

    Thank you to the OP for the time and thought put into the guide.

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    i use WASD and move on my druid and im hitting keys as far as U - J and N on my keyboard just fine (razer lycosa) and its not even a stretch, ok there spells like Rip and such what i use rarely but they are there, id find TFGH so odd to use :P

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    This was a very interesting read, unfortunately my hands aren't the biggest and even shifting to ESDF means I can't hit shift without my hand becoming very awkward thankfully with a Razer Naga and modifiers I'm never without a bind

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    yea i usually use my mouse to just saying keyboard turning a nub thing to do for pvp and pve, its nice if u wanna troll in sw/org on ur new dark pheonix mount, but other wise :/ also a suggestion for you mouse players, buy a mouse with a side button, program it to shift so u can just use ur mouse thumb-click shift- and program it with some other key. wala!

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    i have RDFG bound atm, but tbh you dont need to use any walk keys in wow, all should be done with mouse. In other games such as DDO etc, you have a very good point, wasd is simply in a bad place.

    however TFGH is a bit too far from tab key for my liking, but of course you can rebind that too

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    Some people use ESDF, which still is close to modifiers, but i prefer moving with default since almost every game has those keys.

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    you are right , using wasd limits the other keys you can bind, yet after playing wasd for so long there is no way i could change, it would be like trying to go from , inverted to defualt in a Fps after years of halo/quake and other great shooters, i couldnt do it, not now anyway

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    Quote Originally Posted by gherkin View Post

    I detect a flaw in your scheme
    this is great, i loled

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    So you're using TFGH and still have bound keys for strafing? NOOB

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    Quote Originally Posted by AvalonTLW View Post
    Who uses A/D and/or F/H to turn? Everyone knows they are used for strafing.

    Why WASD is superior: SHIFT and CTRL.
    Why ESDF is superior: SHIFT and CTRL and A and W and B and Y and maybe even H.

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    I used to play ESDF but imo TFGH is too far in middle of keyboard and makes more difficulty of pressing ctrl & shift

    WASD ftw

    A - D are my strafes and Q-E binded to Beacon - WoG <3
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    No one a fan of IJKL? =(

    I find it much easier to apply modifiers with my left-thumb than I do with any other finger, IJKL allows me to do that much easier since alt, ctrl and shift are all to the right of my thumb.

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    I don't really find that using anything other then WASD is very helpful to be honest. I mean like, yeah, you do raise a good point, but alot of people are used to using WASD and navigating their fingers around the keyboard from using that. I have most keys on my Keyboard bound to different skills in my arsenal, and still use WASD. I click my menu's, so what. :3
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    I hope you understand sarcasm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emotears View Post

    W - Forward
    A - Left
    S - Back
    D - Right
    Q - Strife left
    E - Strife Right
    This is keyboard turning....

    Quote Originally Posted by Emotears View Post
    WASD - con's

    The positioning of your hand is in no way natural.
    In many cases you have to choose between movement and effective dps, taking or healing.
    You are limited to the amount of keys you can effectively press and bind.
    And this just isnt true at all.

    Heres some actually good tips, and the lost secret/art of keybinding. First thing is dont use numbers past 1-4 if you use wad. Too far from wad. I dont know why people think you have to use so many numbers just because they are orgianally on your bar but tbh numbers are awful for binds unless you have a naga mouse with numbers on it or w/e they are called.

    w - foward
    a - strafe left
    d - strafe right
    turn with your mouse/right click

    q,e,r,t,g,f,v,c,z,s,2,3 left all for keybinds along with shift/ctrl combos and you will never have to move your fangas (mainly fanga tips so you can always keep them on or very close to wad at all times so you can stay as mobile as possible whenever needed)

    live it, learn it, love it.
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    I'll be using wasd until keyboards are no longer used and everything is controlled via your mind, or full submersion virtual reality.

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    I have two reasons not to use WASD:
    - ever since I was little, I was heavily confused by games which were all build without customization options for keybinds. As a Belgian, we use an Azerty keyboard layout, so I was put off by WASD in those days.
    - I use my mouse in the left hand at home, because I spend a lot of time drawing on a tablet with the right one. So I use arrow keys and keybind most of my "mobile" and emergency stuff on the numpad, with the static skills going to the default number hotkeys.

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