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    ~~Why WASD Is Outdated and the Benefits of Using TFGH!~~

    ~~Why WASD Is Outdated and the Benefits of Using TFGH!~~

    This is guide to becoming a better wow player! Not by having superior gear, mods or rotation but by using the customisable features of the key binding system to give us the players more choice and to speed up reaction time because of it.

    I would like to believe that everyone who is reading this would have been put in the situation at one time or another either in PVP or PVE where if you just had that one button bound to a key instead of having to click on it you would have downed that boss or pawned that noob.
    Well I am here today to present you with a set up along with some hints and tip to make it so you will never run into that issue ever again. For years WASD has been the default movement keys for many games and while this is acceptable for games that do not require a specific level of accuracy or speed, I am afraid it no longer applies to WOW and in many cases FPS games as well.

    I come here today to challenge the effectiveness of WASD and reveal how out dated it is in today’s MMO environment. However I also come to present you with a more effective way to play in the form on the TFGH keys.

    As all of us are aware (I hope) Cataclysm has hit shelves breaking sales records and threatening to steal countless hours of life from us all in the coming weeks, months or years.
    It is a new dawn for MMO's and their players and is this not a better time to try a new way of things?
    Is it not the time to give yourself the best shot at becoming the PVE'er or PVP'er you always wanted to be?

    With Cataclysm the level cap has been raised to 85 and we are now presented with many new spells, abilities and items to fit on our already clustered actions bars, so where do you fit them? Put them out of the way? Replace other spells with the new ones? Do away with them completely?
    A conundrum to say the least.

    When using the WASD system you limit yourself to the amount of keys you can use and in many cases they keys that you do use regularly are awkward to press. Assuming WASD, Q and E are all movement keys

    W - Forward
    A - Left
    S - Back
    D - Right
    Q - Strife left
    E - Strife Right

    You are now presented with few keys to bind to abilities and spells, furthermore to use many of these abilities you are required to remove your fingers from your movement keys resulting in the inability to move and cast effectively.

    The common keys you would bind as a wow player would be 1,2,3,4,5,R,F and C this doesn't seem like a lot then you throw in Alt and Ctrl modifiers to complicate matters further because you have been denied a sufficient amount of keys to effective play your class.
    A whopping total of 28 keys seem enough don't you thing? Yes?
    Ok now take away the keys you never press because they are too awkward to get too, take away the modifiers you don’t use, lastly take away the keys that are in a position that make it difficult or impossible for you to move and cast.
    So what are you left with? 5 keys, 6? Hardly seems enough does it.

    To excel in any given field it takes a combination of skill, hard work and the right tools. I cannot give you skill or the dedication that is required for hardcore progression PVE or top tier PVP I can however give you some of the tools.

    Of course I am talking about TFGH! TFGH is a movement system like many others however the advantage of this system is choice!

    How it works:-

    By centring you hand on the keyboard it allows for easy accessibility to many more keys than the WASD system, it is more natural and less contorted for your hand, It allows for movement without the loss of the ability to press keys and lastly it speeds up reaction time by no longer having to click a single ability.

    The set up:-

    With the TFGH system specific fingers control specific sides of the keyboard.

    Your middle finger controls all of your movement and occasionally keys 5 and 6

    T - Forward
    F - Left
    G - Back
    H - Right
    R - Strife left
    Y - Strife right

    * A note if you turn with your mouse with I hope most players do F and H can be bound effectively to other abilities.

    Your pinkie finger controls you main abilities with are bound to Z,X,C,A,S,D and Q

    Your ring finger controls hard to reach keys such as W,E,R,3,4

    Lastly your index finger controls the right side of your keyboard. Depending on how big your hands are depends on the range of keys you can press this side of the keyboard. I would suggest putting less used but still important abilities here such as interrupts on the H or J keys and buffs on the N and M keys.

    Link to Pic goes here however MMO champs wont let me post it >.<

    Why should I use this set up? I can hear the billowing rage from the forums already as I write this, 'Why just why should, I use this instead of WASD?'
    Let’s look at the pros and cons of each set up

    WASD - pro's

    Already mainstream therefore most games are already set up to handle the wasd movement.
    Most players are familiar to WASD as movement and re-training yourself can be hard work.

    WASD - con's

    The positioning of your hand is in no way natural.
    In many cases you have to choose between movement and effective dps, taking or healing.
    You are limited to the amount of keys you can effectively press and bind.

    TFGH - pro's

    This set-up gives you more options for bindings.
    When used effectively you can move and press keys with ease.
    While there is a limit to the amount of keys you can comfortably bind it is much greater than WASD.
    The placement of your hand is more natural and therefore you are less prone to injury.

    TFGH - con's

    The TFGH setup can be difficult to learn for many people who have been using WASD all their gaming life.
    Some games do not support the remapping of movement and ability keys.
    Remapping keys can be tedious work.
    Depending on your hand size some key bindings will be hard or awkward to press.

    Clearly each setup has it pro's and con's however I would like to assume if you are still reading this then as a player you are at least considering giving this a try and in light of that I will now list a add-on and a few screen shots to help you get started.

    Link to Pic goes here however MMO champs wont let me post it >.<

    The main add-on I use to move my bars and remap my keys is Dominoes. This add-on will break down all your bars into movable blocks on 10, all of which can be changed to suite your needs.

    Link to Pic goes here however MMO champs wont let me post it >.<

    Dominoes can make bars bigger, smaller, it can change the shape of the bars, hide them or making them mouse over.
    This add-on also has a key binding feature where you can simply map keys without having to use the WoW menu.
    Lastly this add-on makes it so you can move anything from your roll box to your bag bar so you can fully customize your UI to suite your new setup.

    Link to Pic goes here however MMO champs wont let me post it >.<

    When Setting up your keys for the first time I suggest using the character specific binding, simply because if you do not like the way its set up or if you want to play a different toon which still has a WASD set up you are used too it will not effect your play.

    Remember WoW is set up for the people who use WASD so many of your panes will also have to be remapped such as guild, social and PVP however I find it just as easy to use a shift modifier or simply click the panes.

    As final notes, please remember it is always about what works for you the best if you find TFGH isn’t working to well because of your hand size try using the same idea but change the movement to ESDF.
    I have been working with this set up for a very long time and thus I have eliminated the need more many of the basic key bindings, if you feel I have left anything out please let me know in the comment section below.

    World of Warcraft : Cataclysm is upon us and it bring a whole new realm of possibilities I have given you food for thought I hope and now is one of the best times to try your hand at a new set up, to hopefully make your gaming experience better in the future.

    Thank you for reading my guide on WASD and how it is outdated in the current WoW environment. Please feel free to post comments and criticisms please make them constructive.

    All the best Emotears.

    P.S. i wanted to show off my pro paint skills however MMO champs won't let me post without having a high post count >.<
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    I've never thought of using TFGH before But as you say, it would be pretty hard to start using them since I've been gaming for so many years now with WASD. Good job on the guide I've started PvPing now so this could become very useful since I need a lot of keybindings

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    Seems like this would be really good for keybinding on a keyboard. Personally I'd very highly recommend one of these.

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    This is a great idea, I should try it for a couple of raids/heroics and see how it goes. Personally, I went from arrow-keys to WASD with very little difficulty, maybe TFGH, or the less common ESDF key set ups will work better.

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    Good idea, though playing on a laptop this would interfeer with my touchpad (I refuse to turn it off because I actually use it, even while gaming)

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    And how do you plan on reaching any modifier keys, besides alt?

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    I think lack of modifiers is a problem. ESDF is comfortable still and RDFG just on the cusp, but TFGH is too far. The left most column of keys are really useful for the little finger, which has the least mobility since it is short and its motion is linked to the neighbouring finger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dunee View Post
    Good idea, though playing on a laptop this would interfeer with my touchpad (I refuse to turn it off because I actually use it, even while gaming)
    Keyboards and mice are pretty cheap. Surely a proper keyboard would be more effective to play with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mammoth View Post
    I think lack of modifiers is a problem. ESDF is comfortable still and RDFG just on the cusp, but TFGH is too far. The left most column of keys are really useful for the little finger, which has the least mobility since it is short and its motion is linked to the neighbouring finger.

    I don't see how TFGH could be better then for example ESDF, ESDF gives you some additional buttons while still being in the range of the modifiers.

    Getting yourself a mouse with 5+ extra buttons is a lot better alternative then converting to a tfgh playstyle just because you don't have enough bindings in my opinion.

    I play a fury warrior and with standard wasd (bound strafe to a&d) I have every single ability including a fair share of macros bound, I probably have at least 10 more potential bindings.

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    I love my WERD

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    I use ESDF , since that's the natural place for my left hand on the keyboard while typing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xiphias View Post
    I use ESDF , since that's the natural place for my left hand on the keyboard while typing.
    This. Starsiege tribes 2 thought me that (it was the default config). EDSF is superior to WSAD because of more buttons for the little finger, and you never have to look down to your keyboard if you know 10 finger system, because you can always find F and J with just your hands because of the little bumps on the keys.
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    Interesting idea, but to me, it wouldn't be worth it, since I use double bars when playing Holy Paladin, depending on if I heal or dps. I just switch between them by using the shift-key and scroll with my mouse, which is kind of easy if you know how to deal with it.

    I also use f1, f2, f3, etc. for certain buffs and particular spells I do not need to cast every single time, but are useful once you need them. Plus, I use the r-, f-, and c-keys for special dps attacks, finishers, etc.

    What I would recommend to anyone who needs to change keybinds, so you can play your class a bit more efficient, is to experiment and try to find what customisation is the most comfortable for you. After all, there are several approaches to this, since the amount of keys on a keyboard are plenty.

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    To be quite honest, using modifiers for a smaller number of keys allows you to bind more abilities using less buttons, I believe it's more effective.

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    If you sit in front of your keyboard, you want to have your left hand on the left side of it, otherwise it means pain for your hand.
    Although i share the opinion that wasd has not enough room to keybind, esdf is perfectly fine.
    No need to slide 2 more buttons to the right.

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    Using tfgh has another negative effect you cant reach shift, so no easy modifer available at all.

    (Cant edit previos post for whatever reason, ao have to post again)

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    I'm a big fan of ESDF. Any further to the right, and I get into trouble when I play on my laptop. (the little nub for the mouse is between the G and the H, and I don't want to get in trouble moving my mouse in two different directions accidentally)

    Modifiers are within reach, and I have QWRTAGZXCVB + 123456 available for binding. I don't need any modifiers other than Shift to have all my abilities bound.

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    I use another kind of binding aswell. And i would like to add that a mouse with 2 additional buttons is helpfull aswell. I have 2 buttons that i can reach easely with my mousehand thumb binded to alt and shift. So i dont have the problem that i cant reach those buttons.

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    Question Modifiers

    Is there a way to change which keys you can use as modifiers? If so are there limitations as to what keys you could use?

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    Weird I have been using these keybinds for 1 year already lol, I always use tfgh, as wasd sucks balls and you can only press some keys.

    +1 for you.
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    if keys were TFGH the gaming space would feel small liek if ya sit in tiny space....WASD have more space and easier to reach modifiers :P ofc ESDF is quite same asd WASD but TFGH way too hard to reach modifiers or impossible.... + gaming space would feel non ergonomic / comfortable atleast for me
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    MY WASD setup can beat your WASD, TFGH, etc setup

    I use WASD. I think its better than your offer, Has more combinations and here is why:

    movement= WASD
    on-demand TAB targeting
    on-demand CAPS LOCK

    keybinds= basic
    f1-f4 (works better than your offer)
    using the 2 side buttons a 5 button mouse (left, right, scrollwheel press, "2 side buttons")
    keybinds= advanced
    (not using ctrl, instead Shift because this is shorter pinky movement plus a larger keypad)
    SHIFT + 2,3,4,E,R,D,F,S,mouse side button 1 and 2, scrollwheel up and down
    keybinds= advanced plus
    Using ALT, since using your thumb for jumping is already trained, ALT should be easy as well
    ALT+ 2,3,W,E,mouse side buttons, and scrollwheel up and down
    keybinds= Illustrious advanced plus
    SHIFT + Left click, right lick, Space-keypad
    ALT + Left click, right lick

    40 keybinds!

    My pro-advice would be to use the easier to touch buttons with priority skills and the less important ones with the less comfortable combinations, considering self buffs, utility vs main attacks, heal , etc

    for example:

    I use hover macros only, so my self buffage like judgement would be on a mouse button while a main heal would be E or R, or most basic repeated attacks ( fillers ) would be on a mouse button and rotations like dps dots from warlocks would be on E or Q.


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