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    Awesome, why dont u make poly cast time 2.5 secs, remove cone of cold talant, remove deep freeze and elemental nova....
    Ok, I myself play a rogue. We are pretty much balanced atm.
    But I am sick of hearing all this whining against frost mages in PvP.
    Ok ice lance is an instant cast that can crit for about 18-20k ish with some resi IF the mage has a FoF proc.
    Removing deep freeze - yeah right, it is the only stun in frost spec that is viable and they can use it like what, each 30 seconds?
    I mean what have players to complain about, each good player who knows to play there class has a fair chance vs a mage.
    Ok they can freeze and kite us around, but we got counter abilities to use many classes can dispell all the frost, U-Dk's are immune to magic attacks 24/7 with there bubble thing, us rogues can use glyph of garotte (5second silence) and have 5seconds time to burn the mage time, not even going to talk about ferals here.
    Warriors, lol they can charge 2times in like 2secs then have 30sec cooldown and can go 2secs again and all that to hit us with an 35k heroic strike next lol.
    The only thing that imo should get nerfed bout pvp frost mages is ring of frost maybe, its to hard in BG's.
    All the rest who is complaining frost mages are to hard and can't win from them obviously (no offence) does not know how to handle them in PvP.


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    Quote Originally Posted by zakayron View Post
    Finally some nerfs to SV huntards...
    well thats the stupidest thing I've heard in awhile, Survival hunters arn't that OP. Hunters in general seem neglected in the "buff department" of blizzard its about time they actually have a chance to have decent damage, Ret paladins were OP for almost a year but they didn't jump on nerfing them the same way they seem to feel hunters "need" nerfing. There are several other classes that need nerfing before hunters ie. rogue PVP, and anything mage

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    Quote Originally Posted by Airwaves View Post
    100k dps on trash before last boss in H stonecore isn't op!

    hope your joking...? Is that where you compare dps? on trash mobs in a particular situation that rarely ever presents itself in such a way? In your signature it seems you're a hunter so I hope i'm right about joking, even if you aren't, limit multishot to ~10 targets and that's all solved and there is no need to nerf a class that finally does well in its only possible niche after years of being ignored (aside for that possible week when volley made hunters strong)
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    Maybe a Ret Pally buff can be put on the table ??

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    Thank god for that!

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