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    Ret damage might be too low? MIGHT!?! Really Bliz? really?


    Blizz stoped to create balance while beeing drunk? something new...

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    OMG! The sky is falling!

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    1800 honor from Tol Barad.... WOW
    'To laugh at your own mistakes can lengthen your life, but to laugh at the mistakes of others can shorten it.'

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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Arcane, .. damage is too low. Fire and Frost mage damage might be too low, but we’re still watching them
    for the love of god, please do not buff mages even more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    Upcoming Class Changes
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
    We aren’t seeing a lot of Subtlety rogues in PvE yet, so that sample size is still small
    Maybe because no one in their right mind would take a rotation that is 10 times harder to a progression fight when that rotation also relies on other raid members not dying, not to mention a 3 part rotation of 5-6 buttons a piece on varying time frames

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    Interested about feral bleed changes. Agreed it can get out of control, perhaps they will reduce the mastery benifit to bleeds but have shred increased by mastery as the tooltips would suggest (shred dmg is increased by effects that increase bleed dmg; therefore it would make sense for it to be aaffected by mastery)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vayro View Post
    I am kinda worried about this myself. :\ Our bleeds hit pretty hard but it is the only thing keeping us competetive in PvE right now.
    it doest keep you competitve it makes you overpowered.

    What im worried about is no word about hunter pvp situation...

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    Craps, nothing on fixing the crafted epic shield bug :-(

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    lock aoe TOO HIGH? yeah right, its so fking nerfed to shit with multiple targets!! remove drain mana because its situational? its not OP in pvp, takes FOREVER to burn through a whole bar, and by that time ur probably dead. remove something we ACTUALLY dont use, like enslave demon. ontop of that crap, it'd be nice to not have to watch soulfire constantly,redesign it PLEASE. give it a 30 sec duration, not 15.

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    Still no Tol'Barad fix.... it will take them another year i spouse ....

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    Retribution, Shadow, and Fire and Frost mage damage might be too low, but we’re still watching them.
    Shadow Priest with fire mage? loolz , mage are fine gieeefff More DPS to DOT's FFS!!!!
    SP are too weak in PvE now

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    Whats blizz got against druids. Just leave them alone.

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    Wee no mention of Destro locks. That means I'm topping the meters on skill. Suck that nasty hunters !

    I do find it odd that shadow priests are mentioned as sub-par. The 3-4 spriests in my guild rival the hunters, rogues and me for top spots. Especially on multi-target fights spriests reign supreme due to their easy dotting.

    Oh and Demon locks are lower then the other lock specs, not to mention their slow spells makes them annoying in most fights where you need to run a lot. Having them be masters of AE really is their only perk (aside from the sp buff). If Bliz removes that demon locks will be a rare sight on raids.

    Oh ps. don't touch Improved Soul Fire. Keeping that 15% haste buff up is what makes good Destro locks stand out from the bad ones.

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    Stil no hunter pet fixes (the thing that makes pets not able to attack the enemy or they get stuck).

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    I like how they are milking money with the human racial change. ;D

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    Tol Barad

    * Winning as an attacker now rewards players with 1800 Honor Points, up from 180. Winning as a defender still rewards players with 180 Honor Points.
    well, not the fix i thought of, but maybe the defending faction will now - let the attackers win. wintrading for huge honor boost =)
    this is going in the wrong direction, imo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naoto View Post
    Ok seriously, removing drain mana, seriously? the reason I go affil for PVP is to controll people especially healers and you NEED to drain mana to stand a chance, without that all I have are dots that every healer can dispel and a fear they can also dispel, what's the point in affil then? if you remove drain mana you NEED to remove mana burn it's equally fucked up.

    Drain mana is important not only to drain mana but it also scares a healer away, now they are just going to stand there dispelling everything I do then what? what a bullshit change.
    You do remember that dispelling everything all the time would be as effective as a mana drain right? It really does cost some good chunk of mana (and globals) to just sit there and dispel everything everywhere (and I guess they can't dispel fear on themselves).

    Good and necessary changes. There are still more to be addressed, but as they said, it's just the begining.

    Love that they're taking care of the new wave of "stunlocks", fixing some abilities "lack" of DRs and decreasing the duration of AE CC's, it's obvious that a AE CC as effective as a single target one is too powerful with so minimal effort (taking into account that they're usually ranged).

    Warrior dmg isn't that "awesomely" high in pvp, but their ability to almost stunlock you + the dmg is crazy... put 2 warriors or more in a BG/Tol Barad scenario and that's really insane.

    Everyone could see the Feral nerf incoming... put a undispelable bleed, forget about him and move to the next target isn't "skill" (the same way stunlock isn't considered skill by Blizzard). The popular joke "bleed, bear, win" goes against their current philosophy, they want players to be more "active" in the damage they do. They did this with Ret Paladins seal/judgement/attacks in Wrath, but for another reason (to make hit cap more important than it was).

    The "might" about Ret paladins dmg is funny... lol
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    I'll write it here because i have the feeling that blizz developers read this forum more than the EU official one...

    Should i remember once again that balance druids does not have a DEFENSIVE cd ?

    I'll repeat it once more:

    MUSHROOMS does not fit in the BALANCE tree, move them to the restoration tree and make them an healing spell:
    make detonate mushrooms leave on the ground the BED OF FLORA effect, because it's stupid to use one of our emergency DIRECT HEAL (swiftmend) to create a poor location controlled AoE HEAL
    Also make this ability our lvl83 new spell because no one cares about stampeding roar, because it's useless (1min cd, 10y range, 5sec speed boost, only 40% speed)

    Balance druids are pretty much dead if a melee reach them because druids can't escape from those classes that have at least 3 gap closers each one.
    So...give balance druid, something more fitting (you know we have typhoons, hurricanes, gale winds, cyclone etc) why don't give us as lvl85 ability a damned TORNADO ?

    If you don't know what I'm talking about, take a look at Howling Riftdweller in Hyjal
    You could give this spell a casting reticule and allow druids to use it as AoE damage, DEFENSIVE ABILITY vs melee (hide inside the tornado), AoE CC

    Every Class has at least a silence and a method to interrupt with a NOT SO LONG cooldown
    Why balance druids should rely on a ONE MINUTE cooldown ability while shamans can interrupt every 6 seconds and redirect a spell every 15sec ?
    The damned tornado with a reasonable cooldown would give balance an interrupt ability because it tosses the enemy in the air

    I'm getting sick of this game and it's unbalance, with 12 million subscribers I'd expect a little more effort in balancing this game's mechanics, I've heard that lotro is going to be free, maybe i should give it a shot.

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    Most of the changes look good. Still no word on the broken Chaotic Metas though

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    Havent read the class changes yet but zoomed to the hotfixes and I must say: "Vashj'ir dig sites no longer unlock for players. They felt too punishing without additional benefits compared to low-level sites, and were much more difficult to obtain artifacts in due to the way Vashj'ir navigation works", best change for archy yet haha

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