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    The cataclysmic Holy priest - A beginner's Guide [4.0.3]

    When I reached level 85 on my priest, I didn't dare to do heroics at first. I had read so many complaints on different forums, about how healing was impossible and especially priests totally underpowered. But well, then I was forced by my guildmates to try it and it was a major surprise. It wasn't as hard or even impossible as I had expected! Quite the contrary was true: It is lots of fun right now to run heroics, to get the last pieces of gear my priest lacks for raiding and to help my guilmates prepare themselves for said raids.

    After this experience I decided to help those people who still have problems healing on their priests and who have to open topics on forums looking for help desperately.

    What will this guide be about?
    It will accompany you from your first steps into the new expansion up to your level 85 ready-to-raid holy priest. So it mostly covers imformation useful for successfully doing 5-mans and preparing for raids. It is aimed at casual players, new holy priests, people that have played priests for a long time, but still experience diificulties with the new playstyle or just everybody who might be interested in some of the information it contains.
    It is not for people in high end raiding guilds, although I will include some advice on preparing for raids (spec, glyphs, stats).

    I will try my best to structure this guide in a way, that everybody can as easiely as possible pick the information he needs, no matter if you start at level 80 or 85 having done heroics already.

    [English is not my native language, I most likely made lots of mistakes an used strange expressions for the ears of native speakers. Please be merciful.]

    • Getting 85
    • Talents
    • Your healing Spells an how to use them
    • Preparing for heroics
    • Your party and You
    • Preparing for Raids
    • Glyphs
    • Enchants, Gems and other helpful stuff
    • Macros & Addons

    Getting 85
    If you reach level 85 mainly via questing or if you chose to do lots of dungeons (or bgs) is up to you. Thanks to dual spec we can practice healing in the new cataclysm dungeons AND have an easier time questing as shadow. But if you don't have 10g to spare, you may also try questing as holy priest...
    I guess everybody knows how to level as we have done enough of it in the course of 3 expansions, so my advice is short here:
    • Start leveling in Hyjal, at least up to friendly with the Guardians of Hyjal. You will need the reputation!
    • Do the first few quests in Vashjir until you get your seahorse. Then discover the Entrance of Throne of the Tides.
    • Do Deepholme until up to the point where you are able to buy the tabard for Therazane and get the dailys there. (And you need to discover the entrance of The Stonecore of course).
    • Keep every item with spirit you get from quests in Uldum and Twilight Highlands. Yes, the green ones. You will find a list of useful quest rewards in the "Pre-heroic gear" section.
    • Do the Crucible of Carnage quest chain in Twilight Highlands once you reach level 84/85, it will reward you a nice healing weapon.
    • If you do every dungeon at least once you will get lots of EP from dungeon quests an you will slowly get used to the evolution of your healing priest. What do I mean by that: If you were well geared at the end of lich king, you will experience what scaling does to your character. You will cast slower, crit less and your manaregen will be minimal compared to the insane costs of your spells. As a result, you may not feel more powerful with each level, but weaker. As this process takes 5 levels, you have time to adapt your style of healing to the new circumstances. More on this topic can be found in the "Spells" section.

    Your Stats
    When collecting gear from quests, dungeons and professions you in general have the choice between healing items with spirit and caster items without spirit. I would recommend that you always use the pieces with spirit even if they are green.
    A general stats priority list would look like this:
    Intellect > Spirit > Haste/Mastery > Crit
    You will get more Intellect with higher item levels as gear of the same level usually has the same amount of Intellect on it. And as you should always chose pieces with spirit, your choice mostly lies between spirit/haste and spirit/mastery pieces.
    You should never prefer crit, as its usefulness depends on luck and we don't have any talents left that make crit more useful (okay, except Inspiration maybe).
    Haste makes it possible to use Heal more often avoid more expensive emergency heals instead. It also makes Renew tick faster.
    Mastery adds free, stacking HoT-Heals to all our direct healing spells. Weaker heals don't overwrite stronger heals!

    What values should you aim for?
    • Try to have spirit on every piece you wear.
    • Collect haste at least up to 12,5%, this is when you get an additional tick of Renew, which makes it very efficient.Reforge, if you need, to get there (Remember, the haste from Darkness is not display in your character window)
    • Stack Mastery

    Some people might say that with the new talent trees you have either no choices in spending your talent points or you could let your five year old brother do it for you with decent results.
    Nevertheless, I think the holy tree still provides some interesting choices and I have seen quite a variety of speccs. It mostly depends on 3 things:
    • your personal style and preferences
    • your party/raid and how they support you
    • your awareness of utility and when to use it

    But no matter how you like to heal, there are some must-have talents:
    • Divine Fury You will be using Heal and Greater Heal a lot!
    • Empowered Healing It think this one is obvious.
    • Improved RenewYour Renew should always be at least on the tank as it becomes incredibly mana efficient if always refreshed with your direct healing spells.
    • Inspiration Reduces incoming damage on you tank and is worth its points even with low crit values.
    • Divine Touch Free healing and it can crit. Not as useful with infinite Renew, but still woth it on DPS that take damage.
    • Holy Concentration With this nice talent we get 90% combatregen, everybody should have this!
    • Lightwell No discussion here, the Lightwell is insanely manaefficient and extremely useful in most boss fights.
    • Tome of Light Lets you use one of our favourite spells a bit more frequent (Holy Word: Serenity)
    • Serendipity I know, you should not be using Flash Heal, but as Binding Heal can be very useful and sometimes a quicker PoH is needed, I put Serendipity on this list. (But I admit, I hesitated)
    • Chakra + Revelations + State of Mind Our new core mechanics. I tried to play with just one point in State of Mind, but didn't get along well as I lost my chakra state too often.
    • Circle of Healing On the move group heal, I think every healing class would love to have this.
    • Guardian Spirit Very useful Cooldown to use on your tank, get it!
    • Mental Agility (Discipline) Reduces the mana cost of PoM, CoH, Holy Word, Dispels, Renew, Shield... As mana will be a problem at the beginning, I would definitely get this
    • Twin Disciplines (Discipline) More healing for all our spells is always nice.

    The following talents will give you some hard trade-off decisions, as they are all useful, but you can't get all of them unfortunately.
    • Darkness (Shadow)As Haste will be low, this talents is very attractive Tipp: The 3% you get from Darkness are not displayed in your character window, add it manually to the value displayed.
    • Veiled Shadows (Shadow) Reduces the CD of every mana-starved priests best friend. But 4 min CD are still to long to use it twice for boss fights, so this talent will be more useful for raids than for heroics.
    • Rapid Renewal Would be useful, if the manacost of Renew wasn't that high. Might become more useful for future raids.
    • Desperate Prayer Instant, free healing for yourself, not bad for one point.
    • Spirit of Redemption More time to heal when you die to ...erm unavoidable boss skills and bad luck with RNG. Also useful if you are completely oom at 15% boss health: Let yourself die and you can go on healing.
    • Body and Soul The ability to get rid of poisons is nice in some dungeons, but the best part of this talent is the speed buff. I can not count how often this saved me/the party/the tank/the one who has to do the kiting. Awesome for encounters like Forgemaster Throngus in Grim Batol when the tank needs to get away quickly. But as every utility just worth the points if you remember to use it!
    • Test of Faith This could also belong to the above section, as our party will be under 50% health very often. But as I use just 2/3 in my current built, I can not say it's mandatory to you.

    I would not go for any of the talents in Tier 2 of either Shadow or Discipline. I don't believe that an holy archangel-built could work well, but somebody can still prove me wrong.

    There are several valide talent builts that absolutely work in heroics, I will give you my current built more as an example:

    I chose Body & Soul because I have learned to love its usefulness in ICC and couldn't live without it anymore. To get those two points I had to go without Rapid Renewal (I am not blanketing my party with renews due to the mana costs, so it was an easy decision) and Desperate Prayer (I have no more keybinds left and steadily forgot to use it when I had it).

    Your healing spells and how to use them
    In WotLK we were mostly raidhealers, our favourite spells being Circle of Healing and Prayer of Mending, maybe combined with Renews and some Surge of Light-Proccs. If we absolutely had to tank heal (in 10mans most likely) we would spam Flash Heal/Greater Heal.
    But [spätestens] on level 85 the mana cost make this impossible to continue for longer than a few seconds. I often read on the forums that "we have to say good by to our 2-button-spam of WotLK and use all our healing spells" but I will not repeat that. At least in 10mans every spell we had (okay, except heal) could be useful in some situations. So I what I will say is: We need to alter our priorities.

    Healing Spells

    Heal: This will become your new standard healing spell. Yes it is slow, seems really weak and hardly worth the cast time. But you have reasons to cast it, the most obvious being the mana cost. And it allows you to let your feet glow yellow!

    Holy Word: I predict Chastise will become one of your favourite spells, as it is instant, cheap and heals a nice bit. It also improves your following direct heals. Its only downside is the Cooldown.

    Renew: Very useful on the tank with infinite refresh via Heal/Greater Heal and efficient on other party members with enough haste (12,5%). Nice to heal the DPS if you have not much time to spend on them.

    Greater Heal: Expensive, but heals a lot. Use it on the tank if he takes more damage than heal can cover.

    Prayer of Mending: Smart heal, great to use if more than one player takes damage.

    Prayer of Healing: Efficient if nothing of it goes to overhealing. so use it if every party member has lost health.
    Tipp: Always keep in mind, that PoH ignores line of sight, which can be extremely useful in some fights (think of Slabhide, the dragon in Stonecore). Use it on yourself in 5mans as somebody else could run out of sight or range.

    Circle of Healing: Group healing on the move or if everybody is stacked closely together. I use it a lot with melee-heavy groups.

    Binding Heal: If you can't decide who to heal first, the tank/dying DPS or yourself. Also stacks Serendipity and is more efficient than FH.

    Flash Heal: Very expensive. Should not get used, except in real emergency situations or with SoL-Procs. (If you desperately need high throughput you can use 2xFH + GH, but not for very long!)

    Divine Hymn: Long CD, but great for some special bosses or emergencies (The best example must be Rahj in HoO where I always use my Hymn when I does his nasty AoE)

    Lightwell: Last but not least the one and only Do-it-yourself heal. There are so many great uses for this thing, I can't list them all. Always put it up for boss fights, the best place usually is between the melee and the range DPS. And teach your party to use it. Make a /y-makro if you have to. But good players will learn to love it easiely.
    Tipp: Try to place it in a good spot, easy to reach for DPS and yourself, not where the boss might stand and not in the middle of a shamans totem army.

    Other Spells

    Inner Fire / Inner Will: There are long discussions about which one to use, but the best solution I heard is to see the two as our stances. Use Inner Will if you have to move and Inner Fire if you urgently need more power. I mostly use Inner Will to save mana and just switch to Inner Fire for intensive party healing or if I need massive tank healing.

    Guardian Spirit: Great CD, and mostly the 40% healing received alone prevent the tank from dying. The CD is not very long, so use if you fear for your tanks life.

    Life Grip: Can be very useful in some fights: Somebody got stuck between voidzones, your kiter nearly gets hit, your tank might die in an instant (pulling him back gives you time to heal him), pulling DPS back to the tank when they try to run away with their adds... I found many situations to use this, even with good players. Just keep it in mind and have it on a button you can reach and remember in 1 sec.

    Power Word:Shield: Useful if you need some time to cast a heal, and with Body and Soul for kiting, running away from evil stuff or if you have to move a lot and can't cast for a while.

    Shadow Fiend & Hymn of Hope: Use them together for maximum effect. Even if you can't afford to channel the hymn completely, get the first tick and the buff it leaves (Increased maximum mana, which means your shadow fiend will give you more per hit)
    Tipp: If you can get some sort of speed buff during the fight (Heroism/Bloodlust, Winds in Vortex), both skills should profit from that as it will increase the amount of mana you gain.

    Psychic Scream: With glyph it's a nice support CC to reduce incoming damage on difficult pulls. Or to save yourself from Adds.

    Fade: I use it to help the tank with adds and to avoid getting hit by them. Very often!

    Shackle Undead: Can be used in SFK and HoO (on the way to Ptah), even without hit a viable CC (be aware of its comparably short duration)

    Get to know all your spells and you will develop the ability to pick the best spell for every situation!

    How to keep your party alive
    Good news: You don't have to! Meaning not all costs and not if they die from their own faults. The one exception being the tank of course.

    Of course, how you heal always differs, but some general rules can't be wrong:
    I always start the fight with Chakra + Heal, if I know the first damage will be heavy on the tank, I cast my first Heal before he pulls. Then I use Renew on the tank and keep him alive with Heal-spam and Chastise as often as possible. If you can't keep up with incoming damage, use Chastise and Greater Heal directly afterwards (to get 25%crit on GH) or spam GH if necessary. If somebody else takes damage use PoM. If for example the tank and one melee take damage, use Renew and Heal on both of them and keep PoM bouncing.
    If the whole party takes damage, you can use PoH and CoH if you need more healing and everybody is closely together.
    If you have to move a lot, try to maintain your chakra state and use Renew, Chastise and if necessary everything else that can be used on the move (PoM, Shield).
    In general always use Heal Chakra and try to keep it up all the time. It is often better renew chakra with a Heal you cast, even if you still have the chakra buff. Be careful not to get in Prayer Chakra accidentally (Not that this ever happened to me, when I cast PoM with Chakra still up...)
    And if you fight a boss use the lightwell!
    Tipp: Your Lightwell won't pull the boss. You can place it right in front of him if you like.

    Preparing for heroics
    If you followed my advice from above, you shouldn't have a hard time to get ready for heroics. Knowledge-wise you will be ready if you are used to use chakra and have adapted the new healing style. It also helps if you do all dungeons on normal to get to know the abilities of trash and bosses.
    Gearwise you will be ready, if you have an average itemlevel of 329 (or a little less, depending on your party and you), which means mostly blues from level 85 normals and a few greens from quests.
    I can't give you concrete values of Int/spirit you should have, but if you reach that average itemlevel and have spirit on every item, you should be fine.
    Tipp: If you don't have an addon to show your average itemlevel, you can use the armory. It displays the same number as the character screen, but additionally shows the value for your currently equipped gear. Just make sure you log out wearing your healing gear.

    To reach this itemlevel, you can run a few normal dungeons in which you should focus on HoO. Grim Batol also contains some nice items.
    Consider every option you have when gathering your equipment (This is not a complete list, just some especially nice and easy to get pieces. But you should find at least something for every slot)

    When I did my first heroics, I still had several green items (ilevel 318, from Uldum and Twilight Highlands)
    Ring: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/65864/ Uldum, Harrison Jones quest chain
    Legs: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/65833/ Uldum, Harrisons Jones quest chain
    Chest: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/63786/ Twilight Highlands, if you are unlucky with Anraphet.
    Head: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/63732/ Twilight Highlands, as there is no better item with spirit on it before heroics (except the one for justice points)
    Weapon: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/63790/ Twilight Highlands, Crucible of Carnage

    Normal Dungeons:
    Focus on HoO as it provides the most items for you. Grim Batol is also worth some visits.
    Off-Hand: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/55820/ Stone Core
    Trinket: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/55819/ Stone Core (regen trinket)
    Ring: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/55869/ Lost City
    Chest: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/57860/ HoO
    Waist: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/55878/ HoO
    Feet: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/56105/ HoO
    Cloak: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/56107/ HoO
    Ring: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/56000/ HoO (zone drop)
    Trinket: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/55995/ HoO (manaregen trinket)
    Trinket: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/56136/ Grim Batol (Use it as often as possible. You can makro it to one of your frequently used spells, to get maximum benefit)
    Wrists: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/56125/ Grim Batol
    Wand: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/56122/ Grim Batol

    Shoulders: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/54479/ can be craftet by tailors and aren't very expensive.
    Off-Hand: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/62233/ can be crafted by Scribes and might help if you are unlucky with drops and can't afford to buy the one from justice points.

    If you have justice points left from level 80, you can instantly buy some of the ilevel 346 stuff from the vendors. For further advice on what to buy, check the "Preparing for Raids" section.

    Ring: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/62436/ Ramkahen - Honored
    Amulet: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/62354/ Earthen Ring - Honored
    Cloak: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/62377/ Guardians of Hyjal - Honored
    Belt: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/62386/ Guardians of Hyjal - Exalted

    Your party and you
    At the beginning you will depend on your group's support and it will always make things easier and more relaxed.
    If you have problems healing him, ask your tank if he uses his small CDs on trash pulls and heals himself if possible. In normal mode, some people might stand in fire and other nasty stuff as it won't kill them instantly. Tell them (politely) to get out of there!
    An argument that can even convince your average lfd group member is that everything goes faster with CC, focus fire and avoiding avoidable damage. You won't have to sit and drink as often if you don't have to heal as much.
    But just because I recently stressed the importance of CC, I do not want you to dicriminate certain DPS classes. I would always prefer a good player over a class with a certain ability. And even if melee require more healing in general, don't deny them a place in your group. I had some of the best and most relaxed runs with 3 melee DPS.
    I know some people like the uncomplicated lfd tool, but I don't recommend doing heroics with just strangers. I you have a guild or some people on your friendlist, to it the old way: Look for people on your server, remember the good ones and you will have a nice friendlist full of competent players.
    Tipp: Recount helps, if you know how to read it. Especially the "CC Breaker" and "Interrupts" sections are very interesting to decide if DPS are good or bad. Damage taken is also nice.

    Dealing with failure
    People make mistakes. You will never completely avoid any bad pulls or mediocre positioning. The key is to learn from mistakes and to deal with them.
    • Try to maintain a friendly atmosphere in your party.
    • If you know who made a mistake, tell him as politely as possible. Try to be constructive in your criticism.
    • Be patient. If somebody needs an explanation, take the time. Not wiping is always faster than running back to the instance.
    • If somebody continues to do the same mistakes again and again, don't hestitate to votekick him (if you have given him at least a chance to learn and improve)
    • Try not to blame yourself for every death, but ask yourself if it might have been your fault or if you could have done something better.
    • Praise your party members if they do something well.

    Preparing for Raids
    If I look at my tanks in all their shiny new epic gear I sometimes feel a bit neclected. But then I remember that they make ym life easier as well, because I will have to heal less.
    We have to get along with what we've got, and at least Blizzard gave us HoO!
    I collected a list of the best pieces you can get before raids. I sometimes list more than one, as I think it depends on your gear and taste if you prefer haste or mastery.
    This list consists of mostly heroic drops, some vandor items and a reputation item. Unfortunately we can't get anything from tailoring (the epic waist is not better then the one for reputation). I also excluded BOEs, as they are too hard to get and to expensive for most of us.

    Your Pre-Raid Set
    Head: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/58161/ - 2200 JP (If you happen to be an engineer use http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/59458/)
    Neck: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/56300/ BRC, Steelbender OR http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/57934/ 1250 JP
    Shoulder: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/56324/ BRC, Obsidius OR http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/63465/ SFK, Godfrey
    Back: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/56434/ HoO, Rahj
    Chest: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/57868/ HoO, Anraphet
    Wrists: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/63437/ SFK, Ashbury
    Hands: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/56331/ Stonecore, Corborus OR http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/58163/ 1650 JP
    Waist: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/62386/ Guardians of Hyjal - Exalted
    Legs: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/58160/ 2200 JP
    Feet: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/56436/ HoO, Rahj
    Ring: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/56391/ Lost City, Augh
    Ring: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/56307/ BRC, Beauty
    Regen Trinkets: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/56351/ Stonecore, Azil OR http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/56414/HoO, Isiset OR http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/56290/ ToT, Neptulon
    Throughput Trinket: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/56320/ BRC, Obsidius OR http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/56462/ Grim Batol, Erudax
    Tipp: I always have more than one trinket and change them depending on the fight lenght or other circumstances (Group composition etc.).
    Weapon: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/57872/ HoO, Setesh OR http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/56312/ BRC, Rom'ogg
    Off-hand: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/57924/ 950 JP OR http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/56349/ Stonecore, Azil
    Tipp: You should always prefer a mace/dagger and off-hand combination, as with the new off-hand enchant this is much better than every staff in game. (Staffs and one-handed weapons can both use the new weapon enchants)
    Wand: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/56446/ Grim Batol, Throngus

    Dungeon Priority: HoO/BRC (5 items each) > Stonecore > SFK / Grim Batol >Lost City, ToT
    Tabard Priority: Hyjal > Therazane > Rest

    The new glyph system gives no reason not to see glyphs as consumables. If you don't know how to pay your repair bill and are sleeping on a bench in Stormwind park ... ehm cathedral square, I will count that as an excuse.
    But seriously, don't [festlegen] on a set of glyphs, when you can change it whenever you need to. Of course, that's not needed for heroic bosses and applies more to raids/raid bosses.

    For Dungeons I would recommend using these three:
    • Renew: A nice increase in healing for a spell we will always have on the tank.
    • Prayer of Healing: Adds a mini-HoT to PoH with no mana cost. In current encounters this will not end up as overheal so its really useful.
    The last one is not as obvious as the others, but I would strongly recommend
    • Lightwell: Adds 5 charges to your lightwell. Awesome if you have teached your party to use it. If not, take the glyph nevertheless and go back teaching your party.
    Glyph of Guardian Spirit can be useful in raid encounters, but no bossfight in heroics should take so long that the reduced CD will have any effect. Glyph of Flash Heal is obviously not a good choice, as you will hardly ever use FH without SoL-Procc (which can't crit).

    • Dispel Magic: Adds a bit of healing to your dispel that scales with max health. Makes dispelling more efficient.
    • Psychic Scream: Makes PS actually useful in dungeons and can be quite nice when you lack CC or hav to deal with adds.
    • Holy Nova: There are situations where Holy Nova can be very useful for healing as it is instant an spamable.
    • Mass Dispel: This falls under the "situational useful" category, and will get more importance in raids.
    • Spirit of Redemption: If you use the "be oom, die and heal on" method frequently, this might be a good choice for you...
    • Circle of Healing: A must-have in raids, but mostly useless in heroics.
    You can chose from these six, as none of them is required for successful healing. I use Dispel Magic, Psychic Scream and the third one is mostly Holy Nova.

    As always they don't make much of a difference. Except the Levitate Glyph of course!
    I chose Fortitude and Fade as saving mana is always nice.

    Enchants, Gems and other buff stuff
    Depending on your server, it might still be difficult to get the gems you want.
    For your heroic gear green gems will be sufficient and as the mix gems are learned from random drop recipices, I used the pure ones (Intellect, Spirit, Haste).
    Try to get every socket bonus if you can, as they are quite high now.
    If you happen to be a jewelcrafter, you can use your better versions of course: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/52257/

    As meta gem I would use http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/52296/, but http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/52297/ might be okay. Looks like it is also possible to use the wrath-versions in new items, they might be cheaper and depending on your server easier to get.

    For my non heroic pieces I used some cheap old enchants, the expensive ones were just for itemlevel 346 and above.
    Head: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/52236/ Requires revered with Guardians of Hyjal, one of the reasons this reputation is frist priority.
    Shoulder: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/62343/ Requires exalted with Therazane and is not bound to account! There is also a lesser version at honored.
    Back: Greater Intellect +50int (cheaper: Intellect +30int)
    Chest: Peerless Stats* +20 all stats (cheaper: Exceptional Spirit +40spi)
    Wrists: Greater Speed* +65haste (cheaper: Speed +50haste or Exceptional Spirit +50spi)
    Hands: Greater Mastery* +65mastery (cheaper: Mastery +50mastery or Haste +50haste)
    Waist: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/55054/ unfortunately the old belt buckle can't be used on items above itemlevel 300, so it gets useless. Get the new one for your epic belt as it is pretty expensive.
    Legs: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/54450/ (cheaper: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/54449/)
    Feet: Haste +50haste or Mastery +50mastery
    Weapon: Power Torrent*(cheaper: Heartsong good for manaregen and procs quite often.) You can also use an old spellpower enchant for the beginning.
    Off-Hand: Superior Intellect +100int

    *Requires Maelstrom Crystals, which will be hard to get before you start raiding. So don't bother getting these enchantments for heroics.
    I just included the standard enchants for everyone, but am well aware of the special ones some professions get. Naturally a tailor will use his own back enchant and an enchanter can additionally use his ring enchants. An of course, engineers can use their tinkers (now without loosing the standard enchantment).

    You have two choices with each a better and a cheaper version:
    Spirit: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/65422/ and http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/65406/
    Intellect: http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/65421/ and http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/65417/
    The Recipes are available via the cooking daily in Stormwind/Orgrimmar and cost 3 emblems each. The +60 versions are easy to get, as drops from a lot of mobs in Vashjir and Guppys can be found in pools in Twilight Highlands (everywhere in the lakes and rivers).You can successfully fish from pools no matter how high your skill in fishing might be.
    Unforunately the +90 food both require a high fishing skill as the Deepsea Sagefish can only be caught in open (ocean) water ( A good spot for catching those are the alliance and horde holds in Twilight Highlands). It has a chance of about 25%, sadly the rest will mostly be useless . So if you can't successfully fish in the new zones you will have to buy your food, use the weaker version or try http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/65432/which gave me Intellect.

    From your alchemist of choice:
    Mythical Mana Potion: I guess on most servers it will still be very expensive, but you should have some in your bags for emergencies. If you follow my gearing advice and stack enough spirit, you won't need them often. And if you absolutely have no gold to spend, you can still use your old mana potions, which may at least grant you an extra Greater Heal.

    Alchemists can create other useful elixiers and flasks, but for heroics you should not need to spend your gold on that.

    Macros & Addons
    I admit, I am a dedicated user of macros for about everything. But I try to keep this short.

    To be able to switch comfortably between Inner Fire and Inner will I use this (If you let the buff drop, you might have to click twice to get the buff you want). You can also use to keybinds, but as I ran out of reachable keys, I like to save one.
    /castsequence Inner Fire, Inner Will

    Holy Word all-in-one macro
    Most important as you will use that spell very, very often. To be able to do so with mouseover-macros, healbot, clique etc. you will need to follow those steps:
    1. Drag the Holy word spell from your Spellbook on a bar. No need to use a "good" place.
    2. if you don't know the exact name of the button you put the Holy Word use this macro while hovering over it:
    3. Create this macro:
    /target mouseover
    /click action button
    4. Replace "Action Button" with the button you found in step 3
    5. Put this Macro on the button you want for your Holy Word or use it with Healbot / Clique / whatever

    Shadowfiend Macro:
    Useful if you want to use your shadowfiend without thinking about targeting: It will attack your target if its an enemy or your targets target if this is the enemy. Also sets the mode to agressive and the shadowfiend will automatically attack a new target if his old one dies.
    #showtooltip shadow fiend
    /cast [harm][target=targettarget,harm] shadow fiend
    Zoom Out
    If you are not content with the max camera distance the interface menu allows, you can use this macro to zoom out more!
    /run SetCVar('CameraDistanceMaxFactor','4');CameraZoomOut('255')

    Your Interface
    There are several options from which you can choose to set up your healing interface:

    You can use an click-heal-addon like Healbot or Clique: You will bind your healing spells to your mouse buttons and combinations of mousebuttons and keys (shift + left button) and then click on your party members with said buttons to use your spells. I know lots of people who use this method, but I always found it difficult to remember the combinations as holy priests have so many spells...

    You can also create a ton of mouseover-macros and use party-frames addon you like or even the new Blizzard raid frames. Bind the macros to your hotkeys and be able to heal whoever gets under your mouse.
    A makro could like this:
    #showtooltip Heal
    /cast [target=mouseover,exists] Heal; Heal
    It will cast Heal on your mouseover target if possible, if not it will heal your target.

    I would not recommend that you select your party members via click on the party frames and then heal with hotkeys as you will loose time. Might be more viable know, because damage comes slower, but I still prefer other methods.

    But no matter how you heal, you should use a party frames addon, that shows the remaining time of your HoTs (Renew) on all targets and at least dispellable debuffs.

    Other Useful Addons:
    • Bartender: Allows you to move, scale and rotate your action bars, and to set up keybinds very comfortable. Also provides lots of options, you may for example create a click-through semi-transparent bar near the middle of the screen to keep track of important CDs.
    • TidyPlates: Modifies the name plates of units, and adds debuffs (Dots, CC) directly to the nameplates.
    • Quartz: Improves your cast bar as it gives exact casting times and latency information. Can also be used to display target's cast bar wherever you like.

    Bonus: How to find good items on your own:
    1. Go to www.wowhead.com
    2. Select Database --> Items --> the kind of armor you look for (let's say Cloth) http://www.wowhead.com/items=4.1
    3. "Filter these results"
    4. Now you can filter by itemlevel (for example 364 for heroic drops), by your class, faction and slot (for example head) http://www.wowhead.com/items=4.1?fil...=346;si=1;ub=5
    5. You can create filters to improve the results, just use the drop-down menu and select for example Base Stats --> Spirit and set the value to >0
    6. You will now get every head item with spirit on it, that drops from heroics or is available through other means. http://www.wowhead.com/items=4.1?fil...24;crs=1;crv=0

    I hope you enjoyed reading and can now go and become an awesome holy priest!
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