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    Lightbulb The best way to explore Vash'jar and get the dungeon entrance

    Here's the best way I have found to explore and find start in Vashjar (and yes you can go back and do the rest later after youve done this, this will make it easier to get around and you will have the dungeon as well). After you have gotten to the quest hub for either side, do up to the quest where u get carried away (after the soldiers get their weapons). Then go and get smuggler cove fp (seahorse). After you have gotten this, go to the surface and you have 1 of 2 choices here. You can stock up on water walking elixirs, or fly through the zone. This not only makes you avoid all the mobs, and have to go around a lot of the caves and other terrain down below, but also gets you xp quickly for lvling..it may not seem like much, but every bit counts. When are on top, check your map for places you havent explored, and also take the water elixir buff off when u are near fp's and go and get them (for ease of travel) and then go back up and remember to put ur buff back on. The most important place to explore is abyssal depths, as this has the vashjar instance in it, and u need to discover it to be able to do the instance. Just check you ach in blizzards ach stats to see if u need to further explore..I hope this has helped...It has helped my freinds on my realm
    Heres some links with screens shots to help too
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    That some sort of plastic jar you place in your washing machine? -.-

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    If you're going that far into the quests... why not just get the seahorse and use that?

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