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    Complete Demolock Guide!

    Hey im Dreadlockz from Kilrogg-EU server, officer of Slash GQuit and this is my complete PVE Demolock Guide.
    Ive been playing about a lot with different rotations which stats to stack more and everything and so far this is what i came up with

    At first i was Destruction as most warlock's where probley while leveling and while i was running through the new heroic's i found my DPS the be very low only managing about 7k In Mostly 346 Item Level Gear
    which is really stressful because im a Class fanatic always progressing to the best that my character is capable of.
    So as i was playing around i came up with this.

    I found Demonology to be the best spec for a PVE warlock as i put out between 10k and 14k DPS on a boss fight much better then my normal 7k mainly because the awesome mix between Shadow and Fire Damage the combination is brilliant in this expansion plus the Felguard /love this pet Felstorm (The Felguard recklessly swings its Axe, striking all nearby targets within 8 yards for its weapon damage - Biased on you spell power - and continuing to perform the attack every 1 sec for 6 sec) does about 20k DPS on a good group of mobs on its own and the newish spell
    Hand Of Gul'dan (Summons a falling meteor down upon the enemy target, dealing 63 shadow damage and erupts an aura of magic within 4 yards, causing all targets within it to have a 10% increased chance to be critically hit by any of the Warlocks demons. This aura lasts 15 seconds)
    Increases your DPS by a fair good amount especially when u spec Twice in
    Cremation (Increases the damage done by you hellfire by 30% and your Hand Of Gul'dan HAS A 100% CHANCE TO REFRESH YOUR IMMOLATE ON THE TARGET)
    This saves a lot of DPS if timed right as its 1 less spell you have to cast.

    My rotation is simple yet hard to master for some people its mainly about not clipping your dots, timing cooldowns, studying bosses to know when to pop everything for maximum DPS.
    on Most Raid Bosses i normally cast
    1 : Curse Of Elements - OR - Curse Of Weakness If there is another Warlock in the group (Mainly To Help The Tanks)
    2 : Pop Trinket (If You Have A Useable One)
    3 : Cast Soulburn then Soulfire (For The 15% Haste Increase)
    4 : Pop Metamorphosis and any other cooldowns remaining (Demon Soul Does Stack With Soulfire 15% haste)
    5 : Cast Immolate
    6 : Cast 1 Shadowbolt (For The Improved Shadowbolt Effect)
    7 : Cast Corruption and Bane Of Agony
    8 : Summon Doomguard
    9 : Cast Hand Of Gul'dan and use Felstorm (Felstorm Is A Pet Action)
    10 : Spam Shadowbolt until you need to reapply your dots or Incinerate procs.
    Remember to always use Soulburn then Soulfire when it is off cooldown.
    If you have 2 Useable trinkets and have to move around a lot i save 1 of them trinkets to use when i have moved around and able to cast freely the trinket will help you climb the DPS a lot easier.

    The main thing why some Warlocks lose DPS is because there clipping there dots (Clipping means casting to early) its crucial that you time them right i would rather let them drop off for a split second then clip them especial for Bane Of Agony (Banes the target with agony, causing 1524 Shadow damage over 24 sec. This damage is dealt slowly at first, and builds up as the Curse reaches its full duration) If you clip this to early you will lose ALOT of DPS so you need it to run its full duration another thing is make sure you time you Hand Of Gul'dan right as it also reapplies you immolate on the target and use Felstorm when it is off cooldown.

    Also Remember Your DPS Will Constantly Climb When You Have Perfected The Rotation It Might Start Slow But It Will Keep Going And Going Until You Have To Move Or Stop DPS!

    My Stats prio normally is Hit, Haste, Mastery, Crit
    Hit Rating : The raiding hit cap is about 11.77% (1206) It might be a over cap for some players but i find it is best since i NEVER miss the target and i would rather hit the target every time then be under caped and miss a few times and crit once.

    Haste Rating : Is a brilliant thing since it increases your spell casting speed and also applies to your DOTS so they suffer for more Damage in the time of its duration i strongly recommend stacking for this a lot but make sure you don’t interrupt you hit rating there is no cap for this just stack as much as you can.

    Mastery Rating : For Demonology Warlocks (Master Demonologist Increases the damage done by your demon servants and damage you deal while transformed into a demon by 12%. Each point of Mastery increases damage by an additional 1.5%) this is a must there isn’t really a cap for this either just stack as much as you can without interrupting Hit rating or Haste Rating.

    Critical Strike Rating : Is a must have as it increases the chance you will hit the target for a larger amount my current Critical strike rating is about 1361 that’s 14.76% so i would like it to be a lot more and it will get there as you get it on near enough every piece of cloth damage gear.

    A BIG point to you DPS is balancing out your stats to make sure you have a even amount of everything i have listed so don’t stack 3k Mastery and have very low Haste Or Critical Strike.

    I normally buy the gems that increase my Intellect And Haste Rating to avoid reforging my gear as much into haste so i can reforge it into Mastery, Hit, Critical Strike, Ect.

    Since i have only just got a nice bit of gear from cataclysm heroics I’m not fully enchanted but the main enchants you want are (Spell Power, Intellect, Haste, Mastery, 20 to all stats on your chest)

    My Glyphs are the same as most people would think
    Prime Glyphs : Glyph Of Immolate , Glyph Of Felguard , Glyph Of Metamorphosis.
    Major Glyphs : Glyph Of Soulstone , Glyph Of Shadowbolt , Glyph Of Fear.
    Minor Glyphs : Glyph Of Drain Soul , Glyph Of Unending Breath , Glyph Of Ritual of Souls.
    Glyph Of Immolate Increases the periodic damage of your Immolate by 10%.
    Glyph Of Felguard Increases the damage done by your Felguard's Legion Strike by 5%.
    Glyph Of Metamorphosis Increases the duration of your Metamorphosis by 6 sec.
    Glyph Of Soulstone Increases the amount of health you gain from resurrecting via a Soulstone by an additional 40%.
    Glyph Of Shadowbolt Reduces the mana cost of your ShadowBolt by 15%.
    Glyph Of Fear Your Fear causes the target to tremble in place instead of fleeing in fear, but now causes Fear to have a 5 sec cooldown.
    Glyph Of Drain Soul Your Drain Soul restores 10% of your total mana after you kill a target that yields experience or honor.
    Glyph Of Unending Breath Increases the swim speed of targets affected by your Unending Breath spell by 20%.
    Glyph Of Ritual of Souls Reduces the mana cost of your Ritual of Souls spell by 70%.
    Reason for the Glyph Of Fear is because i use alot of Crowd Control in this expansion makes it easier incase groups of mobs are close together.
    I did play Affliction back in WOTLK and did enjoy it back then as it made my DPS go up like crazy sadly now though it isn’t the best spec for Warlocks anymore but it is still a really hard spec to learn and a brilliant spec for fun I am sure in the near future it will be the best or close spec for PVE raiding warlocks but for now Demonology will do.
    Instead of telling you guys/girls to copy my spec i would rather you read and judge for yourself however i will link my armory so you can see it and take what i put in my spec into consideration. My Rotation is not for everybody but how I’ve found it is a solid one and always makes me one of the top on the DPS Meter but no matter what anyone says this is just a guide the best Rotation / Spec is what you feel comfortable with and trust.
    This is my first Warlock guide thread so i do ask you to be honest about what you think if i missed anything out please say and rate on the standards you think, My name is Dreadlockz from Kilrogg-EU Server Officer of Slash GQuit.

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    When did the raiding hit cap change from 17%?

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    It didn't. I've got around 16% and I missed several times in my guild's ICC mountrun over the weekend.
    Moderator of Heroes of the Storm, come say hi!

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    So much incorrct information and bad advice, I don't even know where to start...

    Thanks Sokogeka<3

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