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    Repentance is easily reapliable, It's 1 minute long and has the same CD, if you directly reapply the mob will be active less than one second, but you can HoJ 2 seconds before Rep breaks and then reapply, so it'll be better if you make it reapliable in your guide

    Cheers, good guide.

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    You forget Death Knight Strangulate, which is maybe one of best interrupts and silences in game atm:

    And one of the best glyphs for DK if you're running heroics:

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    Very nice guide.
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    Pretty nice guild - just wanna mention that Hunters have a Wyvern Sting on SV - it sleeps the target for 30sec even in combat. Greetings!

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    Handy targetting addon "TargetCharms"

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    Yeah, he missed a couple silences, but the CCs are pretty spot on. There's a reason Intimidating Shout and Fear are highlighted as red. They're only true CC if they're glyphed, which makes the feared mobs stand in place and not run off into other packs. Notice that he did NOT include Howl of Terror, which cannot be similarly glyphed or talented.

    Also, the only short-term "CCs" he counted were also AoE: Intimidating Shout (8s) and Hungering Cold (10s). I'm pretty sure that's why he didn't include any single-target stuns or whatnot that were 10 seconds or less. A single-target 6 second stun isn't a whole hell of a lot of help.
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    Warlock fear does not work on undead. (A few raid-exceptions like the adds in Nefarian encounter in BWD)

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    did people not read the beginning of the guide? this wasn't mentioned as an all including forms of cc ubar guide. the OP said in the beginning that he would only do the top notch long term forms of CC (sheep, fear (glyphed) etc etc)) not strangulate, mind freeze, psychic scream etc. for what its worth i hope this is not only a good guide to read and l2cc but also an eye opener for loads of people i come across as a tank in heroics

    GJ OP
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    Some CCs are not mentioned in you list, such as Druid 's Cyclone.

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    Paladin "Turn Evil" Fear is missing

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    I'm not gonna lie people, i didn't really expect this guide to win. After seeing what was in the same "runner up-like" awards, i think that i'm very fortunate to get anything at all.

    To all the people saying i missed X or Y. All the things i listed were 10 sec+ CC's. As far as interrupt i did miss Strangulate, but IIRC it doesn't actually interrupt bosses, kinda like Avengers shield (again could be wrong)

    I play a druid, and im very well aware of Sunbeam, but its not really a CC or an interrupt, its's own breed. And to the person who mentioned being able to control a mob/group with typhoon/sunbeam and shrooms, thats great, but its not really what i was going for. As a feral myself i can do some crazy stuff, but this guide was mostly for those having trouble with heroics and completely missing CC.

    What im really trying to say is that this guide could be 10x better if i had another day or two to work on it, but given i rushed it 1 hour before the deadline, and started it 8 hours before that, a lot of my information may be inaccurate, or im missing a few things (blind specifically) But i cannot edit it after the submission. But i do hope this helps SOME people out there. Happy hunting.

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    Few things. You forgot to add Warlock's Felhubnter Spell Lock to interrupt. It might be handy at some times and in general I prefer using Felhunter over Succubus (when it's CC is not needed).

    And you did not mention a really important factor - range of CC. Fear for example has only 20y range so marking targets in a back of the pack (like th back mobs in Grim Batol @2nd Boss) is generally a bad idea. You will most likely pull the one that is in front while trying to get in range for that one in the back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lument View Post
    Nice table! Totally using that! Thank you

    @Sicc: Solar Beam, Typhoon, and Wild Mushroom+Fungal Growth are not CC. They are silence, positioning control, and slow. Cyclone is not true CC because of the short duration and diminishing returns. It is better defined as temporarily preventing a mob from beating on you (or someone else).
    Err.. dont diminishing returns work only on players?
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    Is there anybody in the world that still knows Scare Beast (Hunter ability)? Obviously not an optimal CC because the mob might run into another mob/group, but depending on where you are it can be very useful.

    Quote Originally Posted by ashtoreth View Post
    did people not read the beginning of the guide? this wasn't mentioned as an all including forms of cc ubar guide.
    Adding this just in case someone thinks they can use that comment against me, but he said he'd be discussing all targeted CC + Freezing Trap, and Scare Beast is targeted.
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    great addons for CC are SimpleRaidTargetIcons (best marking addon ever for me, double click on mob and it will show circle with marks) and it can be combined with PugLax (assigns players to CC who with). Great addon for seeing how long CC will last was Afterlife Crowd Control (shows time bar, not updated for Cata ) it can be replaced with Sheepmonitor (supports all CCs not only sheeps).
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    Two things . Fear is NOT lasting 20 seconds, from what ive been seeing from my own fear. Most of mine are only lasting between 10 and 15 seconds ( if anyone can correct me on this feel free ). Also you are forgetting the felhunter spell lock, which is actually a good interrupt, I used it on the first boss in SFK and it helped us get past him relativly easily Also IMO warlocks are not the kings of CC, I would think that would be a class with a super long CC like hunters or mages whose CC abilties last long enough that they wont have to worry about the mob for a while, with fear I find that im having to reapply it quit often and it messes up my (destro) rotation quite a bit sometimes. Banish however in a dungeon with elementals IMO is the best CC in the game hands down because of the cat that damage does not break it and I can dispel it myself, this is of course, when there are elementals and demons a-plenty . Other than that good guide.
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    This guide is missing a TON of CC abilities. But well done for trying anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darkbreaker View Post
    Err.. dont diminishing returns work only on players?
    Cyclone has DR in PvE. Intended or not, thats how its been for years now.

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    Good guide, but you're missing so much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkbreaker View Post
    Err.. dont diminishing returns work only on players?
    For some reason Blizzard decided that Cyclone would be the only CC that had diminishing returns on NPCs.

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