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    I would maybe retitle this "PvE Crowd Control 101 Guide". Then maybe expand on it to further include stuns, etc. and PvP tactics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tifania View Post
    Every tank class has a ranged taunt. Use it to pull so you dont cleave the CC on accident. Also LoS is your friend.
    Warriors ranged taunt has a 3 minute cooldown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gamerunknown View Post
    Warriors ranged taunt has a 3 minute cooldown.
    You are referring to Challenging Shout, which is an AOE taunt.

    The basic taunt has a 30 yard range, 8 second CD. Additionally, warriors have heroic throw which has a 1 minute CD. Via talents, heroic throw silences, and drops the CD to 30 seconds, making it viable for pulling casters as well.

    Check the abilities before you make incorrect statements.

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    Having three mobs trapped at once is quite amusing and will get you much praise from your pug members :-D

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    Wind shear is a 5 sec cd if speced into reverberation.
    In the guide it is said 6 sec and there is no mention of that talent.

    Edit: I havent found any reply of someone who spoted that. if there is I apologize.

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    He states in the beginning of his guide " For the purpose of this guide i will only focus on 2 main things: Interrupts, and Effective removal from combat. "

    Most of what everyone is mentioning as "missing", does not fit into those categories.

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    Doh...the guide forgot Blind! /cry

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mythiasis View Post
    If your Fears are breaking before the 20 seconds, then you need more hit. As a Warlock I am soft capped at 14% and my Fears never break early unless the target is damaged.
    There's no more hit softcap. You need another 3%.

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    Nice Post. Several things:

    1. Maybe consider adding classes with silences to the chart.
    Silences are nice for pulling casters into melee range (or away from other mobs) to allow for AoE.

    2. For interrupts you're missing pets.
    Lock Pet interupts:
    Felhunter - 24 sec cd
    Felguard - 30 sec cd
    Succubus - 25 sec cd (Whiplash can be used as an interupt on mobs that can be knocked back)

    DK & hunter pets may have interrupts as well.

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    Also keep in mind- as far a Ice Trap goes- there is a chance it can miss (even when the hunter is hit capped) and also most mobs cannot be re-trapped or can resist the trap (this one is rare). Also, I think scatter shot can be used as an interrupt now- but has a really long cooldown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sevenbug View Post
    Great Guide. What is the best way to pull mob's right after the CC ? Rush them without breaking CC. Sometimes it can be pretty hard.
    I usually get all the DPS to stand behind me, and when the non-CC'd mobs rush towards them they'll have to go through me. When they are close to me, I pop AoE's to get aggro on each of them, and then just start doing normal rotation on the skull.

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    Tho I understand that each group can denote marks individually but on wiki page there is a bit of mess on what mark is commonly used for which cc. Hunters trap is always blue square. Period. If you want hunter trap triangle you must announce it and make sure hunter have seen the announcement. Also if you mark a target for mage with blue square and there is hunter in group - trap will go 100% for blue square although trap doesnt break sheep and sheep doesnt break trap, anyway could produce some mess in pull.
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    This is a good guide, I've passed it on to my mates for our heroic runs and I hope that many other zerging players will take note. As Ziggi pointed out there is a fair bit missed out, but then hey, feel free to update it for those I'm sure it may get a sticky request.

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    Ummm? Fear and Undead? You might want to fix ur guide... Fear doesnt work on undead except few bugged mobs in TB penisula

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    quite a few of our hunter pets can CC, like the shale spider web wrap
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    Quote Originally Posted by ziggi94 View Post
    You are missing alot of things
    Blind: my good rogue friend often blinds his target the second it breaks free from sap.
    Solarbeam: This spell can reduce a annoying caster to a whimpering halfassed meele.
    Hammer of Justice: 6 seconds that does not break from damage and is very easy to use.
    Avengers shield: CC is all about reducing damage, i dont know if this counts as a CC, but throwing this at a group of casters really helps. It is even chainable.
    Disarms are others things you have not mentioned.
    The 2x oafpull in deadmines is a good example, although they cannot be CCd, they can be both disarmed and stunned. WE usually disarm 1, and then we stun it.
    at this point the other is soon dead and we can focus on the first.
    (yes we have awesome dps)
    Let's make a clear distinction between CC and mitigation.

    When discussing efficient CC we should be discussing abilities and spells that render their target unable to deal damage in combat in any way for the duration.

    When talking about mitigation, we should discuss abilities that hinder a target's effectiveness in dealing damage in combat, but not locking down that capability.

    Thus, disarms, silences and slows do not qualify as CC, as the mobs still have potential to do damage even without breaking free from the effects.

    Stuns and Blind, on the other hand -are- 100% CC, even though they are most reliable as filler abilities between the longer duration, signature CC abilities like Fear an Polymorph.
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    Warriors also have Shield Bash which is a 6 second school lockout on a 12 second Cooldown. With two points in Gag Order talented, it also adds a 3 second full silence.

    Also in the same talent, Gag Order, adds a 3 second silence to Heroic Throw on a 30 second Cooldown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forx View Post
    I think you mean from left to right.

    Nice guide though!

    I believe if the mob has not been taunted or w/e, and sapped before the pull, the mob will not be in combat and WILL be re-sappable. It's the same with pulling mobs past sapped targets, that sapped target will not come after you when it runs out and you're not in range, nor will it pull additional mobs.

    Correct me if I'm wrong here though, but this is how I believe it works.
    Sap does not cause a target to enter combat. However attacking the mob's friends will enter it into combat, even if sapped and sap cannot be reapplied. This has always been.

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    The guide is missing 2 more warlock cc's.
    1) Enslave Demon
    2) Fel Hound's silence (short duration but helpful if you are grouped with a lazy Mage or DK)

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    Hunters also have Scatter Shot, which I use as an interrupt quite frequently, especially on the one big guys in Grim Batol that whirlwind.
    It works wonders on those.
    Scatter can also be used as filler while you load up trap launcher (if you didn't lay a new trap a couple yards in front of your target and he is breaking and needs CC'd again).
    Limited use, sure, but falls in the same category as Blind imo.

    Good guide though, nonetheless.

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    You might want to add Blind as both a Crowd Control and Interrupt skill under Rogues. I know very few rogues even carry it in their action bars, but I have macroed it to be usable on mouseover and it proved to be a very efficient way of halting and interrupting annoying casters that got freed of their CCs before time, specially healer mobs. It does have a nasty CD tough...
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