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    Paladins can fear undead for 20 seconds, no matter what spec, with no cooldown.
    Can't remember the exact name as I'm in between classes atm. But I know its there.
    I use it on the undead mobs on the way to "fire marrowgar" in Halls of Origination. Mostly for fun, but helps in other situations as well.
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    Nice guide, but you're missing a couple "utitily tools" from Shadow priest:

    Psychic Scream with would work as short-term CC, just like shockwave from Warriors. To root the mobs in place for a short time. Can also be considered as interrupt on certain mobs.

    Psychic Horror (Better if equipped with Rooting a mob, disarming the mobs (works on some bosses), and also a short-term CC, interrupt.

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    I use this macro while I tank, and adjust it based off group composition each dungeon. I also spam it sporadically in the group so that people are reminded of their targets.

    /p DPS and CC Info: (Please pull with CC)
    /p {rt9} = DPS 1st.
    /p {rt8} = DPS 2nd.
    /p {rt1} = Player1 SAP
    /p {rt2} = Player2 SHEEP
    /p {rt3} = Player3 HEX

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    Really wish a lot of the people replying would read the comments...
    1. This isn't meant as an exhaustive guide for interrupts (see: title).
    2. Short-duration single-target stuns (or equivalents) aren't very useful for what this guide is covering.
    3. Fears that cannot be altered to prevent targets from running are only situationally useful. Turn Evil cannot be altered to do this. It is a Fear that, in most cases, risks aggroing other mobs.

    In regards to Warlocks and the Felhunter's Spell Lock, if the guy isn't already Affliction spec I wouldn't ask him to swap his pets unless absolutely nobody else can take care of a mob or boss that absolutely must be interrupted. The DPS loss for Destro and Demo locks to switch pets is far beyond what Warriors, Rogues, Death Knights, etc. lose when they spend resources on interrupting.
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    Very good guide, I would also suggest each player bind one of their keys accordingly as well for cc, what they commonly see / use (varies per realm / server / battlegroup).
    Also don't forget the hunter can misidirect the tank, rogues can use tricks of the trade in combination with other targets / cc etc to make even more effective pulls.
    And to sum it all up as a tank with a good cc group, everyone aware and control of the pull dungeons are now a breeze and enjoyable.
    The 5 man heroics are still a challenge but less troublesome as more people get experience, hoping to see what is next for blizzard with their dungeon creation.

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    well i wish more ppl would cc

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    great guide but i noticed that you missed Turn Undead for paladins

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    "CC is a must in heroics and should be used on almost every pull you can. Remember, this expansion is all about mitigating group damage the best way possible."

    This is only true for Stonecore, Grim Batol, Halls of Origination, the healing naga in Throne of the Four Tides, and the Adepts in Vortex Pinnacle.

    Dead-mines, SFK, all of Vortex Pinnacle until the trash before the last boss, Lost City of the Tol'vir, and Blackrock Caverns do not need CC (except Beauty in BRC).

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    its not realy correct for druids, as we druids also got cyclone it can be used as cc a bit or you can rotate it whit skull bash for interupting a caster fulltime
    there is stuns that do not directly interupt a cast but do prevent it from beeying finished, bash (bear) that helpes whit this and main can also interupt a cast.
    and there is the sunbeam for boomking druids that can silence mobs

    in addition to that druids do just pwn realy

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    /sigh. It makes me cry a bit inside when people don't understand basics, even when explaining it flat out to them.

    Anything not listed on the list is not considered reliable enough to count as a Crowd Control... and personally, i take exception to Intimidating Shout as a viable CC due to it's short duration, and would classify it more as a stun in single target scenarios.

    Reliable, Long Term CC's
    Hunter Trap
    ...shaman elemental shackle whatever it's called
    Mind Control

    Anything without an instant or near-instant recast time ( IE: Repentance, Hex, Hunter Trap, etc ) would be put at the bottom of the list thanks to the potential "oops, it resisted 3 ticks in, now it's free", and should therefore be killed before other, more easily recastable CC's. Yes, i know that you think Repentance is reliable, but when it breaks 10 seconds in, that HoJ isn't gonna do you as much good.

    Anything else that is short duration - Hungering cold, blind, cyclone, etc - these would fall into what i like to call "Oh S#!%" buttons, and should only be used when the aforementioned S#!% hits the fan ( Like say, the healer is getting beat down ), or by skilled and experienced players.

    Interrupts and Silences can be used in conjunction with CC to be effective. This is where your Sunbeam, silence, counterspell, spell lock, etc. comes into play. When you don't have anyone with a ranged interrupt, the best thing to do is probably use your terrain to your advantage and LoS things. Stuns can also be used to reduce incoming damage, but neither silences nor stuns can really be considered Crowd Control in the current context. While you are, in fact, controlling the crowd, it's not the same thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Smithsonian View Post
    One thing to note- Most healers now do have quite a bit of hit rating due to the spirit to hit rating conversion via talents. Very minor but still a bit of misinformation.
    Actually sir, you are wrong. Healers do not have quite a bit of hit rating due to the spirit to hit rating UNLESS THEY ARE HEALING IN THEIR OFF-SPEC. For instance, Resto shaman have no hit regardless of their spirit, but elemental shaman have huge +hit from spirit. The spirt-to-hit conversion is a talent in the elemental tree that can not be reached as a resto shaman unless you are giving up valuable healing talents in the enhancement tree. There might be a talent tree that can work that in for PvP, but I haven't tried it because you don't usually need THAT much hit when you are going resto for PvP (it would literally be overkill for PvP purposes). I'd imagine it's the same thing for priest, druid, etc.

    No need to imply misinformation and then actually misinform yourself!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SSJrapter View Post
    Rogue - Should your CC become in danger of running out you can Vanish and reapply sap on the mob before it wakes up
    I don't know if this has been said, but you can't sap a target once combat starts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iced1138 View Post
    I don't know if this has been said, but you can't sap a target once combat starts.
    Yup been said already, but I think the author won't modify it :P

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    in my dream world, i get a trap arrow for each, and the regular trap..that launcher is just too clunky :P

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