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    From dungeons to raids.

    From dungeons to raids.

    A guide that is meant to cover the basic parts of raiding and dungeon crawling.
    It's for people that want to raid but aren't to sure where to start and what to do.
    If you find your self a bit lost while trying to get raid ready than perhaps this guide will help you out.

    Know your dungeons

    This is one of the most important aspects of completing an instance.
    Be aware of the mechanics of a fight even when then are not concerning your class.
    This way you can help others and train yourself in making it a habit to learn mechanics.
    Having an eye for detail is something you need to work on but with following a few steps will make this easier.

    Step 1:

    Running instances is in general a good thing to do for your own personal experience especially the Cataclysm normal instances.
    The trash and bosses are in general more forgiving in these instances ,this makes it easier for you to keep an eye out for the mechanics.
    Heroic bosses have some extra mechanics but the basic ones are still there, they just tend to do more damage.
    The same mechanics are also in some raid encounters, mastering them in the heroics gives you an good advantage.

    Example of a heroic fight with a different mechanic

    When you pull the adds in BRC on Beauty you will instantly pull the boss as well.
    How ever her abilities tend to be the same.

    Example for raids:

    Voidzones tend to be used a lot in 5 man encounters and 10/25.
    They come in different names but it all boils down to the same thing.
    If you know to dodge them on 5 man you will do a good job in raids as well.

    Step 2:

    Try things out on the normal modes and heroics.
    Can you interrupt a mob/boss that is casting a spell?
    Is it possible to sheep/fear banish certain packs.
    Basically try everything even if the packs are not a problem on the normal mode.
    Most mobs have the same mechanic on heroics so in general what can be interrupted/CCed on normal can be interrupted/CCed on a heroic.


    You can crowd control the adds on Beauty on the heroic mode.

    Step 3:

    Be aware of the spells mobs cast, this you learn by watching them.
    If you want to take it one step further go to wowhead and type the spell name and it pops up.
    Some things are obvious like a mob called a mender most likely heals and a mob called pyromaster will usually use fire.
    Knowing what mobs do makes it easier for you to sort out which one is the most dangerous , this makes crowd control and prioritizing interrupts much easier.


    You can either interrupt a mender that heals his ally or interrupt the pyromancer which will blast the tank.
    By interrupting the mender the tank will take more burst but the group will kill the pyromancer faster, this means the healer will spend less mana.
    Even though it might cost you some DPS the healer will run less fst oom and you can avoid a wipe by doing so, this in general means less down time.
    How ever if the mender is in melee range of the tank and the pyromancer is not the best pick is to CC/interrupt the pyromancer and let the tank take care of the mender.

    There are a lot of abilities available to do so , just to name a few.

    1: intercept
    2: silence
    3:interrupts like shock
    4 Stuns
    5:Mind control
    6: Fear

    Step 4:

    Avoid all the avoidable damage no matter the class you play.
    This is a tricky one especially as healer and melee DPS.
    A lot of encounters are based on you being aware of what a mob/boss can do and having the ability to avoid it.
    The basic idea is this.

    - Don't stand in front of any kind of mob as melee , not only does it reduce your damage you will also get cleaved.
    Even as a caster stand away from them some might do a cone attack.

    - About anything a boss tosses under you is meant to kill you , run out of it as soon as possible.
    The harder the instance the more it punishes you for not doing so.
    Get used to avoiding this it is one of the main aspects of wow.

    - Don't pull aggro of a mob , this can easily be avoided by watching omen and paying attention to on which mob the tank is building threat.
    If you see a tank focusing twice on a pyromancer in one of your runs you can be sure he will be doing it on the next pack with a pyromancer as well.
    The easier solution is to mark a mob with a skull.

    Step 5:

    Once you know the encounter and mechanics think of where to position.
    This might sound like a small detail but it is an important one.


    You know a mob tosses an AOE under people so as a ranged don't hug your healer.
    Other wise you take double damage and the healer needs to run which means less healing on the tank,

    Example 2:

    A pack fears so don't stand in a place where you might get feared into another pack

    Step 6:

    Be assertive and helpful is often confused with being a smart ass.
    The basic one is just to buff every one up ,soulstone your healer and put a table out.
    After it as a DPS you can say 'I take moon for sheep' and basically mark up your sheep by your self on each pull.
    The tank can keep using skull as his main focus and the healer in general just has to heal.

    Keeping an eye on your healers mana pool is always appreciated and don't be silent when people have no idea what to do.
    Like crowd controlling the wrong mobs or simply not understanding the boss mechanics.
    Even though the world inst perfect and some will ignore step 6 a lot of successful groups have this attitude.

    Know your class.

    This involves about everything from DPS rotations to gearing and simply play style.
    Do you heal with mana inefficient heals ?
    Do you have the wrong DPS rotation?
    Do you know when to use your cool downs as a tank?
    Perfecting these trades comes with experience , the basic ones can be read up on.
    Practice dummies can also shows you if DPS rotation A is better than B for you.

    DPS/Tank rotations:

    Up to 80 a lot of DPS/Tanking rotations change, this is just how wow works.
    Sometimes you miss a crucial ability or talent to make it work.
    Even at 85 some DPS rotations are only viable with a certain amount of gear.
    The best way how to find this out is simply to go to a web page like both have quite some interesting read ups.
    There are many other good sites I am just using these as an example, google is your friend.

    Elites jerks
    MMo champion
    Tank spot

    Healing rotations.

    Healers don't have a rotation it's simple as that.
    They do have spells that are more mana efficient for specific situations.
    It all boils down to knowing the mechanic of mobs/bosses and how damage works.
    Once you figured this out you will be able to pick the best spells.
    It is juggling between knowing when it is al right to cast a slower spell and when it is not.


    Before you start doing heroics you might want to look at the items you actually need.
    Each class has their own best in slot list which you can either figure out yourself or find some lists on the internet.
    While a lot of your performance is based on awareness and simply skill/knowledge gear does matter at some point.
    When you run heroics to get raid ready it is important to know what you need and what not.

    Gemming and enchants.

    When you start doing your first heroics it might be a bit of a rough ride.
    Your gear is rather weak and your healing/damage/damage migration is not that great.
    My advice is gem your gear proper and enchant it.
    I would not go so far to state that you need the most expensive enchant for your level 333 item, but a cheap enchant to give you an edge will do along with some green gems.
    Raid gear how ever does deserve the best that is available ((think of 348 blues))


    A lot of people tend to go use the armoury and base their spec of some players from a top guild.
    This isn't always the best way how to spec for a heroic dungeon.
    What is beneficial for your play style at that point is most likely not beneficial for them on their current progression boss.
    I strongly advice you to read up on your class and try to adjust your spec to the current content you play


    A mage will most likely not spec into improved counter spell just like a shadow priest will not spec into silence for a raid.
    How ever in a heroic these tools are much more valuable while other talents tend to be a bit less.


    Just get them all and check Elites Jerks for the optimal setup.
    In general they are pretty accurate.

    Know how to socialize

    An aspect often forgotten but this is an important on as well.
    Though it doesn't affect your personal performance much, it does pay back in the long run.
    Making your own heroic groups with players with a similar mind set tend to be more successful
    This will guarantee smooth runs if all play well and a more pleasant environment for you to learn the encounters.

    Know your hotkeys

    Hotkeys will always make you respond faster.
    Get used to them and use them to your advantage.
    Where you put them depends on your keyboard and mouse but be sure the most used ones are in range.

    How to raid

    At this point you ran your heroics got your gear and most likely think about raiding.
    This is a hard one to tackle for a lot of people.
    There are a lot of different raid guilds out there and finding one isn't an easy task.
    Raiding has a lot more to it than what I will write down here but these are the basics.


    Your basic aim is to convince a guild that you are a reliable good player that is dedicated.
    You can get far with a good application and some proper socializing.
    Though experience/gear do play a big part having these is not a free ticket into most guilds.
    Impression is what matters and how you sell your self.
    Mind you just as much as your application says something about you the guild recruitment page says as much about the guild.


    Type of guild is it 10/25 man raiding guild and are they hardcore or casual
    Do they raid for progression and competition or is it more a jolly bunch that raids for fun.
    The time is also a give away 3 day raiding guild or 5 days.


    Before you write an application to a guild make sure this is optimized.
    This makes a good impression in general and shows that you are dedicated.
    Not doing so can result in being declined on the spot.
    If your application is public having this done right will get you positive feedback from the players there while not doing this so can result in a flame topic.

    How to find a guild:

    My advice is to look up wow progression.
    you can find the raiding guilds on your realm and look at their recruitment.
    You can sort them out by realm and 10/25 man.
    Once you have done that the next few things start to matter


    In general top guilds don't recruit players in mediocre gear with little experience.
    You have to be realistic with what you have to offer and what the guild wants.

    Example: If you never raided before you can be pretty sure you won't get into a guild that is doing hard modes at this point.

    Hardcore vs casual

    Both of these two words have a wide variation , the best bet is to read the guilds recruitment post.
    It is important for you to know if you want to raid in one of these environments and if you can keep this up.

    Hardcore guild X raids 5 days a week 19:45 up to 0:00 and requires 90% attendance.

    Example 2: Casual guild x raids 2 days 19:45 up to 23:00.

    Full is full

    When a guild states they are full on one class it pretty much means full.
    You can try to apply but even if you get recruited you will sit out a lot for the older members.

    You've found a guild

    At this point you've found a guild and want to write an application.
    Here are some pin pointers how to do this right.
    First impression is crucial and tough it is a sour apple to bite trough it is just a part of raiding in wow.

    Guild template:

    Most guilds use a template which they want you to fill in.
    Basic rule fill in everything what they want and do not dwell of topic.
    How ever don't shy away to give an explanation about your gem/spec choice if asked for.
    If you did your homework it will show you know what you are talking about.

    It is also important that you are honest about yourself.
    You might sound a bit less awesome than you would like but being caught on lying often means being declined/gkicked.
    It's not something you want to be brought up in a future application either.

    Of course do sell your self and make it sound like you are a good/nice person to raid with.


    Raiding requires communication and in general people use ventrilo/skype for this.
    Simply put get a mic just in case you need to say something on vent during a raid it helps a lot.
    Some guilds might decline you if you do not got one.

    Personal issues:

    Some people tend to post these in their applications, in fact a lot do.
    You might be ill or have a handicap or you simply go trough some tough times.
    Be mindful what you can post and what not.
    Though it is important to sort things out if they can interfere with your guild functioning it is better to talk with an officer after you get accepted.


    Did the guild recruitment page did not answer all questions?
    Do you have a specific question for an officer or class leader?
    Great log on an alt and whisper the guy in a polite way.
    Basically socialize and give a bit of a good impression.

    Approaching an officer in polite way makes a good impression.
    This will also make the remember you when they read your application.
    Mind you humans are humans you won't always get a jolly polite guy that appreciates this but most do.

    At any rate don't approach an officer with 'Hey!' 'I want to know' 'you there'.
    Keep it a bit formal like you would approach a complete stranger.
    Ask if he/she has time and if he minds if you ask a couple of question about the recruitment for class X.

    It might sound like a minor detail but this tends to mean a lot for people.


    Try to do this as good as possible.
    Use a spelling checker and avoid l33t speak at all cost.
    I would advice to avoid using a lot of smilies as well it doesn't do your application a lot of good.
    Most guilds do not demand your English to be perfect ,but it needs to be readable.

    How to raid?

    Raiding follows a few basic elements just like writing an application.
    Here are the basic ones that give you an edge.


    Have them ready for each raid.
    This means flasks+food and potions.
    Using your DPS potion during bloodlust or a mana potion to gain more healing just gives you an edge.
    This is expensive business but most guilds demand you to have this.
    Also be aware what to use.

    Example: Concentration pots for healers give more mana back than mana pots but it requires you to be non active for 10 seconds.
    A lot of raids allow you to use them which gives twice as much mana as a mana pot.


    Avoid being the one that needs to learn by wiping the raid.
    Both bosskillers and MMOChampion contain information about encounters.
    From mechanics to fully written guides.
    You can also visit the web page of some top guilds, they tend to release their boss kills.
    Read up know them by heart and be ready.

    Raiding spec

    These class specs tend to be different than heroic/levelling/pvp specs just get your optimal DPS/healing/spec for raids.

    Be competitive in a friendly way

    Hardcore or casual just be competitive.
    Try to heal/tank/DPS as good as you can and avoid dying by any means.
    This will earn you a raid spot but it will also improve your raiding performance.
    Don't slack on trash and just avoid all damage that you can.
    Try to stay ontop of your game during the whole raid.
    Even though raiding requires teamwork your have to earn your raid spot.

    Be responsible

    You made a mistake, it happens to the best of us.
    Just say that you did it and that is it, no excuses unless you could not avoid it at any cost.
    Also realize that your actions can directly wipe a raid.
    It might sound harsh but when you raid don't waste people their time.
    This includes toilet breaks/walking the dog/fixing dinner and such.
    You make 10/25 people wait which is in general not accepted.

    Listen to vent

    Follow the tactics a guild uses and most of all do what is told.
    If you get assigned to a position pay attention to it, if you are told to stop DPS do so.

    Add ons

    Using add ons in 5 man heroics is helpful using them in a raid is pretty much essential.
    Here are some common add ons:

    Bigwigs/Deadly boss mod: There are a lot of boss mods out there and this is one of the most important things to get.
    They will warn you when a boss does certain abilities and such

    Omen: Shows threat

    Grid/healbot: Customizable healing UI which allows you to add debuffs/buffs to them, it is quite a must for healers to have one.

    Quartz: Customizable casting bar , it also shows server latency which allows you to time your casts better.

    Event authorizing: Shows the timer on DOTS

    Decursive: Add on that shows you which raid member needs to be dispelled/de cursed.

    Recount: Shows death logs healing/DPS meter

    There are many more good add ons out there these are some basic examples of what some add ons do.

    Rome was not built in one day

    Don't expect miracles from a raiding guild.
    Get used to corpse running and wiping on bosses.
    Raiding is all about team work and function with in a community as a person.
    You will walk against some walls from time to time and swap guilds but that is a part of the game.
    Don't get demotivated to fast raiding requires dedication.

    I would like to ask the admin to delete this last part
    No matter if I win or not this guide can be published if mmo champion wishes.
    English isn't my native language plus I have dyslexia.
    I am quite sure I haven't managed to filter out all mistakes.
    Feel free to filter out more errors if any one wishes to use this guide in the future.

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    If I might suggest something?

    When you find a guild ask if they will run a wrath raid. You may outgear it however it will help you get to know your guild mates. If you go straight into a cata raid with your new guild you might feel like its a PuG as you don't know the members and help you understand how they play their class.

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