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    Glory of the Cataclysm Hero


    Blackrock Caverns

    |_Rom’ogg Bonecrusher_| <^> |_Crushing Bones and Cracking Skulls_|
    Defeat Rom'ogg Bonecrusher after using his Skullcracker ability to kill 10 Angered Earth elementals in Blackrock Caverns on Heroic difficulty.
    <Group Achievement>

    The first thing to know is that the Angered Earth elementals spawn from the Quake ability he uses. During Quake, an animation of rumbling earth will appear under each party member’s feet, which, after a few seconds, will deal damage and spawn an elemental. Each Quake spawns 5 elementals. So, you need the tank to pick them up and hold them.
    The second thing to know is that the Skullcracker ability is used after he pulls everyone in for Chains of Woe. It is an 8 second cast on Heroic and is pretty much a one-shot to anyone in melee range when it goes off.
    The way to do this is to have the tank hold the elementals until a Chains of Woe. At that point dps kills the Chains and the tank either stuns the elementals in melee range and then runs out or pops cooldown and takes the hit. It is possible to wait to have the elementals killed until there are 10 so you can get it in one shot.
    Tricks and Tips: You get the achievement when you kill Rom’ogg, so if you think an elemental might have died not to his Skullcracker, just wait for a third set and do it again.
    As a Warrior, you can utilize Shockwave to stun them all while you run away; as a Paladin, you can utilize a glyphed Holy Wrath to stun them.

    |_Corla, Herald of Twilight_| <^> |_Arrested Development_|
    Allow all three of Corla's zealots to evolve, then defeat Corla after slaying the evolved zealots in Blackrock Caverns on Heroic difficulty.
    <Group Achievement>

    This one can definitely turn to disaster fast if the healer runs out of mana, which is a definite possibility. There are three Zealots that have purple beams shooting to them. The Zealots do not move or attack, unless they transform. The beam applies a stacking debuff called Evolution, which stacks up to 100. When it reaches 100, the Zealot will transform into a Draconid (the big Dragon-people you fought in the hallway before Corla). The Evolution debuff will also be applied to any player standing in the beam. So, you have 3 people assigned to standing in the beams. From my experience, this works best with 2 ranged dps on the outside beams and a melee dps on the middle beam.
    To get the achievement, you need to allow the adds to evolve and transform and then kill them. It is imperative that you do this one at a time, as the transformed adds deal massive damage on top of Corla’s damage.
    Corla herself casts Dark Command, which is a fear and can be interrupted. Dark Command is a bad thing, mainly because, if it goes off, it can fear people out of the beams at very crucial points. This can be handled quite effectively by having your tank assigned to only interrupt that. I say ‘only’ because the transformed adds have a cast called something like Shadow Strike. This works exactly like the adds on Heroic Anub’arak. If the cast goes off, he will teleport behind someone and hit them, hard. A good way to handle this is to have a dps assigned to only interrupting that cast.
    There is talk of doing this a slightly different way also. It involves having one of your dps be an OT and tank the transformed adds and drag them 40 yards away from Corla. The reason for that is because Corla has an Aura that increases attack speed and movement speed to all creatures nearby.

    |_Karsh Steelbender_| <^> |_Too Hot to Handle_|
    Defeat Karsh Steelbender after he has reached 15 stacks of Superheated Quicksilver Armor in Blackrock Caverns on Heroic difficulty.
    <Group Achievement>

    This one can be one of the harder ones if your healer is not very strong at decent to good group heals. However, they did extend the duration of Superheated Quicksilver by a decent amount, which allows more time to heal up. Superheated Quicksilver is a stacking debuff which is applied to Karsh whenever he moves through the pillar of fire in the middle of his area or when he moves through the pools of fire that killing his adds spawn when they die. The adds spawn when the stack of Superheated Quicksilver on Karsh drops off.
    Basically, this works best by starting off with Karsh on the opposite side of the group because he will gain about 2 stacks when you pull him through the fire pillar. From there on, the tank should periodically pull him through to the other side, only gaining 2-3ish stacks per movement. This is the safest way, as it’s lower group damage compared to heavy burst if you keep him in the pillar of fire. As Karsh’s stack increases, so will the damage of his AoE, so be careful when you reach 12+ stacks. Only move when you need to and make sure the group is mostly healed up.
    Tips and Tricks: As a Warrior tank, you have more utilities than other tanks to get to the other side quickly – Heroic Leap and Intervene. Make sure to use them.
    With dps numbers getting higher, make sure that the dps does not kill him before he reaches 15 stacks. The stacks increase his damage taken, so, for example, I had to stop casting for a while in order to not kill him when he was at 12-13 stacks.\

    |_Ascendant Lord Obsidius_| <^> |_Ascendant Descending_|
    Defeat Ascendant Lord Obsidius without any party member reaching 4 stacks of Crepuscular Veil in Blackrock Caverns on Heroic difficulty.

    The Crepuscular Veil is applied to any player within melee range of any of the three adds that engage with Obsidius.
    There are a few ways to do this, as there are for every achievement, but the best way that I have seen is one dps kiting all three. Their agro tables work on the basis of who last attacked or dealt damage to them (just like the orbs on Blood Princes in ICC). This means that the dps who is going to kite them should start the encounter and try to apply a DoT to as many as they can. The person kiting must also have a way to slow the adds, as they will run faster than normal run speed and catch up very quickly if there is not some sort of slow on them.
    Be sure to tank Obsidius in the middle of the circle area where he is engaged. This allows the person kiting plenty of room along the outside to kite, as the adds will apply the debuff to anyone within their melee, even if a person doesn’t have agro on them.
    The next issue to deal with is the boss swapping places with an add. When he does this, all agro on the add that appears where Obsidius previously was will reset and he will target the tank for a second or two. Make sure the kiter attacks this specific add, and a DoT helps a lot as well.
    Tips and Tricks: As a Shaman kiting, utilize Flame Shock for a DoT, Frost Shock for a clutch slow and Earthbind for a group slow. A Hunter can Concussion Shot and use Ice Traps and Serpent Sting. And so on, most classes have tools to deal with kiting.
    Make sure that if you have ranged not kiting that they stand near the boss and not on the outside ring.

    Grim Batol

    |_General Umbriss_| <^> |_Umbrage for Umbriss_
    Defeat General Umbriss while he is affected with Modgud's Malice in Grim Batol on Heroic difficulty.
    <Group Achievement>

    Modgud’s Malice is a buff that starts out on a Malignant Trogg; Umbriss summons 6 Troggs (2 groups of 3) periodically. When that Trogg is killed, whatever is nearby gets a damage buff. The achievement calls for this buff to be present on Umbriss when you kill him, which makes him hit very hard. The other Troggs also apply a stacking bleed debuff that deals damage to whoever they are attacking, so they should be killed quickly.
    The trick to this achievement is to CC the Malignant Trogg if possible - Sheep, Hex, Trap, Fear, anything to keep it away and not dead. The reason for using CC on it is that there is a Malignant Trogg alive, one will not spawn when the next set of Troggs spawn.
    So, if you keep the Malignant Trogg CC’d, just do the boss like normal – dodge Blitz and Ground Siege – until the last 5-10% of his health. At that point, he will be enraged, so he will already be dealing more damage, but this is when you break CC and kill the Malignant Trogg on top of General Umbriss. The tank might want to throw up a cooldown to relieve the healer some, but with such low health, he should die quite soon.
    Tips and Tricks: Don’t get hit by Blitz.

    |_Erudax_| <^> |_Don't Need to Break Eggs to Make an Omelet_|
    Defeat Erudax without letting a Faceless Corruptor begin to cast Twilight Corruption on any of Alexstraza's Eggs in Grim Batol on Heroic difficulty.
    <Group Achievement>

    This one can be difficult without good dps, however it’s mostly about coordinated dps and how fast they can run.
    On Heroic, two Faceless Corrupters spawn from the entrance from which the group entered Erudax’s room from. There will be one that goes to the left and one that goes to the right. They run fast, so you will definitely need slows, unless your dps very very far outgears Heroics. The Faceless Corrupters spawn immediately after every Shadow Gale, which is why I mentioned the run speed.
    The most effective method to deal with this, that I have seen, is to put 2 dps on one of them and one dps on the other. It works out the best if you have 2 ranged and 1 melee, or 3 ranged. The reason this favors Ranged is because of the movement involved with switching targets. Place the two Ranged on an assigned Corrupter and the Melee on the other one. The ranged kill theirs and then immediately swaps to help the melee kill the other one.
    Now, if you have 3 melee, the best way to handle this is to do the same dps setup as having ranged, which is to have 2 dps on one and 1 dps on the other and kill and swap quickly. However, because the melee needs run time, the most important thing to consider is what classes you have. For example, Enhance Shamans can Ghost Wolf, Rogues can sprint, and so on. The success of your group requires understanding of what to do, and creativity on how to complete that.
    Tips and Tricks: Slows, slows, slows.

    Halls of Origination

    |_Temple Guardian Anhuur_| <^> |_I Hate That Song_|
    Defeat Temple Guardian Anhuur without allowing him to sing Reverberating Hymn for more than 15 seconds in Halls of Origination on Heroic difficulty.
    <Group Achievement>

    There is a little dispute on the accuracy of the 15 second time limit as there are reports of people doing it in between 15 and 20 seconds.
    Every 33% of Anhuur’s health (66% and 33%), he will go into a phase where he stands in the middle of his platform and becomes invulnerable to damage. He will cast Reverberating Hymn almost immediately after putting up his shield, and on either side of his platform will be a beam going to him with a lever that controls it. You need to break his shield by getting a full 10 second cast off on both sides and interrupt Reverberating Hymn. It should be noted that if a snake hits the person using the lever, the cast is interrupted and must be started again.
    In order to do this, you need to split the group into 2 groups of 2 people: One group with 2 dps and the other group with 1 dps and the tank, who jump off different sides. The Healer should stay up top on the platform and focus healing on the 2 dps side. For the 2 dps side, make sure one of them has some AoE ability that will aggro the snakes onto them and away from the person using the lever; the tank needs to do the same thing for the other side. Now, there also emerges an issue with this – what if the healer is unable to cancel. This is where the creativity comes forth from, because there are very, very many variations to this strategy. You could have a dps stay up top and let the healer go down to either aggro snakes or use the lever, so that dps can interrupt, and so on.
    However, there is a strategy that is slightly different, and that is to aggro the snakes from the top before jumping down. To do this, you could have a ranged use an AoE to aggro them, while standing on the platform, so that they have a very long run time. Or, you could try to have your healer get healing aggro. The options are almost endless as to how exactly you and your group can handle this.

    |_Earthrage Ptah_| <^> |_Straw That Broke the Camel's Back_|
    Defeat Earthrager Ptah while mounted on a camel in the Halls of Origination on Heroic difficulty.
    <Personal Achievement>

    This achievement was previously bugged, but has since been fixed.
    This is pretty simple, however I have experienced a few occurrences in which a player is dismounted for seemingly no reason. That said, it should go swimmingly for you and should not be an issue.
    You will find the camels at the bottom of the staircase before Ptah, where there were 2 trash mobs. You are able to mount them just like vehicles, and once on you are able to cast while moving and gain increased movement speed. Staying mounted can only be ended by getting hit by 1 of 2 abilities. They are Earth Spike and Quicksand. The animation for Earth Spike is a tall area of rumbling ground that will be placed on top of a player. It is very easy to see this animation, and you have about 3-5 seconds to move out of it. Quicksand’s animation looks sort of like a sand version of Mana Tide Totem and is very visible, unless there are many adds stacked up on top of it. All you need to do to get this achievement is to avoid those two abilities and kill the boss.

    |_Vault of Lights_| <^> |_Faster Than the Speed of Light_|
    Complete the Vault of Lights within 5 minutes of entering in the Halls of Origination on Heroic difficulty.
    <Group Achievement>

    This particular achievement is not extremely difficult, however there can be no wasted time sitting around. You must skip as many Trogg groups as possible (all middle groups except 1 or 2) and kill the bosses very quickly. This is a test of how well and efficiently you play with one another, and it can end in disastrous results. The timer starts when you talk to Brann, and the doors open at about 4:50 to 4:40 left. The timer ends when you kill the last mini-boss and Brann does his little RP (takes 20 seconds). That means that you have roughly 4:30 to kill 4 mini-bosses, including run time.
    The order of in which the mini-bosses die does not matter, as, from my observation, their spawns are random. It’s advisable to use Bloodlust/Heroism either on the Fire or Water mini-boss, or in any spot that would benefit the group. You get one chance at this achievement per soft reset. This means that if you fail, in order to try again that day, you must exit the instance for about 30 minutes to allow the event to fully reset.

    |_Rajh_| <^> |_Sun of a...._|
    Defeat Rajh before he completes an entire recharging phase in the Halls of Origination on Heroic difficulty.
    <Group Achievement>

    This achievement may seem ridiculous if you’ve tried it and failed, however there is a strategy that worked very well for my group. There are people that claim that this is mostly RNG, but I can neither confirm nor deny that at this time.
    At this point, I cam going to quote a post by “darknesscalls” on the WoWHead forums. His post has all the information I can post about this particular strategy in a nice format:

    “Rajh engages, 100 focus
    Fire cyclone, 80 focus
    Sun Strike, 60 focus
    Fire orb, INTERRUPT, 60 focus
    Fire cyclone, 40 focus
    Sun strike, 20 focus
    Fire cyclone, 0 focus
    Runs in middle, 20 seconds to kill him.

    Now, this really wouldn't buy us enough time, so here's what we did instead!

    Rajh engages, 100 focus
    Fire cyclone, 80 focus
    Sun strike, 60 focus
    Fire orb, DONT INTERRUPT, 40 focus
    Heroic Leap, INTERRUPT, 40 focus
    Fire cyclone, 20 focus
    Fire orb, INTERRUPT, 20 focus
    Fire cyclone, 0 foucs
    Runs in middle, 20 seconds to kill him.”

    What this shows is that if you do not interrupt the first Fire Orb, but then interrupt everything after that, you are buying yourself time. HOWEVER, Rajh’s casts have had conflicting views of whether or not they really are RNG. I did this method with my group and it went flawlessly on the very first attempt, getting us the achievement.
    For the sake of a different option, there are secondary strats, however, most of them mainly require very high dps, although there are some tricks you can use to help. One is to tank Rajh by the stairs from which you enter his area. He only begins to recharge when he reaches the middle, so this buys you extra time. As another note, a Bloodlust/Heroism effect is pretty much necessary for this, even if you use the first strategy and have ‘good RNG’.
    One more note about different strategies – a 4 dps group is very capable of working on this achievement. You can either drop the tank for a dps or the healer for a dps. My personal preference is dropping a tank, as healing can be an issue during the recharging phase. Rajh does not hit very hard, so a dps can definitely tank him.

    The Lost City of Tol’vir

    |_ Lockmaw_| <^> |_Acrocalypse Now_|
    Defeat 20 Frenzied Crocolisks within 10 seconds during the Lockmaw encounter in the Lost City of the Tol'vir on Heroic difficulty.
    <Group Achievement>

    You do not need to the kill Lockmaw to get this achievement. The Frenzied Crocolisks spawn when a party member is targeted with Scent of Blood, which makes you the prime target of the recently spawned Crocolisks. 4 Crocolisks spawn per Scent of Blood, which means you need to have 5 sets of them spawn. They have low health pools, so it’s very difficult for the tank to attempt to get threat on all of them without killing any. If a single Crocolisk dies before the 5th set, you either have to wait until the 6th set spawns or wipe it. Healing for this achievement can get quite stressful, as there will be damage all over the group, and it’s made much worse if you are unable to dispel poisons, as the poison debuffs deal pretty massive damage.
    The best way to do this is to have the 3 dps all stay mounted throughout the entire encounter, up until it’s time to kill the Crocolisks. This ensures that they take less overall damage because they’ll just be running in circles kiting Crocolisks. If the Healer has a slow, like Earthbind, it can be used to help stop more damage if the dps kite their Crocolisks through it.
    When the 5th set of Crocolisks spawns and there are a total of 20 to kill, have the group stack on the tank and have the tank all-taunt. At this point, it depends on your AoE, you need to kill all 20 Crocolisks in 10 seconds. The timer starts when the first one dies.

    |_ High Prophet Barim_| <^> |_Kill It With Fire!_|
    Defeat 3 Burning Souls during the High Prophet Barim encounter in Lost City of the Tol'vir on Heroic difficulty.
    <Personal/Cumulative Achievement>

    This achievement takes place in Phase 2 of the fight, when Barim pulls everyone into the shadow realm (at 50% health). There will be a shadow phoenix kind of thing that the tanks needs to pick up and kite around. The reason it needs to be kited is because party members will be targeted with an ability that spawns a Soul Fragment from them. That Soul Fragment has only one path – directly to the shadow phoenix. The Burning Soul is a debuff that is applied to the Soul Fragments when they pass through fire. I believe they need to be standing in fire in order to get the achievement, rather than just needing to simply walk through it once. So, this means that stuns should be used effectively. The Soul Fragments have 77k health.
    You do not need to kill Barim in order to get this achievement, and you do not 3 killed all in one attempt.

    |_Siamat_| <^> |_Headed South_|
    Defeat Siamat, Lord of the South Wind, with 3 stacks of Lightning Charge in Lost City of the Tol'vir on Heroic difficulty.
    <Personal/Group Achievement>

    I listed this as a Personal/Group Achievement because you need the group to be doing this a certain way in order to get the achievement, however the achievement itself is personal, in that if one person doesn’t get it, that doesn’t stop everyone else from getting credit. As a side note, this is definitely one of the hardest, if not the hardest achievement. I spent over 4 hours attempting this different ways until I finally got it.
    A few things need to be known before I can go into strategy details. There are 3 Servants that spawn, you CANNOT kill them. They must stay alive until you are ready to do the achievement. When they die, anyone that is standing in melee range will receive the Lightning Charge debuff, which increases your damage taken by 33%, damage dealt by 10%, and increases your haste by 10% per stack. The achievement is to have 3 stacks, which means you will be taking 100% more damage, which can be devastating with the high amount of AoE on this fight. A very, very important thing to know is that Siamat breaks his shield and goes into Phase 2 as soon as the 3rd Servant spawns. When I say the 3rd Servant, I mean the 3rd one to spawn. As the Servants spawn, you should have your tank mark them, so you know which is the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. When you have a stack of Lightning Charge and you kill another Servant, that stack goes to 2 and the duration is refreshed to 30 seconds.
    There are 2 main strategies to this achievement. One is to burn through his damage reduction shield in Phase 1, and the other is to burn him hard, with a few variations of each.
    Phase 1 Burn: You need 2 Healers for this, absolutely. This means that you will have 2 dps to burn through the damage reduction. This strategy takes 12-15 minutes per attempt. Basically, start the encounter, and if you have a melee, let them engage the boss as his shield is sometimes not put up immediately. Healers need to focus on conserving mana, as long as your 2 healers have mana, you can go indefinitely in phase 1. Make sure to mark the Servants as they spawn because you will need to know which is which. Ignore the Minions. Their Chain Lightnings don’t hit hard and after about 15-20 seconds, they die on their own, so killing them is wasting dps time on Siamat. It’s pretty simple, in theory, how to do this up until he’s at lower health. But that’s when there’s a variation.
    There is one way which would have you get him to 50-60% health or so and then kill the 3rd Servant. After he breaks into Phase 2, you can either kill the other Servants immediately and go for a hard burn, or kill them slowly and kill another so the group has a second stack, wait another 15 seconds, kill the last Servant, and then the kill Siamat. For this, use Bloodlust/Heroism after you break him into Phase 2.
    The other variation is dps him down further, until he’s very low, say 20-40k health. This would mean that a dps might be able to kill him very quickly without the group taking ‘too much’ damage from being thrown around. For this strategy, use Bloodlust/Heroism at the start, and then again when the 10 minute debuff runs out.
    The other main strategy is to keep all 3 Servants alive and then kill the 3rd one so that he starts Phase 2. From this point, you have the option of doing it as said before – killing them one at a time to extend your stacks, or killing the other 2 immediately and hitting Bloodlust/Heroism and burning hard. It’s all about what works for your group, but this definitely a hard one to get. It’s also advised that it might be better to just get the achievement for a few people each time you do it, as the group damage with everyone taking 100% more damage is absurd and borderline not healable.

    Shadowfang Keep

    |_Baron Ashbury_| <^> |_Pardon Denied_|
    Defeat Baron Ashbury without letting him heal with Stay of Execution in Shadowfang Keep on Heroic difficulty.
    <Group Achievement>

    Stay of Execution is cast immediately Strangulate, which brings every member of the group down to 1 hp. Stay of Execution is a Holy Nova that Baron casts that heals the group and himself. Since you cannot let him get a single pulse of this heal off, you need a few things: someone that can interrupt it immediately as it begins to cast, and a healer that can get a quick heal on the tank and the group. It’s also very important that you do not assign everyone to focus on interrupting Star of Execution, as there are 2 other casts that HAVE to be cancelled – Pain and Suffering and Mend Rotten Flesh. Pain and Suffering is a DoT channel spell that targets a player, it results in death if not cancelled and at low health. Mend Rotten Flesh is a huge heal on Baron, so you cannot let either of those casts go. At 30%, Baron goes into Phase 2, which is lots of group damage, and it becomes a burn.
    Now, with 3 dps doing about 10-12k each, you can most likely only have one Strangulate, which means use Bloodlust/Heroism after that one in order to skip to 30%. However, you could also save BL/Hero for after a second Strangulate and have it to help heal the group damage from Phase 2.

    |_Commander Springvale_| <^> |_To the Ground!_|
    Defeat Commander Springvale without allowing him to receive Unholy Empowerment in Shadowfang Keep on Heroic difficulty.
    <Group Achievement>

    Unholy Empowerment is cast by all of the adds during this fight, it can be interrupted. Unholy Empowerment is different from Unholy Power, which Springvale will periodically gain. There are 2 methods to do this.
    The first method is to kite him to the courtyard at the beginning of the instance (where you fight the big guys that fear). This currently ensures that the only adds that ever come are the first 2 that engage with Springvale. I’m not sure if this is a bug or intended, but I’d lean towards a bug. As long as you have 2 people assigned to interrupting Unholy Empowerment from each add, and kill them, this is an easy method. However, the adds cast Unholy Empowerment while they are running with Springvale, so you need to have 2 people running with Springvale, each on a different add, and interrupt when they begin to cast Unholy Empowerment.
    The other method is to fight him in his room and do the fight like normal there. The only difference is the adds are your first priority. You need to kill them immediately while locking down Unholy Empowerment.

    |_Lord Godfrey_| <^> |_Bullet Time_|
    Defeat 12 Bloodthirsty Ghouls with Pistol Barrage and then defeat Lord Godfrey in Shadowfang Keep on Heroic difficulty.
    <Group Achievement>

    Lord Godfrey has a few abilities worth mentioning. One is Cursed Bullets. This deals pretty large damage to whatever random party member it targeted and leaves a Curse DoT on that player. It is a 1.5 second cast and can be interrupted, so do so. Another is the Ghouls he spawns. Normally, you would kill these quickly, as they leave a debuff on the tank. However, for this achievement, it requires that you keep them alive until…Pistol Barrage – a frontal cone attack that should pretty much always target the tank, although I have seen it aimed at other players. Basically, move out of this, except the tank. The tank needs to bring the Ghouls into the Pistol Barrage so that it kills them (they have low health, so dps on them before is not necessary). Repeat until you have 12 killed and then kill Godfrey.
    There is also a certain strategy that is quite popular that focuses on positioning. I am going to quote a post by ‘djcloudnine’ on the WoWHead forums for this:

    “Range / Healers - stand on the stairs you first walk in on.
    Tank - tanks boss at the bottom of the stairs of the platform the boss starts on. The key part is to face him facing the bottom of the staircase that leads to your range/healer.

    Whenever the boss pops out the adds, right after he will start his pistol barrage. The tank steps to the backside or side, and all dps remains on the boss. The adds will aggro to the healer forcing them to run up the stairs. The bosses barrage will take them out as they attempt. Rinse and repeat.”

    It works very well, and it does indeed make this easier.

    The Deadmines

    |_Glubtok_| <^> |_Ready for Raiding_|
    Do not get hit by Fire Wall in the Glubtok encounter in Deadmines on Heroic difficulty.
    <Personal Achievement>

    This fight is simple, and the achievement doesn’t come into play until Glubtok is somewhere between 30% and 50%. He will run the middle of the room and begin to float. At that time, he will create a Fire Wall, which is like a rod of fire that cuts the room in half and rotates in a circle. All you need to do is keep moving and not get hit, whether you get this or not is entirely dependant on you. As an added note, the Fire Wall continues to rotate after he reaches 1 hp and does a little RP.

    |_Helix Gearbreaker_| <^> |_Rat Pack_|
    Kill 20 Mine Rats during the Helix Gearbreaker encounter in Deadmines on Heroic difficulty.
    <Cumulative Achievement>

    You do not need 20 Mine Rats killed in one encounter, although it is possible. The Lumbering Oaf will use a charge ability where he charges down the middle of the wooden platform into the pile of logs. When he does this, he spawns Mine Rats, which are critters and can be seen running around the log pile. I believe there are 5 or 6 that spawn each charge, so it is possible to wait until he’s charge 4 times (or however many it takes to get 20) and then kill him and Helix.

    |_Foe Reaper 5000_| <^> |_Prototype Prodigy_|
    Keep the Prototype Reaper from falling below 90% health during the Foe Reaper 5000 encounter in Deadmines on Heroic difficulty.

    Do not get in the Prototype Reaper to clear trash, do not.
    Tank Foe Reaper on the ramp, about halfway up, with the healer standing towards the top. If you have a ranged dps, have them stand closer to the bottom of the ramp. This is to avoid Harvest coming in the direction of the entire group. Harvest is an ability that targets a player and then Foe Reaper makes a bee-line for that person while doing a flurry that will hurt anyone in melee. Simply run away and avoid Foe Reaper while he is doing this.
    The person in the Prototype Reaper should have no problem getting this achievement, as there is Obsidian Alloy, which makes the Prototype immune to fire damage. Just Charge everything and kill it quickly and there will be no issues.

    |_Admiral Ripsnarl_| <^> |_It's Frost Damage_|
    Allow three Freezing Vapors to cast Coalesce during the Admiral Ripsnarl encounter in Deadmines on Heroic difficulty.
    <Group Achievement>

    This achievement can be tricky, but just know this: you will probably wipe in the process of getting this achievement, as it does not require you to kill Ripsnarl.
    Basically, you burn Ripsnarl to 75% so that he starts the first vapor phase. Do not kill any Vapors, none. If left alone, the Vapors continue to grow in size until eventually they cast Coalesce, which is an AoE that deals about 100k Frost damage. The way to handle this is to allow all that spawn to grow in size. The tank is pretty much a sacrifice for this particular strategy. You will have 3 casting Coalesce pretty quickly, and the group should try to run behind the little room that is on your right when you get to the top level of the boat. Coalesce can be LoS’d, so everyone can survive. And, as long as the tank runs out of LoS when a Vapor begins to cast Coalesce, he might live also. Although, it’s easier for him to just take the hits in some circumstances.
    All in all, this is pretty simple, as long as you don’t mind wiping while getting the achievement.

    |_Cookie_| <^> |_I'm on a Diet_|
    Do not gain more than one stack of Nauseated during the Cookie encounter in Deadmines on Heroic difficulty.
    <Personal Achievement>

    This one isn’t too difficult. The Nauseated debuff is attained from eaiting bad food (the food that has a green swirling AoE radiating from it). All you need to do is only eat the good food (the gold, glowing food) and burn Cookie down. Melee gets very cluttered with bad food, so you might want to have someone who already has it or someone who doesn’t care to focus on getting the bad food out of melee. Alternatively, your Ranged, if you have any, can easily take down Cookie solo with heals, as long as they are eating the good food.

    |_Vanessa VanCleef_| <^> |_Vigorous VanCleef Vindicator_|
    Engage Vanessa VanCleef within 5 minutes of being inflicted with the Nightmare Elixir.
    <Group Achievement>

    This one can be tough, and aggravating. In theory, it’s not too bad, but you cannot have any deaths or waste any time. It’s similar to Faster than the Speed of Light from Halls of Origination in that regard, but it’s much easier to die here.
    In the first room, dodge the fire patches and the ice drops. There is a way to drop down from the starting area onto the boss, however it’s possible to fail and land in fire and fail the achievement, so it’s a risk unless you know where exactly to jump. You need to plow through the first 2 bosses very quickly and prepare for the lightning room.
    DO NOT move forward before the lightning rods have a chance to spin for a few seconds. They will speed up after about 3-5 seconds of normal speed and then slow down, this is the only time that will happen. You need to have every member of your group negotiate their way around the lightning without dying. The tank needs to pull as soon as possible. This room is where the most time is lost, whether it’s from dying or hesitation. If you can do this room perfectly, this achievement should be an easy win.
    The next area has groups of worgen adds, three in each group (2 groups total) and then a mini-boss with 700k health. You must kill the first worgen group completely before the second one spawns, and the second must die before you can kill the mini-boss. While the group is killing the mini-boss, the healer should be continuing on towards to Vanessa to engage her as soon as possible. You get a nice speed buff while on the boat. I advise using Bloodlust/Heroism either when you begin the first worgen group, or the second.

    The Stonecore

    |_High Priestess Azil_| <^> |_Rotten to the Core_|
    Defeat 60 Disciples within 10 seconds during the High Priestess Azil encounter in the Stonecore on Heroic Difficulty.
    <Group Achievement>

    In front of Azil, before you engage her, there are exactly 60 Disciples. In order to do this, you must have the tank run in and pick up all 60 WITHOUT killing them. Azil needs to be engaged and she needs to land and have her Energy Shield buff gone before you can kill the Disciples. When she aggro’s onto the tank, throw up all AoE you have to burn all 60 down. It’s likely that the tank or healer will die and will ultimately result in a wipe, but you can still get the achievement.

    The Vortex Pinnacle

    |_Vortex Pinnacle_| <^> |_Extra Credit Bonus Stage_|
    Collect 5 Golden Orbs in a single visit to the Vortex Pinnacle on Heroic difficulty.
    <Group Achievement>

    This is very easy and fun. Throughout the instance, you will see Golden Orbs that are floating out in air. They will have a loot icon when you mouseover them. The only way to get them is to jump off and click to loot them quickly, before you go past them. There are 8 or 9 total throughout the instance, so there are not mandatory ones to collect. There will be one near the first boss’ platform. 2 on the Altairus encounter (they will be in the air – you need to use the tornadoes to shoot yourself high enough to loot them). Not that the ones at Altairus’ area are not mandatory. There will be 2 on of the bridges, I think it’s the first one you come to. There are 2 on a spiral ramp with the wind that increases your speed, and there’s a few more in other places. As long as you keep an eye out for them, it’s very simple.
    Just an extra note: recently, when you jump off the side, you get ported to the beginning of the instance. This makes this achievement much more of a pain to get now.

    |_Asaad_| <^> |_No Static at All_|
    Completely avoid the Static Cling effect during the Asaad encounter in the Vortex Pinnacle on Heroic Difficulty.
    <Personal Achievement>

    Asaad casts Static Cling within 5-10 seconds of first being engaged and then pretty regularly soon after he casts Chain Lightning. Static Cling roots you to the ground, and can be dispelled. However, there is a specific way to do this achievement in order to never receive the debuff. And that is to jump as soon as you see Assad begin to cast Static Cling. It is a very fast cast and if you don’t jump when it starts, it will probably still get on you, even if your character jumps.
    Levitate used to work for this, and probably still does. However, the issue with relying on Levitate is that any hit makes it fade, and you can take a hit at an inopportune time, like if you were the target of the Chain Lightning. It is better to just rely on yourself jumping.

    Throne of the Tides

    |_Lady Naz’jar_| <^> |_Old Faithful_|
    Get Lady Naz'jar to kill one of her minions with her Geyser ability in Throne of the Tides on Heroic difficulty.
    <Group Achievement>

    Lady Naz’jar periodically spawns pools of water called Geysers. After a few seconds, they explode dealing damage to anyone or anything inside that area of effect.
    At about 66%, Lady Naz’jar goes to the middle of the room, becomes immune to damage, and spawns 3 adds – one melee and 2 caster adds. The best way to do this is to have the group kill the 2 caster adds and leave the melee one alive. Her damage immune shield expires after about a minute, so just keep dodging the water tornadoes that spawn from her and work their way to the outside ring of the ring in a straight line.
    This next part is sort of tricky. The Geyser will not kill an add that is at full health, the add needs to be below 10-20kish health for a single Geyser to kill it. This either requires one dps to bring it down very carefully, or to have it get hit my multiple Geysers. How you have it hit is to just move with it and place it on a Geyser. So, the tank will have Lady Naz’jar and the add both on him until the add is killed by a Geyser.
    You do not need to kill Lady Naz’jar to get this achievement.

    |_Ozumat_| <^> |_Prince of Tides_|
    Defeat an Unyielding Behemoth while you have the Tidal Surge effect during the Ozumat encounter in Throne of the Tides on Heroic difficulty.
    <Group Achievement>

    There will only be one Unyielding Behemoth that spawns, and that will be in Phase 1. When it spawns, the tank should pick it up and begin to kite it around. If you have a Shaman in your group, have them lay down an Earthbind Totem near the middle of the room to help the tank kite.
    When Phase 2 starts, the group should handle like regular. The dps works on the channelers while the tank picks up all of the Beasts and also kites them.
    When that phase ends and Phase 3 begins, wait until you get the buff and then kill all of the beasts and the Behemoth immediately and then move onto Ozumat. With the buff, the Behemoth should die in just a few hits. If you are dead when it dies, you will not get the achievement.


    Thank you for reading, and good luck on the Drakes!

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    Going for the 2 healer slow burn (low health) option for Headed south. Last acheivement i've needed for awhile, about time i finally get this finished.

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