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    Just saw something about " DC universe" Looks awesome! so will check that out

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    Bioware games, Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age 2 and SW:TOR

    Also Edler's Scroll 5

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    Gears Of War 3
    Mortal Kombat 9

    these the only 2 that have interested me for now ..... surely will be others later in the year.

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    Diablo 3
    Gears of War 3
    Mass Effect 3
    Heart of the Swarm (provided it comes out in 2011)
    Portal 2

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    Portal 2
    Deus Ex 3
    Mass Effect 3
    Batman: Arkham City
    Duke Nukem Forever
    The rest of the Back to the Future episodes

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    Quote Originally Posted by MestHoop View Post
    Hmmm, this thread is telling me to play Mass Effect 1 and 2 :P
    You won't regret it. If fallout new vegas wasn't a buggy piece of crap I'd rate it over ME2. But ME 2 is one of the best rounded polished games I've played in a while. It's got great characters, and gameplay which is stripped down but not made more boring than 1. 1 on the other hand sets up a great universe and backstory and was also a lot of fun. You have to play 1 first.

    HL3 (probably early 2012 but valve are already taking their sweet time)
    Black mesa
    Mass effect 3
    Portal 2
    Dragon Age 2 (it seems like they're fixing most of my niggles like the fact you had to play good or evil because of what your companions would think of you, or it being hard to understand what you were saying during dialogue which often lead to "I didn't think it meant that" moments.
    Bioshock infinity (if it's this coming year). The original devs are doing this and it sounds like they understand by bioshock 1 was good rather than started tacking a sequel on like 2. The setting looks amazing, and if they pull it off, bioshock could become like the final fantasy franchise (at it's best), ie simular mechanics but wowing us with exciting new worlds and stories to play in. I'd actually quite like to see that.

    Also marvel versus capcom. "YOU PUSHED THE WRONG BUTTON" "Bang bang. Bang bang". Etc.

    Sequels are more anticipated than new games because you have expectations. I hope that we're blown away by at least one new game though.

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    DC Universe Online
    Madden 12

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    Marvel vs Capcom 3.

    They had me at Deadpool.

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    The new zelda, unless they postpone it again.
    SC2: Heart of the swarm, but unsure if it will acctually come this year.
    Diablo 3, might be delayed. Who knows, it's blizzard :P

    So 3 games, all who are kinda unsure that will even come out this year :P

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    diablo 3
    rift: planes of telara

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    Dirt 3 and Gears of War 3 I'm looking forward to most.

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    Hands down the game for 2011 for me is Magicka, by Arrow head studios. Cant wait! and if all goes as planned, it's released this January D

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    in order of OMFGWANTITNOW

    Dragon Age 2: absolutely LOVED the first one, I even kinda dug the expacs :P just cause everything was so lolOP in Awakenings, DA2 is looking to be almost more of a do-over than a true sequal, set in the same place/time, and with the same battle/class systems, but greatly reworked to run out all the kinks, and perfect what was already a damn fine system.

    SW:TOR, if ever a game could take me away from WoW it's this, if it's 1/2 as good as all the buildup says it will be, I'm gunna start playing this game the second it comes out, and not stop till I frakkin die.

    D3: I mean.... come one, Diable 2 is probably one of the best games of ALL TIME, if D3 is 1/4 as good it's going to be fuckin legendary :P plus you can makes Monks, and I love playing as a Monk :P

    Portal 2 Revenge of GLaDOS: subtitle is mine can't wait to start thinkin with portal again, first game was superb, and this one adds co-op multiplayer, what else could you ask for?

    Warrior Legends of Troy: it's Dynasty warrior, it's Troy, what's not to love? Also I hope they bring the Fist of the North Star Warriors game to England, it looked cool while we're on the subject... Wouldn't mind a new Samurai Warriors game that's not on the frakkin Wii, it's been far to long since i've hacked some fools apart as Miyamoto Musashi
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    SWTOR - Thank you God. Can it not come out any sooner than Spring 11?
    Mass Effect 3 - I played the first one...have failed and haven't played ME2 >_<. Might do a long marathon of those 2 to be ready for 3.
    Diablo 3 - /drool

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    Stellar Dawn.
    Hate me.

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    Mass Effect 3
    Portal 2
    Star Wars: The Old Republic

    I think my sole reason of living is for these games. :3
    First impressions are everything to me. Make it count. <3

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    Really there are a lot of good games coming next year. From the announced games alone, there are probably 20+ I'm looking forward to. Then there are the unannounced games that are either a new IP, or a complete surprise that could end up being really good.

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    Can't think of many atm, the main thing at is:
    Portal 2
    Half life 2: Episode 3 (If it's coming out)
    Next WoW Expansion (Ofc, if it's out)

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    Portal 2, want! played portal 1 and loved the game
    and if assassins creed 3 ever comes along, want!

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