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    346 JC Trinket question.

    I've heard a lot about how to get this but i'm still very confused. Is it a random drop after you have 475 JC? Is there a quest or something?

    I'm looking to get the +Int/Spirit one.

    Any help is appreciated.


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    Random drop after 475. Just quest for an hour and you'll get it.

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    Yeah, you get the quest item as a random drop and then you need some bars and gems to complete the quest to turn the quest item into the actual trinket.

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    My suggestion: Go for the troggs attacking the earthen down in Deepholm. They are in nice, large groups, are not hard to kill.

    Being a Paladin, I get access to all but the Agility one, and got all 4 (Strength, Tank, Int, Spirit) in like an hour of work in there.

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