Skinning overall:

Skinning is one of 3 gathering proffesions.What I mean by "gathering"
proffesions is that you gather leather(in skinning) to make use of it
in crafting proffesions such as leatherworking.I made this little helper
that will maybe help you see what goes with what even through we are
going to do skinning here:

Gathering = G
Crafting = C

Skinning (G) - Leatherworking (C)
Mining (G) - Engeenering (C)
Mining (G) -Blacksmith (C)
Herbalism (G) - Inscription (C)
Herbalism (G) - Alchemy (C)

Tailoring and enchanting go together with nothing.

There are aswell "Secondary proffesions",
which are :archeology,fishing,cooking,first aid.

Before you start your journey as skinner I would suggest you
to do all the quests in the area that lead to nearby city:

Alliance: Horde:

Night elf-Darnassus Orc-Orgrimmar
Dwarf-Ironforge Troll-Orgrimmar
Human-Stormwind Tauren-Thunder Bluff
Gnome-Ironforge Blood elf-Silvermoon City
Draenie-Exodar Undead-Undercity
Worgen-Darnassus Goblin-Orgrimmar

When you enter a capital city which is any of stated above
you should see "guards" wondering around.If you hover
over one of them you will see map looking icon.Talking to
a guard can help you find "Skinning trainer" in the city.
Skinning trainers have <Skinning trainer> note under the name,
for example Thuwd in Orgrimmar.

After you found skinning trainer train skinning and buy SKINNING
KNIFE from nearby <Leatherworking Supplies> seller.You DON'T
have to equip the knife but just keep it in the bag.
Now that you are prepared you are ready to go !


Skinning apprentice is the 1st "step" of skinning you will have.
With it you will be able to raise your lvl in skinning up to maxiumum of 75.
You will ussually get 1 level up from each skin bringing us to around
75 skinned creatures to reach the apprentice cap.
Leather you will get in apprentice skinning will be
"Light leather" aswell as scraps sometimes.
To skin a creature you will need to carry a skinning knife that you previously bought,
loot the creature,then when you hover over it you will have a leather type of icon.
When clicking the creature you will be able to skin it.
If creature is skinnable hovering over it will say "Skinnable" and under that
it will show colour:

GRAY COULOUR-Indicates that skinning the creature you will get NO point up whatsoever.
GREEN COLOUR-Indicates that your skinning is bit high for this creature and that you
might get level up.
YELLOW COLOUR-Indicates that the creature is proper level for your skinning,and that
you will get level up by skinning it.
LIGHTER RED COLOUR-Indicates that the creature is little bit higher level then your skinning,
that with skinning it you will gain level and you will be able to skin
that type of creature for longer while then yellow one.
RED COLOUR-Indicates that the creature is too high skinning level for you to skin.

By the end of apprentice (1-75) you will gather plenty of light leather.With it
you will be able to create items in "Leatherworking" that might come in handy
as your equipment or as selling.

Tip:Some items "stack" such as leather for example.So when you skin 2
light leather you will only see 1 light leather icon with number "2" in the corner.
This can go up to 20,after 20 it will take 2nd slot in your bags.


This skinning is similiar to apprentice but skinning level bases of
76-150.You will find beasts to skin in starting area till level of 100
100 + you will find in your 2nd leveling area.Which is for example
The Barrens for the Horde.Barrens are full of beasts wandering around
and at this point of skinning you will start getting Medium leather.
Also if you are lucky you might find Light hide or Medium hide.
I found that leveling skinning at 100+ might be good in Barrens at Raptor hill.
I am not 100% sure of the name but it is in south Barrens and you will find alot
of raptors wandering around in groups.Don't forget to level your skinning as you level
your character !! Don't go level your skinning too high nor too low,keep it near.
Meaning that you should skin beasts your level or few levels above/under you.
After you reach 150 skinning you are done with journeyman !

To make this guide
little bit better I will make skinning lvling in short:


EXPERT -150-225 Leathers you obtain:Medium Leather aswell as some Heavy Leather
ARTISAN-225-300 Leathers you obtain:Thick and some Rugged leather (STV is good place to lvl)
MASTER -225-375 Trained in Thrallamar/You obtain alot of Outland leathers which can be sold
for decent prices

GRAND MASTER-375-450 Trained in Northrend.The best spot to farm borean leather is in Temple
of Life in Storm Peaks.You will find alot of rhino groups there and
get alot of borean leather.Also some arctic fur.Leatherworker can
make Heavy Borean leather and trade 10 of them for 1
Arctic fur in Dalaran.
ILLOUSTRIOUS GRAND MASTER-450-525 This one is the highest avalible the best skinning
spots here will be posted in link.I made pictures
that might help you alot.Also there is a method I

made it is called "Tol'Vir enterance farming".
How you do it:

1st off get buddies.5 dps and you will be fast as wind.When you enter Tol'Vir instance to your
left and right you will see tigers guarded by 1 elite.When you skin them they drop 2-4 leathers
they can easly be killed on both sides and skinned within 2min.I found that to be the fastest
way to skin.Depends on how many friends join you that is.

After you reach maxiumum skinning there will be some monsters that require
skinning 530.To get to that level there are 2 enchants you might use :

Also some mobs need 530 skinning,to skin them use 1 of these 2 enchants:

Formula: Enchant Gloves - Skinning
Requires Enchanting (200)
Item Level 40
Use: Teaches you how to permanently enchant gloves to increase skinning skill by 5.
Sell Price: 10 silver

Scroll of Enchant Gloves - Gatherer
Item Level 75
Use: Permanently enchant gloves to increase Herbalism, Mining, and Skinning by 5.
Requires a level 60 or higher item

Any other details can be checked on wowhead
By typing any of names stated above into search box.

I had some pictures but was unable to post link.If I will be able to comment I will post it .

Thank you for reading my guide !

P.S:By leveling your skinning you get a spell.It will increse your crit ...try to figure out the name ^^