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    Guide: Becoming a Better Restoration Shaman

    My guide is uploaded on filefront as a .docx, Microsoft Word 2007 document. It can be found here "filefront.com/17714208/Becoming a Better Shaman Healer.docx"

    (Don't forget to add the http and the www) couldn't post a link because I made an account just for this contest =P
    It's important that it is viewed in Microsoft Word due to the format and inner-document hyperlinking. Thanks for taking a look =D

    *Edit* I tried to post a purely text-based version of this post in this forum but I keep getting an error about not being able to post any videos, pictures or links yet. I've taken all of the links and pictures out and I'm still getting the error...is this because of the text I have regarding my World of Warcraft Macros?

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