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    bloody water elemental........

    i have noticed recently that sometimes my water elemental attacks a completely random target and not the target i am attacking?
    am i missing something here, is there something i need to do apart from pull its plug

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    From what i believe pets who havn't been sent to a specific target do have a sort of aggro table, or something along those lines.

    Macro /petattack into something to stop that happening
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    From what I have noticed pets don't change their target unless told to or their target dies. So if it starts attacking some random target because it attacked first then it will continue until you tell him to attack different target
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    Pets (on defensive setting) is a no-go currently.
    They pick cc'ed targets, they choose randomly which mob in a group to target (you first/primary target seems to have little to no influence) they charge (or use related abilities) mobs at random.
    Anything besides pet on defensive and a /petattack macro is just too "dangerous" in most groups and raids the way they work atm.

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    /cast Frostbolt

    /cast Polymorph

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    Lets say you polly someone, unless you tell your pet to attack someone else everytime you polly he will always pick up the first mob you're engaged with.

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    Ah i see now that its been my fault all along
    i open with pet freeze, and i always assumed my elemental will attack the target i am attacking without the need for me to tell it.
    makes sense now

    many thanks

    anymore usefull macros i should have?

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