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    sorry for lame question

    I am trying to gear up for raiding and I would like some advice about what the next valor points purchase should be.
    I am running fire right now and I have 1860 VP and I am not sure which piece to get next.
    any advice is appreciated.



    thank you for your time and have a good day

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    sorry it wouldnt let me put in links to the character gear pages

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    your best bet, would be to get the cloak now, and pray for either the hands / pants drop from Lootadin's Hold ! also there are quite a few tweaks you could do in your gear, as in get either stamina - speed buff / master - speed buff enchant on your boots, and get the haste / crit crafted pants, instead of the mastery ones, if possible. also with about 1-2 weeks of Arena's / BG conquest cap, you could get your self a very descent main hand :]

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    Thanks for the reply. How does conquest points work? Which main hand are we talking about?

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    Ok I got some new pants and regemmed and reforged. Any comments on the new gem/reforge? Also is the pvp wand a good one for pve? I see a lot of mages using it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kikokono View Post
    Ok I got some new pants and regemmed and reforged. Any comments on the new gem/reforge? Also is the pvp wand a good one for pve? I see a lot of mages using it?

    Since you're under hit cap, un-reforge some Crit or Haste back into Hit. Or, alternatively, for your shoulders 30 Int, 20 Hit > 40 Int. But it's best to reforge for Hit before sacrificing Int.
    For your pants, 60 Int, 20 Hit, 20 Crit/Haste > 80 Int, unless you reach Hit cap through reforging, which it looks like you could.

    Your gear is great, btw!

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    I use the pvp wand.. simply bcoz i dont wanna spend 20k on the BoE one from BWD... but get the cloak thats the first thing i got with my VP.. (workin on tier chest now) but i got lucky with the ring from Tol'vir archaeology so i dont need to buy the VP one... but if u have the gold you should also think about buying "Bracers of the Dark Pool" i belive there BiS untill heroics

    luckily for me the bracers droped off first trash pack in BoT this reset which saved me 15k..

    but anywho.. if u dont mind parting with your gold think about buying the bracers
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    The armory must be wrong. I am hit capped by far. I am drenei so I dont need the 1743 that other classes do

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    Dude, you have ilvl 355 equiped. You are past ready to raid. At this point just get the next piece of valor gear that you think looks best.

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    Thanks but it wasnt till last night that I ever looked at pvp gear. I was missing a whole part of the game. I gotta start doing more pvp if nothing else I can farm up a malestrom crystal every week.

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