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    Razer Gear

    I'm trying to get a Razer Anansi
    Problem is that it says *Pre-order* soon(tm) Ships in December 2010.. December is almost over now O.o?!?

    This is probably the wrong place to ask but could it be because of the Weather affecting shipments to the warehouse? I can't find anything saying if it has been Post-poned or even scrapping it.

    Anyone got an idea? (My first time buying Razer products).

    Shall i just buy another (Black widow? - or even - Lycosa?) as i will be acompanying it with a Razer naga too Or is the Anansi just overkill if i use a Naga also.

    Any info given is appreciated!

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    I don't know that you'd really need all those macros xD

    If you find yourself needing even more macro keys even with the Naga, then I'd say go for it. Not sure what the deal is with the pre-orders though.

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    I have a naga and a lycosa and I cope fine (playing a hunter in pvp i have around 40-45 binds). Obviously it's your choice but I don't think you'd have problems without an anansi..

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    I use a Razer Naga with a Lycosa. It is plenty for me.

    I have all my hotkeys on the mouse and I just press ctrl/shift/alt on the keyboard as modifiers to access other sets.

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    I run Lycosa / Deathadder because im not a massive fan on having so much going on on 1 hand.

    As far as their products go...i have to say im a sucker for aesthetics. If i wasnt i wouldnt buy Razer stuff, Logitech does pretty much everything better other than looks including reliability and functionality.

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    Just got a Naga/Lycosa....SUPREMELY happy with the both of them

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    I have the black widow ultimate and the naga. I love them both.

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    Looks like Razer just popped up "Register here" for interest Sub... Guessing it's a go ahead soon enough to buy it!

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