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    Monitor help

    Hello there.

    I'm building a new computer, but I've stumbled a bit on monitor selection. Trying to read different reviews and info hasn't seemed to give me much of a solid answer.

    For example I've read a lot of things that say you want a 2ms response time, yet the high end recommended monitor has a 6ms response time. Is this really significant? Also, do you want an HDMI connection or does that not really accomplish much from a gaming perspective?

    I'm not really wanting to spend more than 400 on a monitor but if you know of something that's just way better bang for your buck that's around 500 I could be in.

    Really just trying to get some better info on what to look for in a gaming monitor. Thanks!

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    You can get 24" LED monitor for $200-300, no point spending 500 on it. Samsung is good brand on midrange gamer monitors. 2ms vs 6ms won't make any difference unless you're international tournament level player of some twitch fps'es.

    Having more connectors is good, but from gaming perspective DVI and HDMI are identical. If the monitor has for example both DVI and HDMI, you can plug in two computers, or computer and BluRay player.
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    what I got

    Great quality and perfect size. HDMI and built in speakers are nice. Anything more than a 24" is too big for a monitor IMO, because you want to be pretty close to it unlike watching TV, and you want everything in frontal view. Don't want to be looking up or to the sides when gaming.

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    Yeah definitely don't want anything bigger than 24. I've been looking at both 23 and 24. The one that seems to be standing out at the moment is the Samsung PX2370. I can't provide a link to it, but easy enough to find.

    Seems pretty solid and a good monitor, the only reason I've had a pause on it is everyone seems to speak volumes about the Dell Ultrasharp series of monitors. Does anyone have experience with the Ultrasharp series? They are a bit more pricey and I'm not yet convinced it's really worth it. But my knowledge of monitor specifics is unfortunately rather limited.

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