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    Duke Nukem Forever to be released in early 2011

    In 1997, Duke Nukem Forever was announced to be in development by 3D Realms. At PAX this past September, 2K Games and Gearbox software had game demos for convention goers to play, and they said the game will finally be released in early 2011, 14 years after its inital announcement. It has changed publishers 4 times (GT Interactive, Gathering of Developers, Take Two Interactive, 2K Games), and suffered through downsizing and cancelation at 3d Realms before being taken over by Gearbox Software.

    A list of things that took less time than the 14 years from start to release:
    -The Beatles formed, wrote 217 songs, preformed across the world, and broke up.
    -Both World Trade Center towers were built.
    -The entirety of the Manhattan Project.
    -The Apollo project, from Kennedy's challenge to the Moon landing.
    -The Wright Brothers designed and flew the first airplane.

    Since 1997, when the game was announced:
    -Voyager 1 has traveled almost 9 billion miles.
    -The Cubs have lost over 1200 games.
    -Over 650,000,000 people have been born.
    -Over 500,000,000 people have died.

    Anyone else kinda excited about this game?
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    Would be fun if they would postpone it even more.

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    2 words



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    I love this. Thanks very much.
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    It's pretty amazing to think that that much has happened since that game's been announced.

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    It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum(slowly over a course of 14 years) and now I'm all out of gum.

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