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    Keyboard failure

    So recently my keyboard started to die for some reason and I thought it was a problem with the keyboard, but then i tried another keyboard out and I had the same problem.
    Basically when I press Shift + a till z in WoW or documents it wont work. It will only work when I press it like 3 times or so, same problem with the alt and the ctrl key.

    My drivers are installed and it has been working flawlessly for 1 year but now im heading at this problem :s . I would appreciate it if some1 can help me out with this major problem.
    It's so annoying when you have keybinds in WoW and you lose the match because of ur shift being bugged out.



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    Does it only happen in wow or in other applications too?

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    Every applications, :S

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    Turn off sticky keys? Just a suggestion.

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    Its not that.. I can use it sometimes but for some reason it wont work, then 2 seec later it will work again

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    Shift + a till z? Im not sure but you may want to look up NKRO (N-key roll over test). You may find some answers there.
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