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    Avoid Alienware altogether. They were awesome years ago, before Dell acquired them, but now they're made of incredibly cheap materials that break regardless of how gingerly you treat them--for example, the plastic around the hinges of my laptop has cracked, causing the screws to fall out, causing the hinges to come apart.... despite far lower-than-average use (I use it as a desktop replacement, so it doesn't get opened and closed very often).

    Additionally, the plastic bits that hold the keys in have weakened in the last two years to the point where a few of my keys spontaneously come off when I press them.

    I reemphasize that I use this laptop as a desktop replacement--I don't open or close it often, it doesn't move, it doesn't get beat up... it's just very very cheap.

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    Never, ever, buy ANYTHING from Alienware or Apple. Seriously, don't do it. Not a single product.

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