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    [TV] Best/Worst Comedies

    Have scrolled back 3 pages and haven't found a duplicate thread, so apologies if this one is somewhere else.

    But just post about your favourite/most despised comedies, and hopefully share some that we may not have seen/heard of before.


    Blackadder (all, though especially series 4 - Back and Forth)
    Mongrels (BBC3 puppet (like the muppets, not like Thunderbirds) adult comedy. Hilarious).

    Couldn't stand The Royle Family or The Office.

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    That's Movies - this is TV.

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    Blue Mountain State ftw

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kendrel View Post
    That's Movies - this is TV.

    Comedies on TV? Haven't watched a lot of sitcoms since... IDK when. 1994? lol.

    I like the Daily Show and Conan. That's about all I watch comedy wise on TV.

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    Conan / Daily show are always funny. South Park / Simpsons are the best animated ones, hands down.

    Two and a Half Men has it's moments, but it's not hilarious.

    I hate, hate, hate, hate American Dad and The Cleveland Show.

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    Community in all 3 spots.
    And also Arrested Devolpment.

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    Futurama is by far my favorite currently in the animated category. After Futurama I would say It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia would be a close second overall. 30 Rock I'd say is above the average right now. Arrested Development will be missed.

    I don't watch enough TV to really say a worse comedy but my guess would be Two and a half Men.

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    Who's Line was best when they still played it, recently ended playing it Q4 2010 =/

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    I like pretty much most shows on Comedy Central such as Colbert Report. Though I don't like The Daily Show too much, John tends to over-glorify Democrats.

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    I love comedies and can watch pretty much anything but for me, How I met your Mother is the best one, hands down. (Even better than Friends)

    But if I should make a list it´s:

    1. How I met your Mother
    2. Friends
    3. Arrested Development (The Big Bang Theory is not far behind)

    As for the worst ones, I just can´t stand Seinfeld.

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    I simply love The Office (US version) so that goes to #1 for me.

    Runners-up are definitely 30 Rock and Modern Family.

    I don't know anything about the worst though :/

    PS: Kendrel I might kill you soon.
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    Best three?

    1. Arrested Development
    2. Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    3. Colbert Report


    1. Everyone Loves Raymond...
    except for me. I've watched that show too much. My mom always had it on when I had to stay in the hospital.

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    Best: Spaced, Inbetweeners, Misfits (technically it's not a comedy, but it is fucking funny) Big Bang Theory
    worst: anything with Ricky Gervais
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    i personally love:

    How I Met Your Mother
    Modern Family
    Two And a Half Men

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    Modern Family and Community are my favorite comedies on TV right now.

    Worst comedies are Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns and House of Payne. I've never even cracked a smile at those. Someone has to find them funny, I guess, since they are still on the air.

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    The ones i love:

    How i met your mother
    Two and a half men

    The office is pretty cool too.

    Does those Disney shows count as worst? Else i don't know about worst since im not watching that many TV shows.
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    Married with Children, nothing comes even close

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    Best- The two ronnies, Red dwarf, Family guy

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    Outnumberd, if you haven't seen it yet go get it !!!!

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