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    If you are the music that you listen to, what are you right now?

    As the title says, just a random fun thing for people to post about. Personally, right now, I would either be a viking or a pirate. Listening to a mix of Alestorm and Amon Amarth, not sure what that says about me =P

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    I have no idea what I would be. I often listen to a mix of random pop, scatman john, falco, SOAD, marina and the diamonds, annie. So IDK man. >.<

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    I would be an upbeat rock'n'roll rapper that is slightly depressed and anxious

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    A robot. Listening to some Skrillex.

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    Pandaren Monk Martyn 470's Avatar
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    Everywhere, and nowhere.
    i would be a master of puppets or ktulu.

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    High Overlord mindfulcorvus's Avatar
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    In a chair....
    Uhhh..........I have not a clue as to what I would be. What I picture in my head style wise is hmmm, an alternative, grungy, laid back yet, out there, kinda dark...hippy, goth, grungy punk, tribal fusion person???? Lots of creative juices flowin'...
    I listen to alot of different styles of music on shuffle....hmm, and not a lot of it is radio, mainstream music either. We could just stick with a freak.

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    Listening to a techno show for new years eve on a radio, makes me feel overpowered (ie being able to do everything i can imagine!)

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    Stood in the Fire Lazaroz's Avatar
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    I think I would be two twins walking 500 miles while whipping stuff on my way,
    Did you know that if you close your eyes, stick your tongue out of your mouth and pretend to shake invisible salt on your tongue, you'll actually be able to taste salt?

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    Herald of the Titans BHD's Avatar
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    Listening to Slipknot so.. I'm a maggot.
    Cave Cave Deus Videt

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    Brewmaster Robbyjawz's Avatar
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    The Deadmines
    I am listening to Infected Mushroom, so I am obviously a fungi.

    All hail wordplay!
    VanCleef wants you! Join the Defias Brotherhood and hang out on a yacht all day!

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    I would be a star / greek mythology figure.

    Or someone from India on drugs, I guess.

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    I would be an ordinary story :P

    (in flames)

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    I guess i would be a dead guy in a fire ?

    amon amarth - Death in fire
    Advance and Vanquish

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    A sandwich :<
    why do you even read this like seriously, read the thread instead.

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    Now Imogen if you will, a Heap on the floor.

    (word play is fun)

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    Field Marshal Whatisjuice's Avatar
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    Auckland, New Zealand
    I guess I am a Korean?

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    The Patient
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    i would be a mighty warrior that will die by the sword

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    Pyramid Head

    The Axis of Perdition, yo!

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    I would be a man, making love.

    In an elevator.

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    I'll just say that I'd be a very angry, hostile person.

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