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    Lost in Vegas - Metaphorically

    World of Warcraft Expansion: Beyond the Great Rift

    This is not Speculation neither is it facts.

    This is entirely for fun. But neither would it not make sense.

    I do not get anything of this except perhaps inspire others to
    share their imaginations aswell.

    (a continuation of the series is available at page 3)

    Synopsis: You have put an end to the Old Gods and their minions once and for all at the Heart of the Maelstrom. Due to massive amount of magical activity during against the War against the Lich King, the War against Deathwing and the War against Aszhara, a Second Rift Tore open at the Opposite side of the Azeroth waiting to be crossed by daring adventurers. Brave heroes will witness places never thought to have existed and never imagined to see.

    As the heroes of the World anticipate to enter the Great Rift, Malicious beings from the hellish realm of the Twisting Nether awaits for ripe Slaughter.

    The Ogrelands:

    Story: After the War in the Maelstrom, The Horde Warchief, Garrosh Hellscream ordered Rexxar and his Stonemaul Clan on a search to find a lost Forest troll Armada of the Hinterlands and Zul'aman to join the Horde in Kalimdor.

    But an Unexpected explosion tore open the skies of the Forbidding Sea, and Rexxars fleet of Stonemaul Warriors was Stranded on an Unfamiliar Island, whose population is unkown. But rather than finding what they're seaching for, Rexxar discovers the lost ways of the Ogres.

    (please note: the buildings arn't a good representation of Ogre building)

    Lore: Long ago, before the First War. A great War for Supremacy of Draenor Between the Orcs and the Draenie agaisnt the Ogre tribes of Draenor. During the long war that lasted for centuries, the Ogre tribes of Draenor had to give up their Simple ways of Mysticism and Shamanism so that they could take up arms against the Orcs who would hunt them down as Animals.

    Long before the rise of the Orcs, the Ogres cultivated a society of Mysticism, consisting both Shamanistic and Arcane arts. They lived in peace in caves above the mountains in Draenor practicing they're magic, eager to discover more and more. But rumors of a rising threat from plains of Draenor, of a brutish Race that would soon compete for their thresholds.

    The Ogres descended from the Brutish race of Giants known as Gronns. The Gronns first Ogre offsprings were the Ogre Kings. Ogre kings were Bigger than normal Ogres and retains the stony features of they're fathers. The Ogre Kings were powerful and had the strength to live for Millennia's. But the Ogre Kings were tired of the whips and Cruel intentions of their Gronn fathers. So took arms against the Gronns and Imprisoned them deep in the caves of Bladesedge Mountains.

    The Ogre Kings did not share the same intentions as the Gronn fathers. The Gronns wanted to conquer Draenor with their Brutish strenght. But the Ogre Kings, far more intelligent than the Gronns had visions of peace and harmony. So the Ogre Kings decided to make their own tribes to cultivate in the Arts of Magic. And so, the Ogres were born.

    But with the Orcrish threat growing bigger and bigger and the Ogre's losing more grounds, the Ogre Kings decided to release they're Gronn Fathers so that they may survive, but under their whips.

    Though through the whips of the Gronns the Ogre lost most of their intelligence, a secret tribe of Ogre's known as the Boulderstone Tribe, was put in charge to continue their research in the cavernous peaks of the mountains of Draenor, away from battle, and away from distraction. But as the Ogres tribes fell after their wars with the Orcs and the Draenie, the Mountains of Draenor soon felt like it was shrinking for the Boulderstone tribe. After the Burning Legions corruption of the Orcs and the Fall of the Draenie, the Boulderstone was captured by Guldan and sent into Azeroth with the rest of the enslaved Ogre tribes.

    But Guldan Saw potential with the Boulderstones magic and sent them on an expidition to Kalimdor to corrupt and prepare the land before the Orcs can conquer it. Gul'dan not knowing that the Boulderstones were uncorrupted trusted the the clan and sent them on course to Kalimdor with the Shadow Council and a very important artifact known only as the Orb of Mannoroth. The orb was onces gifted to Ner'zhul by the Legion, but it was passed down to Gul'dan so that he could corrupt lands, just as he had done with the Hand of Gul'dan.

    The Ogre Kings of the Boulderstone Tribe decided to betray the Shadow Council and take the Orb for themselves. During their Fleets voyage to Kalimdor, the Ogres battled their Orcish Captors. Although Victorious, the Ogres found themselves stranded on an Island In the Forbidding sea after the Orcs casted unnatural storms. There they seek to rebuild their civilization and continue their research using the Orb of Mannoroth.

    But soon they discover that the Orb's power was too powerful and it's power to corrupt. Two of the Ogre Kings, Rogg'Sho and Grosh'an fell to the Corruption and more than half of the clan was lost for the battle of the Island. The Warrior King, Korgesh knowing the Orbs power, burried it in the highest peak of the Island along with the rest of their fallen kin, and thus the Ogres continued to rebuild.

    The Ogre City of Bouldermar:

    Located on the Central Plateau's of the Ogrelands the Ogre's Continued to live their lives at peace and continue to practice they're Arcane and Shamanistic arts.

    please note: Plateau*

    -The Plateau of Discovery is where the flight path is
    -The Plateau of Spirits is where the Shaman's commune with nature
    -The Plateau of Strength is where Warriors train
    -The Plateau of Wonder is where Ogre magi's practice their magics
    -The Terrace of Sight is where they keep watch of the lower lands.

    Below its Plateau's are Carvern's where they gather. The throne of Korgesh is Located in it and the Tower of Father's is where leaders of the Tribe come to speak with they're people.

    -The Pen is where they keep they've tamed animals and stable their mounts.
    -The Den of labour is where they craft they're weapons and butcher their foods.

    Zone 1: The Shattered Rock Plateau(Level 1-12)

    (images provided via google search)

    This zone has an easter Island feel to it but at the same time it will have that Flintstones feel to it due to the Ogre structures.

    Rexxars Crash
    Rexxar's crash is where you start out as a member of the Stonemaul clan, helping your fleet recuperate after the crash. After you are instructed by Rexxar to follow him to a strange building across the shore. There he discoveres that Ogre's live on the Island, and the Ogre transports you and Rexxar to Sunny Stone Village via Stone caravan (a flintsone like mount exclusive to the zone)

    Sunny stone Village
    Rexxar knows that the rest of the Fleet is still behind he will then send you to clear the path from stone throwing Monkeys and Dangerous shore Lizards. And then sends you to use the Caravan to rescue the rest of the fleet.

    After the Chief of the Village will ask you to go to Sunny stone terrace to go look for anything unusual on the shores. There you discover that a Shadow Council Fleet had just docked on the Tidewash Cove. So you return to the Chief with the bad news and so Rexxar prepares his Warriors to fight. But at the mean time you are sent to slow down the Shadow Council by stealing supplies and killing there peons.

    But after you come back the nearby Village of Rosh'Ogg had already been captured and turned into a Labour Camp. But before you could do anything the Village is attacked by the Shadow Council and you must defend it.

    Rosh'Ogg Labour Camp

    After defending Sunny Stone Village, Rexxar and his Stonemaul warrior's march Rosh' Ogg Labour camp to liberate it from the Shadow council and its demonic minions.

    Onces the Village is retaken, an Ogre from the Shadow council is spared to be interogated for the wear abouts of the missing chief Rosh'ogg. The Ogre will tell you that he is being kept in Rosh'Ogg mines along with the rest of the villagers.

    Once they are rescued the Ogre will tell's you that your efforts are in vein for they haved already gained foothold in the Mountains and the Orb of Mannoroth will soon be at they're grasp. Rexxar then executes him and headed towards the Boulder Roll Hills, while you are asked by Chief Rogg'osh to have a counsel with the Ogre King Korgesh in the City of Bouldermar.

    Zone2:The Boulder Roll Hills (12-20)


    The Boulder Roll Hills is a a Valley containing vast amounts of massive rocks littering the enviroment but at the same time the valley has a Lush Flora and Fauna.

    Lore: When the Boulderstone Clan was stranded on the island, the Ogre Kings decided that they would settle in the area now known as the Shattered Rock Plateau. But the resource in the area was low and the people were starving in the first couple of weeks. So the Three Ogre Kings decided to explore the area that would be now known as the Boulder Roll Hills. The hills contained vast amount of animals to hunt, but the confusing labyrinths of rocks made it hard to navigate.

    So that Three Kings decided to make Giant Bonfires in Areas of the Zone to help hunters navigate. But even today the Fire of the Three Kings Still blazes, and many Ogre visit them to commune with the two Fallen Kings for Wisdom. Today, the hills serve the tribe as a hunting ground and as a site Shamanistic importance.

    Mosh'Rogg Watch

    You begin the Zone here along with Rexxar who is trying to reach the Cavernous peaks. The problem is he cannot find the path up the Hills. So at the mean time he ask you assist the people of the Village so they may return the favor. The Captain of the Watch promises to escort Rexxar and the Stonemaul to the peaks, but he first ask you to finish some errands before he could leave the Village. At the mean time an Old Ogre Shaman ask you to go Consult the Spirit of Rogg'Sho for guidance.

    The Spirit tells you a terrible evil has encroach the peak and that it wishes to enslave the Ogre race, and that a group of lost travellers are being held captive in the peaks. You then return to Rexxar, and so your band Travels to the Fire of Korgesh.

    Fire of Korgesh
    The band has stopped at the fire to rest, but Rexxar is unsatisfied and ask you to go explore the area. Along the valley you will meet a "Boar Shepperd" who complains about how his Boars where stolen by people wearing purple. You then find a Shadow council camp where the boars are being feasted upon, and a captive forest troll.

    You rescue the forest troll and return to Rexxar, the troll then tells Rexxar that the Shadow Council are after the Orb of Mannoroth and worse they are summoning a powerful Dreadlord to Resurrect the Fallen Ogre Kings. Although Rexxar was anticipating to leave, his band of Ogres was getting lazy and demanded to be fed. So they sent you to hunt down some Ox, but they wont want just pieces of meat, they want the WHOLE THING. So you have to drag 4 Ox just to show how Ogre you are. Right after a feast your band leaves for the Fire of Grosh'an.

    Fire of Grosh'an

    As your band approach the Fire of Grosh'an you witness a Sacred Ogre Spiritual site known as the Pillar of the Ancestors has been desecrated and bodies of dead shaman Litter the floor. The Spirit of Grosh'an ask you to destroy the intruders with his shamnistic blessing. At the mean time Rexxar ask you to steal they're supplies to prepare the assault to the peak.

    After the Victory, Grosh'an will tell you that a bright new future for the Ogre's are coming and it will be delivered by the horde and that you will become one day an important hero of it. Then spirits of Ogres will populate the area celebrating, and so Rexxar and his band leaves for the Cavernous Peaks.

    Zone 3: Cavernous Peaks (19-30)

    Lore: When the Two other Ogre Kings fell, The Ogre King Korgesh decided to Bury them along with the Orb of Mannoroth on the Peak of the Island where it will be secluded and untouch. Before the arrival of the Shadow Council, The Cavernous peaks was the least visited area of the Island as it was Sacred.

    Geography: The Cavernous Peaks are filled with tight narrow passages and it is filled with plenty of caverns, which often connects one place to another...

    Rexxar's Charge
    You begin the Zone in a camp at the foot of the peaks. But there's only one thing wrong. Rexxar is missing! The peaks are rough and desolate with heat, so the band had to first take over a local cave. After much fussing about what happend to Rexxar you are sent to a Tombkeeper Village to investigate.

    There you witness the Village enslaved by the Shadow Council, but you find Rexxar cutting a path of destruction to the higher grounds along with freed Ogre slaves.

    You send the word back to camp and an Assault is immediately launched to the village in pursuit for Rexxar.

    Tombmauler Village

    After the Village is claimed by the Stonemaul, you are confronted by the leader of the Village which and Ogre Priestess. She tells you that many of her fellow villagers have been captured and corrupted by the Dreadmaul Clan and haved stolen the Key to the Den of the Ancestors.

    Dreadmaul Ascension

    You are sent here by the priestess to Avenge her Kin and to Recover the key to the Den of the Ancestors. You reach the peak of the Dreadmaul Ascension only to see that every body on top is Murdered and you only catch a glimpse of Rexxar fleeing down the mountain.

    Shadow Council Landing

    As you go in prusuit for Rexxar you discover a Cavern in the Path that leads down to shore. As you enter the gave you see Forest Troll slaves mining or being carried to the peak by Dreadmaul Ogres. As you rescue the trolls, you and your band of Trolls Travel down to the shore and discover that the Forest troll Fleet was ambushed by the Shadow council and ended up both landing to the Island. The troll then leaves for Kalimdor and promises that Garrosh Hellscream will hear about your herioc deeds.

    Coward's Retreat

    You finally catch up with Rexxar in the cavern known as Cowards retreat. Apperently a cowardly Ogre had intentionally given the key to the Shadow Council in exchange for his survival. You catch up with the Ogre trap in a ledge with only the ocean to run to. Rexxar then ask him "why is this cavern called the Cowards retreat?" The Ogre tells him "Because this is where the Hopeless come to kill themselves", Rexxar says "You're wrong, it's because this is where you died."

    Den of the Ancestors

    The Stonemaul Clan had finally gathered up its warriors atop of the Mountain. Only to witness a long hated enemy of the Horde, Varimathras wielding the Orb of Mannoroth and the corpse of Grosh'an and Rogg'sho both reanimated. Halfway through the Battle the Ogre King Korgesh comes to help and Varimathras was defeated.

    The Ogre King Korgesh then decides to just destroy the cursed artifact once and for all. He then tells you that there are ships awaiting you and the Boulderstone clan is coming with you and Rexxar. He then throws you down the Slope where you land safely in the Plateau of Discovery.

    This is the Painting of the Final scene:

    (Ogres made this painting sorry :P)


    Aftermath: You and Rexxar's time on the Island had convinced The Boulderstone tribe to iniate themselves with your so called "New Horde". Those that seek adventure came with you to Kalidomdor, those who wished to stay promised to prepare the Island as a staging point to the tearing rift and defend it from any threat and welcoming they're new allies to the island with open hand.

    Those that sailed to Kalimdor then landed on Desolace where Thunderbluff emissaries offered to give safe haven for the Ogre's in the near city of Thunderbluff, while you are given a choice to come with the Caravan or Continue your service to the Horde in Desolace.

    Months later, Demons swarmed from the Tearing Rift and the Island is defended. And so the Horde makes they're counter attack. To cross the Rift to an unknown realm, only onced coined as "Hell"...

    Please comment if you want to see more
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    Ogre structures would look simillar to the structures in this video:

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    Damn OP, this is pretty fucking amazing. Great job! I doubt we'll ever see Pandaria (there were some issues with China or something) in-game, but this is pretty well thought out.

    Keep it coming!

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    Awsome + awsome paint skills
    Quote Originally Posted by XangXu View Post
    In major universaties they do not allow students to use the internet for research... for OBVIOUS reasons that you can't see apparently

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    Problem is your diagram is way off, if the planets were that close there's no chance you couldn't notice them.

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    a tad confusing but its great

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    It's also called a plateau

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zhaelnas View Post
    Problem is your diagram is way off, if the planets were that close there's no chance you couldn't notice them.
    Although the Diagram doesn't show it, the twisting nether is supposed to be a loop so Xoroth and K'resh are actually really far behind the "orbit"

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    awesome! hope to see more soon!

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    okey lol I am impressed really lol +++++++++++++++++1 nice lore

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    You've no right to come up with new lands when you can't even get the current ones correct.

    There is no such thing as "Outlands".

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    I liked it alot. Good job sir.

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    well done, I like the ogre/pandaren intro ideas

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    Props for the effort put into that

    I enjoyed it

    The Flower of Shattrath

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    Ugh I hate ogres! Unless they introduce a smaller version. Doors would be hell!

    Also, the elemental plane overlaps with azeroth, it isn't a seperate planet, is more of a seperate reality or dimension.
    its why the Firelands is just kind of. On top of Hyjal, as is Skywall with Uldum, Abyssal Maw with Vashj'ir, Deepholm with the Maelstrom.

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    Epic paint skills is epic! Was also really interesting.

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    I adore your paintings, must've taken a loong time Nice read mate, now go get that job at blizzard!
    League of Legends, Video Games & General Off-Topic mod. PM me with any concerns you may have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zhaelnas View Post
    Problem is your diagram is way off, if the planets were that close there's no chance you couldn't notice them.
    where is the scale?

    Awesome signature by JustintimeSS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oneirophobia View Post
    Ugh I hate ogres! Unless they introduce a smaller version. Doors would be hell!

    Also, the elemental plane overlaps with azeroth, it isn't a seperate planet, is more of a seperate reality or dimension.
    its why the Firelands is just kind of. On top of Hyjal, as is Skywall with Uldum, Abyssal Maw with Vashj'ir, Deepholm with the Maelstrom.
    Ogres would be slightly taller than Taurens and would have much more Facial Costumazation than ever shown ingame.
    They would have beards and their horns would be customizable.

    They would also have caveman cloths for casual atires.

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