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    Will this work

    ok i was just wondering will this system work properly and no issues power or compatibility wise.

    Antec Nine Hundred TWO Tower
    AMD Phenom II X4 QUAD Core 965 3.4G SKT AM3 8Mb RETAIL 125W / 140W X4
    Gigabyte GA-880GM-USB3 AM3 DDR3 uATX RAID USB3 ATX Phenom X6
    2Gb DDR3 1333 Corsair Memory VS2GB1333D3 X2
    Gigabyte ATI HD 5750 1Gb GDDR5 DVI HDTV VGA DX11 16X PCIE PCI-E GV-R575D5-1GD
    550W CoolerMaster eXtreme ATX Power PLUS 120mm Silent Fan 20+4, 2X 6+2Pin PCI-E, 6X SATA

    sooo yea anything will help .

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    The system is fine.

    I would class some of those components as pretty low end mainstream. Therefore downgrade the case to an Antec 300, more fitting with that build and upgrade to 2x2GB of RAM. This is assuming the case isn't part of some kind of bundle deal ofcourse and you're saving some money. Also do some price cehcks of the Gigabyte GFX card to some 5770s. If the difference is miniscule then by all means go for the 5770. which is noticeably better.

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    I already have the GPU and PSU i just put them down to help the equation.

    The reason for the 900 is because in a like 3 months will be getting a few ne parts again just going to keep the PSU and graphics from this one.

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