View Poll Results: How will you spend the new year's eve?

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  • Going to a public countdown event

    4 3.51%
  • Going to a party

    42 36.84%
  • Having friends over

    27 23.68%
  • Alone at home

    41 35.96%
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    I am Murloc! Azutael's Avatar
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    Will be eating turkey with my family, then i'll sleep. Cant stand the ammount of drunk people on new year's eve.

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    I was planning on going to work, but Im my health condition isnt the best since mid december, so Ill just stay home chillin; worst holidays ever.

    I might aswell re-start playing wow again, who knows - Im THAT bored; I still need to buy cata tho, and reinstall everything. I suppose it will take ages: last time I installed a fresh WOW client was when i got BC :|
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    Not to mention that some people play the game because - OH MY GOD - they think it's fun. Not everything is about owning the shit out of people in PVP or raping the meters or single-tanking/healing Marrowgar etc.

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    bigg family party at my house cousins are coming and everything so should be all right!

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    The Insane Aeilon's Avatar
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    *insert funny location here*
    I'l go over to a friends house to have a good time there, will end up gaming there aswell though...more fun with 2. ^^

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    Staying at home chilling with relatives, I don't have the energy to party after this christmas

    Loads of great food and gaming is win.

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    I'll be hoping my egg gives me a green proto drake, my brunhielda daily gives me a polar bear, and my setthek hall grind will give me a flightless budgie mount!

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    Getting reeeeeaaalllyyyyy drunk =D

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    attending some public countdown, fireworki place
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    Going to visit Amsterdam with friends! Hopefully I wont get blown up by illigal fireworks, damn I hate it when random people use that stuff in public places.

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    I'll be listening to TotalBiscuit's four hour New Years Eve Blue Plz!
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    Dreadlord ShockASU's Avatar
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    Laying on the couch dealing with a cold....probably making a drink to start the New Year off right.

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    Working my way through an assignment that I need to have done! Fun times..... xD

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    The land of ports
    Home alone. I might go outside, or at least look out my window, so I can see fireworks. They get loud as shit since they set them off right across the street.

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    Ill be in SW chillen with Jaina

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fydria View Post
    Many Vodka.
    Pretty much this. Will probably be in vent with guildies who may or may not be doing the same. May also have some friends over at some point or another. Lady friends.

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    Drunk on vodka and lost in the tender delicious fatty folds of a fat chick.

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    Field Marshal Tyber's Avatar
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    Gonna be having a house party with all of my closest friends, getting smashed, having fun and then trying to piece together what the hell happened the night before at breakfast on saturday.

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    Your coffee.
    I'll be at home, watching movies and eating chinese food. My BF has to work until 1am.
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    Going down to town and getting bladdered and enjoy the company of others for a change
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    In major universaties they do not allow students to use the internet for research... for OBVIOUS reasons that you can't see apparently

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