View Poll Results: How will you spend the new year's eve?

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  • Going to a public countdown event

    4 3.51%
  • Going to a party

    42 36.84%
  • Having friends over

    27 23.68%
  • Alone at home

    41 35.96%
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    How will you spend the new year's eve?

    What are your plans for the upcoming new year's eve?

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    hahaha love the strip :P
    but no il be outside drinking with my mate and watching people blow up there money with fire work :P
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    I will be with family eating alot talking alot and playing some cards

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    Quote Originally Posted by g3xter View Post
    I lold xD

    Playing Fable III in my room after i have used all the rockets and stuff :P

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    Just another day to make double time while other people take a certain amount of personal gratitude in having another saturday.

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    Me and my girlfriend are shipping away our son to his grandparents. And we're gonna rock it, booze it at our place.

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    LOL love the image. And sadly that's pretty close to what I'll be doing... with smaller boobs, though.

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    Go to the pub for a few hours then home + takeaway and some more beers and il no doubt end up passing out before midnight as usual :/

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    getting drunk as shit xD

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    drinking alot of beer and other unhealthy sh*t with friends... I hope that I will survive that night

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    Hanging out with friends, just chilling.
    Quited Wow, so im not gaming much

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    Well seeing as I'm staying at my parents this winter's break and they moved away from where I lived in highschool, no friends for me. I'm not too keen on drinking with my rents, but we'll see what happens. Oh! I forgot about World of Warcraft!

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    Quote Originally Posted by janjojie View Post
    Ok, if your seriously playing at your pc then your 1.) Completely no life or 2.) Friendless

    Sorry, but that is my opinion.

    Ill be busy with fireworks, friends and family.
    Way to go, some of the people not together with others on new years eve definitely just needed to hear what you had to say.

    I will be at a party with some lifelong friends, getting blind drunk and enjoying the traditions.

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    I'll stay at home with my family since most of my friends have a habit of drinking too much and shooting firework at each other on new year's eve, and I'm terrified of fireworks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by janjojie View Post
    Ok, if your seriously playing at your pc then your 1.) Completely no life or 2.) Friendless

    Sorry, but that is my opinion.

    Ill be busy with fireworks, friends and family.
    Yes, because those are the only two reasons someone may be at home alone on new years eve...

    Me personally i shall be at home alone, and i shall very much be enjoying it, as a childhood sufferer of aspergers syndrome there are certain habits you dont grow out of, dislike for social interaction being one of them. The fact i have 3 new years eve invites are irrelevent however as this guy says i must be in catagory 1 or 2!

    I love the nights i get left alone, people are not there to irritate me

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    Working at double rate
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    Home with family-friends,lots of foods,games and drinks 'till the morning.

    P.S first post ftw

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    I'll be working. And when I get home will most likely be on WoW.

    Kinda destroyed my social life after splitting up with my long term girlfriend a few months ago.

    But! It gave me more time on WoW. Lawlz

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    Many Vodka.

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