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    Who is looking forward to this as much as I am? Remember your first months of WoW, maybe even your first months of playing runescape? This was when MMORPG's started to become serious. Everything was a lot of fun.

    I have such high expectations of Titan, the new NEXT GEN Blizzard MMOFPS. How are you feeling about this? I hope they make the game so insanely proffesional, with rankings and balance, combined with an insane amoutn of fun, that everyone wants to play it.

    edit FPS* not RPG
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    I thought it was an MMOFPS. In any case it's still years away.

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    There's not enough information about it to get worked up over yet. For now it stays in the "okay, they announced it, but will it end up like Duke Nukem: Forever" and get released over a decade later? I am reserving my feelings towards this product until there's concrete details about everything the game will have to offer.

    And yeah, I thought it is an MMOFPS as well, not a MMORPG.

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    Actually there is no confirmation on anything except they are making a new mmo and the project is called Titan there are rumors of it being an fps, but i personally hope they make it a tps, they work better for rpgs, and yes i believe its going to be an mmotpsrpg, picture say mass effect combat style only more customizable gear worked on by blizzard in a universe theirs to create making it completely fresh and no lore currently in place so they have free access to make it however they want. (Like for wow they really cant give a quest about night elves cutting down trees as an example because of the lore of the night elves stopping them unless they seriously want to ignore it and make lore freaks mad, with Titan it is a new universe nothing is stopping them from doing anything)

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