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    EVE online! Worth to try?

    Hi, I assume there are players familiar with "EVE online" anyone has good or bad reviews about this game? How is game play, graphics? How is basic understanding of game for new player? Most important thing is there something like separate PVP servers or areas where you can enjoy withouth bein owned (don't shoot me lol) ^^ Is there something like pve server or instances or group missions? I hope that wasn't to much to ask.

    Thanks in advance


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    There's only one server and it's more driven towards pvp then pve. And it's really unforgiving towards new players as you need to train the skills to fly ships and do stuff from scratch + if you die you lose your current ship permanently.

    It's still a great game though and it's getting updated regularly.

    And this is relevant.
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    This is best thing i have ever seen. ever.

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    Lol I love the picture, thanks for info

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    I was thinking of playing this game as well, just because I know a friend IRL that plays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aislyn View Post
    I was thinking of playing this game as well, just because I know a friend IRL that plays.
    After reading they website and wiki decided to download game right now, so far reviews looking good there It's not that viral liek wow but it has own playerbase I found one of they tutorial it looks amazing (not that tryin promote or so) http://www.youtube.com/user/ccpgames.../1/heYfTA00Idg girl in video seems know what talking about, game itself looks very atractive I'm very big fan of astronomy as well (:

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    It's a lot of fun, but it takes a very long time to get to a point where you can really do the fun stuff - be ready for a looonnggg grind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3clipse View Post
    It's a lot of fun, but it takes a very long time to get to a point where you can really do the fun stuff - be ready for a looonnggg grind.
    Is servers there like wow pvp servers, once u enter specific zone you get automaticly pvp flaged? Or can you just stay unflaged entire game? It hurts if you loose everything if someone kills you ;p

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    There's one big server with PvP and PvE zones.

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    with the changes coming in Jan, its a bit easier to get into it, but remember its ALOT slower paced then wow, but lucky u can start pvp'in almost day one (which is pretty much what this game IS ment to be use for)

    i say give the trial a go... but its one of them games that will grow on u in time!

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    My biggest advice would be find an established corps ASAP. They'll have you doing stuff as a newb while you level your skills (mostly tackling, which is still fun).

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    Anyone else play this game or have updated opinions?

    I played this game for a short while, so I have a little experience with it, but I didn't get in to any guilds, does it change the feel much if you do? I didn't find all that much to do either, sort of got lost. There was mining, but it seemed like I was collecting crumbs to add meaningless things to my piddly little ship and I felt rather nonexistent in the scheme of things, is it possible for a new player to ever catch up?

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    For what it's worth, I did the free trial it was VERY fun for when I did play. There are also ways of earning enough in game currency to buy game time with that (100% Legal and implemented by the creators themselves) which was very cool. As long as you worked at it in game you could essentially never have to pay a fee.
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    To start there's only one server in EVE, well there are 2 others but they are for beta's, second in terms of gameplay it's one of the most hardcore games out there, has a example typical newb grabs a cruise first chance he gets or bigger, feels like superman, decides he will want a chunk of pvp in low sec zones, pure and simply he will get owned no chance whatsoever, and remember you had just stuffed all your money in that ship, big impact. Kind close to my initial experience, just I got a Caracal (cruiser) went to low sec with a friend and was lucky enough to just have encountered three other newbs in worse conditions, later many encounters were not so ...lucky. Later I become a piwate and got in love with squishy sound of destroying a pod.
    Eve is a lot more tactical then technical, it's basically a pvp only game, either you are a fighter and have direct pvp, you are industrialist and have pvp by competing with other players, a miner by exactly the same, competing for asteroids, for market share, for safety, you can alway go the mission horing way, personally I find it terribly boring, but it's safe makes a lot of guaranteed money and.. well to each his own.
    There are lots of talks about the great battles in 0 sec areas, player controlled space, but from a newb point of view... kind of forget it, unless you are incredibly lucky you won't be in those, and some are fun some... not really, at least for me small scale pvp is much more fun.
    Anyway, remember it's harsh, in game scamming is not only allowed but a bit encouraged, you buy what you use, u loose what you buy, it requires a long time to be really effective, and IMO it offers some of the best moments of any online game, although they tend to be few.
    Being in a good corp makes the game ten times better, and EVE history is player made, so if you like a game for it's immersion EVE can be really good.
    Theres a trial you can try for free, it's not much time to really get in to eve, but has a introducer to the game it may work, and it's free anyway.

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    I bought the game a few weeks ago (the comissioned officer whatever edition) and I'm enjoying it. There are a lot of things to get your head around but slowly and surely I hope I'll get there. EVE Online is a sandbox MMO with no strings attached. You do whatever you want to do.

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    Started playing the other day, since it was pretty cheap on steam for $10.00. So far it's interesting, lot of things to keep in mind though. Personally this reminds me of those space RTS games, which I love. It's doesn't have a user-friendly interface unlike WoW, but you'll manage to get around eventually. Haven't encountered PvP yet, but I get the feeling I will soon lol.

    Anyways, here's one of the features that will be coming soon: http: //www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=tJ_DQFVuixM
    Random PvP video I found: http: //www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=kbpxburRqMQ
    (Can't post link yet so, make sure to replace dot with ".")

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    The game is extremely huge, and it feels like there is a ton of info to take in at first. Once you get past the first few hours though, learn how to orbit and fire, and find a decent Corp, things run smoothly. The pvp aspects alone are phenominal.

    although as soon as (if) Dust 514 goes live, I think I may have to take a WoW break.

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    lmao that picture sums it up rather well!

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