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    Alright i just beat all 3 Fable games. lets disscuss.

    i played all 3 in a row so i saw the many connections in each game

    the gypsie from game 2 and 3 was ur sister from game 1.
    u fight jacks minions in fable 3 exept they seem more robot/stone like (crawlers birdish minions)
    there are also many other connections i wondered about. will need time to jog my memory since i took a break to play brotherhood between 2 and 3.
    balvarines will never cease to annoy me with their jumping
    oh and if u chose to save ur loved ones in fable 2. u get ur sister back. but she was found and is being taken care of by scyth. some guy from the special version of the fable 1 game in the extra missions where jack trys to return.

    i wonder what is instore for game 4. i have always had the feeling jack of blades will eventually make a come back. i guessed that crawler may have had somthing to do with it. i also found it wierd that anyone who came in contact with crawler lost their sanity. walter says the darkness was always in him, ur brother went insane.

    lucian also went mad when he first met the young hero in fable 2 and this was after being exposed to ur magicness

    also reaver the delightful needed evil. he is industry afterall

    disscuss ur wild theories and possibilites for fable in the future. i hope 4 is the last game i want to see how this one will end.
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