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    [H] <Methodic> 5/7 Heroic 10 man - Blackwing Lair


    Server: US-Blackwing Lair (Pacific Standard Time)
    Battlegroup: Nightfall (New York Datacenter)
    Raid Type: Progression 10 man. - 12 Hours per week.
    Raid Nights: Group 1: Tues - Thurs, Group 2: Fri-Sun
    Raid Times: 7-11 pm server.
    Website: Home - Methodic - US Blackwing Lair - Guild website
    Recruiting: Exceptional Applicants, Raid Leader.

    Current progression:

    Tier 11: 12/12 Normal 12/13 Heroic.
    Tier 12: 7/7 Normal 5/7 Heroic.

    About Us:

    We are a progression oriented 10 man guild, placing high value in productivity, performance, loyalty, and above all; fun. We have a 3 night raid schedule totaling 12 hours per week.

    We are always seeking the best players for our team. If you think you have what it takes, we welcome you to come and prove it to us. We believe that for a guild to be truly successful in raiding, pvp, and social aspects of the game we require a larger base of friends to share and progress with. Keeping this in mind, we do not accept new members unless we believe it is a good fit for the applicant as well as the guild family. We are an 18+ Guild.

    Our philosophy: Do everything to the very best of your ability, and have fun while doing it. Whether we are killing a boss or a gnome, we expect you to learn from the success and failure of the entire team, and leave the drama at the door.


    We are actively recruiting all classes and roles for group 2.

    Additionally we are recruiting a moonkin and one other DPS for the group 1 raid team.

    NOTE: If any applicant is seeking to compete for an immediate raid spot they must be (at minimum) in complete ilvl 359 gear.

    Interested parties can go check out our website at:
    Home - Methodic - US Blackwing Lair - Guild website
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    Bump for 10/12. Chogall down.
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    Bump for 11/12. Al'akir down.

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