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    when you call being hangover, ressurection sickness

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    when you expect to see people with a yellow ! or ? above their heads (never did that but I did dream about it)


    when you dream about being your wow toon

    If addons are just a crutch for healing, forks are just a crutch for eating spaghetti and real carpenters pound in nails with their foreheads.

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    you start to think in orc rather than english
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    You know more about WOW lore than standard school subjects. (fact... )
    Your greed, your foolishness has brought you to this end.

    - Prince Malchezaar

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    when your microwave dings and you say gratz

  6. #26 are online or on a forum at 02.50 at night when you need to be up at 06.00 the next morning, dammit!

    Quote Originally Posted by ironfists View Post
    when your microwave dings and you say gratz

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aliceinhell View Post
    ... When your girlfriend's pants become a rare drop.
    lol, i usually ask a girls drop rate on her pants when i find out we have a girl in guild. But only the ones who can take a joke.
    If people criticized the Bible as much as they criticize WOW we'd all be atheists.

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    your dreams take the form of an in-game cut scene.

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    When you think WoW-wise and dream about WoW.

    Now I don't mean I'm like that but I could play less.
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    What do rogues and noobs have in common?

    -They both pick locks

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    When you think what u should do, but u never do it. In real Life
    Learn about consequences before try something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Penatar View Post
    lol, i usually ask a girls drop rate on her pants when i find out we have a girl in guild. But only the ones who can take a joke.
    My pants are legendary. You have to collect 50 obscure items and do several quests requiring the assistance of 24 people in order to get them.
    red panda red panda red panda!

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    When you start comparing WoW prices with real Prices.
    Mind Controlling of cliffs since 10/10/10.

    Yeh, Im that guy who heals and Shields you, might wanna thank me next time I save you from 5 Hordies.

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    Happened to me:
    When you walk in the supermarkt: That is loads of gold for <insert product>
    Dream that you are a WoW-toon
    Dream about a boss you are progressing on

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    When you call your car's 'Cruise Control', "Num Lock".
    Remember: Ignorance can be corrected with a little instruction.
    But, Stupid is forever.

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    When u call someone noob at work and tell them to LTP when they don't know something.

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    When you wish you could get in your gyrocopter to fly above the traffic jam!

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    When your gf asks you to cook diner and you start a basic campfire in the kitchen.

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    ... when your kids try to wake you in the morning to tell you they're hungry, and you go "Stop whining and do more dps! We need to get this boss down first!"...

    Yes, I did that. -And yes, they still laugh about it, 1½ years later :S

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