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    Soft Caps for Mastery and Haste

    Does anyone know the Mastery and Haste Caps yet? I read a lot of information and seemed to have missed it.

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    there aren't any mastery or haste caps afaik.

    haste doesn't have any plateaus or valleys where haste suddenly becomes more or less valuable that before. because haste now increases your energy gain in addition to its original of increasing amount of autoswings. you might have a specific point where you regen enough energy fast enough to use your moves faster, but i doubt it's currently reachable.

    mastery scales differently for each spec, but the only spec with any sort of cap would be combat, since the other 2 can increase indefinitely. combat cap would be 42 mastery (because every mainhand attack would get an OH proc then), but that's far beyond reach.
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    Other classes have haste soft caps due to their DoTs/HoTs scaling with it. So a soft cap for another class would be gaining an extra tick for whatever ability is used. Rogue's bleeds do not scale with haste. So there are no soft caps for haste for a rogue.
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    With the usual caveats about these numbers being based on a specific set of gear which probably isn't what you're using, such that these answers will be approximately right but not exact
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