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    Who was soloing ZA at 80? Bear boss, Tiger Boss, and Nature guy were too hard for me.
    Kara is easy full clear (yes even Netherspite)
    MC was easy.
    ZG was easy, but no longer avail.
    Ony was easy when she was 60, no chance now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xile View Post
    Can any class solo KT right now?

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    I was solo'ing most of Karazhan in WotLK as a badly-geared Blood DK tank.. 2-manning bosses that needed it with a healer friend (Who dps'd most of the time).

    I can imagine if you can solo the majority of Karazhan, excusing 2-3 bosses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coar View Post
    You probably couldn't solo any BC raids, besides Zul'Aman. Zul'Aman is easy as peas.
    You obviously never tried as a deathknight >.< 100% uptime on mark of blood makes it impossible

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    Kael'Thas is definitely easier solo (not easy) than if you try to 2/3-man it. Obviously, just because of how P4 works with the mind controls.

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    As a boomkin I can solo aq20, karazhan, and should be able to get most of molten core so far that I know of.
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    Try it and see, your experiences will vary :P

    A few bosses are nearly impossible (Kael with the mc springs to mind), but then again, they used to say two-three manning bwl would be impossible but i found it crazy easy.

    I still can't get down the guy that does the curses without really working my ass off on the cleanse button, and the guy that blows up anyone with mana seems a bit of a pain, but are doable now. We have three crazy guys in the guild that go farm all they can, I think they are working their way through BT tonight, not sure. They have 2 different 85s each and they switch around a bit to make it easier.

    Anyways, it reminds me of ages ago in vanilla, i wondered if i could solo SM cath for the silk/mageweave. Guy told me something that has stuck with me to this day, "Try it, and find out. I can do somethings you can't, you can do somethings I can't" Half the fun is finding out for yourself. GO have fun, slap around those lonely old bosses a bit, i'm sure they will greet you kindly.

    I like the pretend feral, hehe. Thanks for the chuckle

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    Quote Originally Posted by rathofvol View Post
    With the nerf to mastery, lower dodge %, and half as much crit as we had at 80, you won't be able to solo any of the 25man raids yet. Maybe a boss or two but I doubt anything more than that. Wait til toward the end of the expansion and I bet we'll be able to solo a good amount of them.
    this, though Kara has always been easy.

    attumen also has the bonus of a RNG mount drop.

    if you do try kara, stay away from netherspite(to hard to solo...eating all 3 beams means you need to kill him in one round)
    and shade...gogo elemental damage.

    also id try full bear, kitten gear will still work, it's just that a Skulled boss is skulled, they can and will crit if you dont have the talents.
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    i solo'd kara up to nightbane(netherspite? i dunno..the one with the lazers) in cat form the other day(100% cat gear/spec). just zerged thru health like it was nothing,bosses have like 500k health haha... had to go bear on netherspite cuz he hits hard as fuck for some reason (even in bear). pulled him out of his room using smart wild musroom placement so i didnt have to deal with beams. i didnt wanna solo chess,or i woudl ahve kept going. think i went bear for moroes too,but that wasnt necessary i dont think. ended up killing him at the same time his adds died.

    no bosses gave me any trouble. netherspite did manage to knock me off the balcony i pulled him onto and i died from fall damage from his knockback breath

    used to solo kara on a naxx geared dk tank back in wrath too.
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