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    [H] Promeathean - Malfurion (12/12) US47th/98th.

    Guild Summary

    2/12 Cataclysm Heroic Modes
    12/12 Cataclysm Normal Modes
    Heroic Halion 10/25
    12/12 Heroic ICC25 (US 100th Heroic LK kill, 16 repeat kills)
    12/12 Heroic ICC10 (US 74th)

    Raid times: 8:30 PM - 12:30 AM (EST) Sunday through Wednesday
    Loot system: Loot Council
    Current roster size: 28+
    Expected attendance rate: 90%
    Website: www.prometheanguild.com

    Recruitment Needs

    25 man class demand

    * Any Tanks
    * Hunter
    * Warlock
    * Rogue
    * Resto Druid
    * Disc/Holy Priest

    * Any exceptional players for Cataclysm

    All of these are full time, non-bench raid positions if you are able to perform well.

    How to apply

    Visit http://www.prometheanguild.com/forums for details.

    About Us

    Promethean is a Horde progression raiding guild on the Malfurion realm. Our goal is to provide an original and creative raiding environment with an emphasis on longevity and the fostering of a stable long-term online gaming community. In Promethean, we apply the process of iterative development to guild management. Essentially, iterative development means we take a collection of guild, raiding, and organizational policies and we try them out for a set amount of time. Once we have used the policies for a sufficient amount of time, we evaluate the effectiveness of the policies and tweak, augment, or remove certain pieces of the whole policy puzzle. The process of iterative development over the past couple of years has allowed us to increase raid efficiency, progression and member satisfaction while at the same time decreasing poor play, drama, and instability. Additionally, since we do consider ourselves a gaming community there is always something to do no matter what day or hour it is. At any time of the day you will have enough people online to do dungeons, PvP, or just someone to talk to.

    Please visit our web site (http://www.prometheanguild.com/forums) for more details about us as the WoW forums aren't able to hold much text in a single post.

    About You

    First and foremost, we are looking for players who will be long term members. We are not searching for what are commonly referred to as “bench” players. We are searching for people that we can add to our current team who plan to stick around for the years to come. As such, we are looking for people with a passion for online gaming and World of Warcraft.

    In addition to the aforementioned core characteristic, we are also looking for skilled and analytical (logical) players who are able to quickly adapt to changing game situations and environments. It would be awesome if you had most of the following characteristics:

    * You know exactly what you want out of a guild and make sure your expectations match ours

    * You are extremely loyal (given that the aforementioned expectations are met)

    * You learn from your own and others’ mistakes quickly

    * You do not make the same mistake twice

    * You love to analyze your own and others’ gameplay

    * You are able to take criticism well (really think about this one and be honest with yourself)

    * You should be outspoken and comfortable in partaking in group discussions on Ventrilo about performance and strategies

    * You are able to formulate strategies and transfer them into text form
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    Nefarian downed. 12/12

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    bump, 2/12...will be 3/12 on sunday.

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