View Poll Results: What Class Would Whoop Zombie Ass?

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  • Warrior

    12 4.67%
  • DK

    46 17.90%
  • Druid

    18 7.00%
  • Mage

    15 5.84%
  • Warlock

    10 3.89%
  • Priest

    15 5.84%
  • Shaman

    4 1.56%
  • Rogue

    7 2.72%
  • Paladin

    109 42.41%
  • Hunter

    21 8.17%
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    I'd go druid or shaman. Ive hardly seen a zombie go after an animal and since druids have loads of animal forms and shaman have ghost wolf they just run in to get food from towns and run back into the wild away from zombies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robyn View Post
    I stopped reading after the 3rd use of 'his' with no sign of gender neutrality. Shame, because I love zombie topics.
    You're a complete tool for a comment that asinine. Go outside.

    OT: Every zombie movie or story has a guy with a gun, so I'll go with Hunter and not the obvious Paladin.

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    Druid, moonkin one.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Robyn View Post
    I stopped reading after the 3rd use of 'his' with no sign of gender neutrality. Shame, because I love zombie topics.
    In correct English grammar, "he," or, the masculine term, takes priority over gender when the subject is unknown. So get over yourself.

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    I'm actually gonna say Druid on this one. Zombies only eat humans and leave all non-human beings alone. It's part of the virus to become an enraged corpse and kill and feast upon the living which, in nearly all cases, are humans. All a druid needs to do is pop into cat form or bear form and be just fine. Or, if the water is your thing, live in the ocean in seal-bat form and avoid zombies altogether. Switching forms may be a drain on the druid, but staying in them wouldn't be as they don't need to use mana in order to maintain their animal forms. Druids in cat or bear form can just hunt as such as well as seal-bat form. As for moonkins. They're already so weird to look at that the zombies may take a bite simply out of curiosity.

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    Flight form and you're gone!

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    Death Knights, they are the Kings of Zombies.

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    Warriors, hah. Zombies are weak, Victory Rush procs off kills and costs no resources and heals. game over.

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    Just wanting to add my contribution to an amazing thread.

    One thing I would like to point out about a Zombie Apocalypse, there already has been one in World of Warcraft. Guess what class was behind that? Yep, a Death Knight. Yes he was the most powerful Death Knight known to live, but, that tells me that if nothing els,e Death Knights would do the most to keep the undead hoards in check. Another way to think of it is like this, there are two ways to fight fire. You either use water, or more fire.

    Death Knights are the fire to the Zombie Apocalypse equation since they are already dead and control the dead; so even if they can only control a limited amount of zombies, enough Death Knights could control a city full of zombies. On top of this, they could coordinate with each other and other classes to have the zombies kill each other/be exterminated.

    Now, the water aspect of the analogy would be Paladins. They are Holy Warriors sworn to uphold justice and fight evil. The walking dead my not be evil by definition, but I'm sure they learned something fighting the evil of the last invasion. They would have created special spells designed to eradicate zombies quickly and efficiently so as to waste as little precious energy as possible. Their biggest weakness would be the fact they are in fact alive, and cannot control the dead, simply be able to destroy it.

    Other classes that would do well would be druids and hunters. Under unique conditions they would be able to not just survive, but thrive and restart civilization. They have a unique connection to nature that no other class have, so remote area's where there are no population centers they would be fine surviving. In tune with the natural world around them living off the land in a way no other class could.

    It could be argued Shaman have a similar connection to nature, but their connection is more to the elements. So while they may have minimal and rudimentary control over the weather and the earth, they wouldn't have the connection or knowledge for survival living in the wilderness.

    Most other classes are best adapted to city living, or to army life. Either scenario will not give them the needed long term survivalist knowledge they will need.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rulli View Post
    I'm not sure about DKs and their ability to raise the undead. In this scenario I see them more as warriors that have seen the other side of death. I imagine they would be much more fearless yet knowledgeable of the undead and how to work in their wrath.

    If anything, the DK is at a huge disadvantage. His diseases would do almost nothing to zombies and his own ghoul/gargoyle would be eventually killed and turn on the DK!!! The DK has some crowd control and some physical attacks and that's about it. (I don't play a DK so I don't know what all they have)
    After reading this I kind of want to hear your justification for what a Mage is. If you don't accept Death Knights being master's and controllers of death and the undead, then you have to really stretch to fine a "real world" equivalent of any mana using class. It seems to me you just don't want to accept the fact that Death Knights really would be a strong survivor, not just for control reasons, but because being dead themselves they have no weaknesses other classes will have.

    (I don't play a DK so I don't know what all they have)
    So what class do you play per chance?

    Something you have to remember about WoW is that we are all hero's, all classes have seen death more than any of them can count. What "other side" of death would they have seen unless they themselves are undead and not truly alive anymore?

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    Lorewise I would have to say a warlock.(not solely wow lore but even in wow lore)

    A death knight is already a zombie, gg you already lost noobs.
    Paladin have skills to aid them in fending off Demons and Undead(as do priest) however both are mortal beings susceptible to zombification.
    warriors probably the most highly prone.
    rogues as well
    shamans I dont feel would allow themselves to turn. Would rather make themselves one with the earth before the process proceeded.(good competitor)
    druids would turn in a heart beat for sure
    mages wouldnt have much of a defense
    Hunters would be a good candidate as they can become well aware of surroundings and survive out in the vast uninhabited territories with great skill.

    My defense for warlocks is that Warlocks can essentially twist their souls to the point of becoming a demon. To imbue the being with the traits of a demon they would become impervious to zombification.

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    Can a zombie apocalypse survive a paladin? No i dont think it can. We have "Sense Undead" they cant hide.


    Who did control the zombies? The Lich king. Who did whoopass the lich king? One certain paladin.

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    Paladin. No doubt at all. Even if you take out spells like Bubble and Rez, they still have ways to stop and damage zombies, and, if they are retribution (Let's be honest, a damage dealing spec/class would be better if most healing spells aren't allowed, as long as they are travelling alone) or protection, they can keep mana flowing for a long, long time, unless they are surrounded. But if bubble's allowed, then even that won't be a problem.

    Also, Lay on Hands MUST be usable. It could drain you of all mana, and leave you tired, but if you deny it, then deny Feign Death to Hunters, and Ice Block to mages, etc, etc. (On the other hand, you could take it away and leave us bubble, I'd prefer the bubble).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robyn View Post
    I stopped reading after the 3rd use of 'his' with no sign of gender neutrality. Shame, because I love zombie topics.
    Seriously? You do know that in pretty much every language other than clunky English, words have a gender, right?

    On Topic, I would definitely have to stick with Paladins. They are sort of the Anti-Undead class, so it makes sense that they would whoop some ass.

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    Obviously Death Knights. I don't understand why people are even bothering to say Paladins, when DKs frickn enslave and control the undead
    Within days all the zombies on Earth would look to the DK as a god and/or diety, and there ends the apocalype. I think a zombie apocalypse is every DK's wet dream.
    DKs DKs DKs. No contest.

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    i dont get how this thread isnt 100% death knight, your already dead and even though i have seen movies where zombies eat cats and does and shit like that ive never seen a cannibal zombie

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    I say DKs because, they are already technically are zombies, and if spec'd unholy has one for a pet,

    paladins are a close second because they can heal/dispel diseases.
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    Survival Hunters. Explosive shot. Nuff said.

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    Druid, zombies usually don't eat animals.

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    They just blend in.

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    Well army of dead which a dk has sounds like it can take control of some zombies probably not all of them but i find it interesting since the dk in his starting zone realized his "wrongs" and how he was "mindless" had given himself power
    idk if u can do that litterely to mindless zombies but noticing zombies often dont kill there own kind so a dk would probably be left alone particularaly an undead one

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