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    Happy Birthday Luvbug Whisperwind server

    My wife's birthday is tomorrow and she is Turning the big 30

    I'm trying to make a very memorable she will not forgot

    If possible try to hop on the whisperwind realm and wish Luvbug a very Happy Birthday

    Thank you

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    Moving this to Fun Stuff, fits better there Hope many people come on. I'm on the EU servers myself so I won't be able to
    Kami - Guild Wars 2 Elementalist - Desolation EU
    <Obey Gaming> - https://obeygaming.com/

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    I'm on EU too, but would love to congratz your wife : D

    cant log on, sorry.. but :

    You can say to her that Feerox from Deathwing EU says Congratz tho

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