View Poll Results: What Class Would Whoop Zombie Ass?

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  • Warrior

    12 4.67%
  • DK

    46 17.90%
  • Druid

    18 7.00%
  • Mage

    15 5.84%
  • Warlock

    10 3.89%
  • Priest

    15 5.84%
  • Shaman

    4 1.56%
  • Rogue

    7 2.72%
  • Paladin

    109 42.41%
  • Hunter

    21 8.17%
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    Mage. Conjure food/water is the big one in an apocalypse. Blast Wave would be like an unlimited supply of grenades; invisibility, blink, and frost nova all on hand if they manage to close the distance.

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    Deathknights, being undead they are unable to get the zombie decease, most of their attacks are actually about causing violent reactions inside the targets body (even zombies still have blood inside, therefore are susceptible).

    They can take control of a few zombies att a time (army of the dead style), and, as they are plate wearers are probably strong enough to barricade a room/house rather quickly.

    Even if the DK has those ridiculous limitations, they are still strong, quick, and undead, wich will allow them to survive easily and with barely any sustenance.

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    Warriors. Plate armour, unexhaustable resources, and a 20% life steal on every kill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodsail the Orc View Post
    Warriors. Plate armour, unexhaustable resources, and a 20% life steal on every kill.
    And a sickness that spreads with blood would kill him within his first "i am the juggernaut" charge into a mass of zombies

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    Hunter, obviously.

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    I vote Shaman, basically because the Earth is made up of elements, thus controlling Fire, Earth, Wind and the like would be very devastating.

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    Death Knight obviously.. you could just make friends with all the zombies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kore nametooshort View Post

    A real hunter would have a huge pack of dogs to protect him and everyone knows that dogs don't get infected by zombie diseases, they just get eaten by them. Track undead would come in handy as well as all the traps. I would definately feel safer as a hunter.

    Food and water would be limited, and a hunter would be able to live in the wild near the beginning of a river for much longer than any other class
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    Death Knight as said, join the zombies!

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    Hunter: (as posted many times already) while in the wildernes would be a good bet, enough trees and plants and animals to make arrows, bows and traps (mind you it doesn't have to be an explosive trap or the like, trapholes, bolt traps, tripwires etc. could do well), have enough food and probably water from a near river. Sense undead, animals, humans is a big advantage (i heard something ... what is it? human? friend? foe? undead? kill!, animal? undead animal? kill! not undead? eat!) replace mail with leather (or if you really manage to stay waaaaay out of danger cloth) have your pet/pets guard you at nigth, while sleeping in a tree (never seen a zombie climbing up a tree, well if they have ladders go to a higher tree) all in all goodsurvivabilitiy in the wilderness sowaht screwed in urban areas if the have limited supply of ammo and food.

    Druid: is one with the nature. So why not use the nature to defend you? Hide somewhere in a grove and have the plants around to defend you (and the other, that you are guarding), if all else fails you can still escape with flight form (and leave the others you had protected to die). Druids know the neature and plants and animlas, so they will get recources from the wilderness as easy as a hunter, if not easier. Dut in/near cities or in other words away from the nature they are somewhat doomed.

    Shaman: wield the powers of the elements to defend themselves. What does that mean? I'm now going out of the way of ingame mechanics. They could shape the earth around them to make some fortrifications, they could (although at a great expanse of their resources) call down devastiting storms to decimate hordes of zombies or create earthquakes to raze a whole city filled with zombies.

    Mage: wields the powers of fire ice and arcane. Not a bad combination to start with. They can conjure food and water in preparation (it doesn't use up that much of their recources to conjure it). They got Portals/Teleports, most of them go to high population destinations (read major cities) even if some of them are more populeted than otheres even Darnassus or Exodar or Silvermoon have a relative high popultion that converts into a high "zombiness". But a few go to remote locations (Stonard fo example). They have Ice to control the hordes, fire to burn them and arcane energy to blast them rigth away. If zombies get close they can blink away, but if zomies manage to surround them, they're screwed if they don't manage to get that teleport of in time. As resources are no concern to them, tehy could last very long as long as they remeber, that they are very squishy once zombies catch them.

    Warlock: summon demon minions and demonic powers curse through their veins. They can drain the life from others, be it living or unliving. They can replenish their resource by either draining it from others or by converting their health into it, and then replenish their healh through draining from others again. Demonic Circle can help to escape, but it doesn't buy them as much time as a mages teleport. Their minions are very replaceable, if it dies they call another one to aid them, hunters will not be so quick in their decision to sacrafice their companions. When things get hot, they could use the demonic power within themselves and transform into a demon, to obliterate the zombies, but after the transformation wears off and they're not far enough away, they're as good as dead.

    Priest: wields the powers of light and darkness. They have the power to cure diseases, so if zombies are created through a disease, they could cure them, it would take long to cure the whole world, but as long as they get new supplies to replenish their resources they'll be fine. Plus alle the cured no-more-zombies can aid and guard them. They can also obliterate hordes of zombies with Mindsear (but only if they have brains to sear, if they are brainless ... well run for it). If they can't be cured, they can burn through them with holy or dark powers, but they won't last very long due to abcence of escape mechanics. Cureable zombies are good for priest, because they will be their friends after the cure, noncureable zombies are a priests end (sooner or later).

    Paladin: wields the light into the battle. Paladins are born zombie killers. Plus they can also cure zombies (if aplictable). But they could last much longer than a priest in one versus horde scenarios because of their definsive powers and armor, mind that armor wears the paladin down over time, so there is no Holy Wrath plus Holystrom for ever.. Once they get surronded they make their last stand, obliterate 1/4th of the zombies and then join them.

    Warrior: they are born to figth, figth until death, heavy armor, wears you down very fast. On the other hand they can use possibly anything as weapon, so as long as they don't engage too much at a time, they could survive some decent time, food and water could prove a problematic. But like apaldins once they get surrounded, they are done with fighting against them and join their ranks.

    Rogue: they are like warroirs, just with less armor but more tools an their hands, they could escape a horde of zombies by hiding and running, as long as teh zombies don't track them by scent.

    Deathknigth: Well they either won or lost allready, depending on how you look at it. They are undead allready, so the zombies won't notice them in any way, they are able to move freely and unharmed any and everywhere. They don't need food or water, they don't need sleep, they won. On the other side, thy are allready unded, so they lost.
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    Any Undead class.. since they're zombies.

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    i wonder if im the only one who thought of this when i saw "rl" and "paladin"

    .o_à INDEED.
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    DK cuz he would be one of them
    Pala cuz he would treat them with the light
    Rogue cuz stealth!

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