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    [H] 12/12 PST 10man w/ World Class Players

    Guild Info: Impervious a 10man raid force within Unique Snowflake (Kilrogg-Horde)
    Raid Size: 10-man
    Raid Times: 7pm-11pm PST Sunday - Thursday (although it's unlikely we'll raid every day)
    [b]Recruiting: Hunter, Mage, and other exceptional players.

    Unique Snowflake was created at the start of Cataclysm with 10man raiding as the focus. All the players in the raid force are ex-Impervious (former top 20 US raiding guild on Stormreaver), including the GM of Impervious (ME!). Our goals of raiding is simple, to not suck, and to progress through the heroic modes of the raids. We are looking for players with similar personalities to us, that don't need to be carried or told to get out of void zones. Players that are capable of playing at a World Class Level, be able to listen to directions, and handle criticism.

    What is an ideal candidate for recruitment:
    We are looking for mature adults with full comprehension of their class. All potential applicants should be raid ready with all 346 heroic gear and epics from the different Cataclysm Reps. We will nitpick at your gemming/reforging/talent choices, so don't bother applying to us if you character isn't gemmed/reforged/talented to maximize your DPS/Healing/Survivability.

    How to apply: Copy and paste the following Application Template and fill it out completely. Don't waste our time with one word responses or incomplete applications. Take the time to fill out our app, and we'll take the time to evaluate it. Filling out a good app is the first step to getting a vent interview. Please send complete applications to: [email protected] All applications are private, and we will not be talking to anyone from your current guild about your desires to leave.

    Application Template
    Character Name/Class:
    Armory Link:
    Contact info (Email/AIM/etc.):
    Level 80-85 Alts (if any):
    Previous Raiding Experience:
    What do you consider are the strengths and weaknesses of your class in PvE:
    Please list the reason why you are leaving or removed from your last guild (please be detailed):
    Provide a screenshot of your raiding UI:
    Provide multiple screenshots of recount or a link to Parses:
    Computer specs:
    Connection specs and reliability:
    Give us a Last Impression:

    Who to Contact if you are interested: Slackadin, Slackasaurus, Deceptx, Svava, Forteh all on Kilrogg Horde. If we like what we see from your app, we will be performing a vent interview, be ready to be grilled.
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    still looking for more

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    Looking for more

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    looking for more

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    need a solid tank

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    Looking for more for 10man heroic modes.

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    looking for more

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    lookin' for more

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    Looking for exceptional players to join our raids.

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    recruitment is still open

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    up up up up up

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    looking for a world class hunter

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    looking for hunter

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    looking for full time off tank

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    looking for a pro tank

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    bump bump bump

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    looking for a tank

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    Bump bump bump

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