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    Quote Originally Posted by Tierbook View Post
    horse? i thought he meant the ninja
    You almost got me -.-"

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    in the first picture, to the left of Obama it looks like that black guy has a shaggy, balding fro

    but then in the next picture the white girl peeks out from behind him and gives you a knowing look

    she knows

    she knows what she’s done
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoma View Post
    Not only did he do it, it was in the middle of a fight. It's not even anime filler, it happened in the manga too.

    Damn.. I should of remebered that fight.. SSJ Gotenks vs Buu.. BRB rewatching all of DBZ!

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    Just stumbled upon this magnificent idea:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Howard Moon View Post
    Just stumbled upon this magnificent idea:

    I hope this catches on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blade Wolf View Post
    So a dog raised his paw and the owner gets arrested for hate crime? Scotland has officially gone full retard mode. (and before someone mentions that the dog was seeing Hitler, so fucking what? Unless the dog specifically raised his paw and spoke the words Heil Hitler then i could understand but the dog was just raising his fuckin paw nothing else!)

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    some duckface ones

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    Clark: So, when did you get the tenament on wheels?
    Eddie: Oh, that uh, that there's an RV. Yeah, yeah, I borrowed it off a buddy of mine. He took my house, I took the RV. It's a good looking vehicle, ain't it?
    Clark: Yeah, it looks so nice parked in the driveway.
    [Raises class to his mouth]
    Eddie: Yeah, it sure does. But, don't you go falling in love with it now, because, we're taking it with us when we leave here next month.
    [Clark nearly chokes on his drink]
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    Quote Originally Posted by Siggma View Post
    some duckface ones

    That's a goose. Good one though
    No point mentioning these bats, I thought. The poor bastard will see them soon enough.

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    The guy in the background can't keep a straight face on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aryd View Post

    The guy in the background can't keep a straight face on.
    Oh, Coca-Cola ingredients list, when u get so hilarious

    Bread is the paper of the food industry.
    You write your sandwich on it.

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    My partner found this while searching for a film to watch, despite the picture we refrained from indulging in what seemed to be jesus soft porn...

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